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Paypal link not working for my friend?

Paypal link not working for my friend?

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The Wealthy Affiliate Platform

My friend, Trafficguy12 is having problems getting his WA account settings to take his Paypal payment.

What should he do?


Has much as I would like to help, I think you should contact support at...


Thank you Sidney...I've contacted Kyle.

Appreciate your help! :)

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Does wealthy affiliate accept telegraphic money transfers?

Does wealthy affiliate accept telegraphic money transfers?

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Getting Started

I have a friend in Uganda who is trying to pay for premium. He has run out of time and can't communicate on our platform. Uganda seems to not use Paypal or bank debit cards. Th

Hope this reaches you, LadybugLove,

If it is a good friend, a last resort could be to wire the money to your bank, then you pay WA. From Canada the cost of wiring money is around $30 to $35....no idea how that translates to Uganda. Good luck to both of you (and you'll get the referral reward, I guess)

Yeah...I'm trying to see if there is another way first. He has said he could do Western Union, but WA doesn't do that. I really don't want to play the role of a bank.

Waiting to see what Kyle advises!

Thank you for your response John!

~Evon :)

When you want to contact Kyle quickly, leave a message on his profile, he often answers quicker there

I've pm'd him Loes...but maybe I should try his profile, true!

Thank you for the hand!!

~Evon :)

I think you should ask Kyle or Carson about this. I hope it all works out.


I did Yvette. Didn't quite catch Kyle on chat. :( I was late getting back to check when I got your pm. Kyle had just gotten off a half hour previously. GRRR!!

He did answer another of my pms tho...and I shot him another message asking. We'll see what he says.

Thank you for your efforts to help me Yvette!!

~Evon :)

You're welcome. Yes, you had just missed him last night. But glad you got a message to him. I see you have additional great comments from others here.

I hope it all works out.

Yeah...Kyle is a very busy man!! We'll see...

Thanks again Yvette!

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Can a person use a tablet to build their website?

Can a person use a tablet to build their website?

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Getting Started

If a person has a tablet, is it good enough to build their website?

it possible, but i would recommend at least getting a bluetooth keyboard.

Thanks so much Chris! Hope to help my friend till she can purchase her laptop. She's short on funds, atm.

Have a great day!

~Evon :)

Seems a bit like building the Brooklyn Bridge with matchsticks But if it works...

My thoughts exactly Michael!! LOL But my friend is limited on funds till end of January and wants to get started. I'm trying to help her...

I have my trusty laptop and love it!! ;)

Thanks for connecting buddy!!

Have a great day!

~Evon :)

I like your name ladybug. the phonetic spelling of Yvonne!

YES!! But spelled EVON...(pronounced eeee-vaughn) Ha ha! :D

Thank you Michael! If you check out my website, you'll know why I picked that profile name!! ;)

Yes that is what have doing Kyle told it can be done on your phone or iPad or any computer that gets a signal best is you can build your website at you own pace no worries enjoy ypur journey wealthy affiliate is the best.

Thank you for your reply Dianne!! That's great!!

I'm getting this advice for my friend. I have a laptop and love it, but she's just strapped for a bit till she can get one.

Thanks again! And YES you're right!! WA IS the BEST!!


~Evon :)

I did it for an 8 week period using an iPad mini ... it is certainly "doable" ... and of course easier on my MacBook (and assume the same for a widows system). Cheers, William.

Awesome sauce William! Thank you for your quick reply!

I'll let my friend know...she's anxious to get started. She'll upgrade to a laptop as soon as she's able.

I use a laptop and Love it!!


~Evon :)

I prefer a Laptop, but you can definitely do it on a tablet :-)

Thank you John! I'm on a laptop too and love it!!

But my friend is pinching pennies till she can get one...and wants to get started now.

Have a great day and thank you for your timely comment of support.

~Evon :)

Yes, I believe a person can build a website only using a tablet. I do part of the maintenance work on a tablet and it is ok! :)

Thank you kindly Henry!

Have a great day!! :)

I do everything on my 10.5" iPad Pro when traveling. I use the native sleeve keyboard for writing.
With the right apps for image editing, it works great.
It's also a bit easier with IOS10 because of file management capabilities.
The most fiddly part is actually the Wordpress dashboard.

Aww thanks for your input Jorn!

My friend is short on funds so I'm sure she doesn't have all that capability. Just wants to get started right away. I just want to give her that 'leg up'...if you catch my drift!

Thank you again for your helpful comment!


~Evon :)

I have built three and I only ever use a tablet. I spent the first month using only my smartphone.

Well done you Karen.
I have never attempted it.

WOWZA!! Thanks Karen! Asking for a friend! Love my trusty laptop!! Ha ha! :D

Do you attach a keyboard too?

~Evon :)

No just me and my iPad x

Awww thank you for coming to my rescue Robert!! My friend will be most appreciative!

~Evon :)

No probs, have a great day.

You too Robert!! :)


It won't be as easy Evon but yes, very doable my Friend.


Awww...thanks for the quick feedback Tony!! You Rock buddy!! :)


My pleasure to help Friends Evon!! :)


Pleasure to know you Tony, my friend! :)


Pleasure to know you as well Evon, my Friend :)


Awww...you're sweet! :)


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What if we can't sign up for the yearly special rate?

What if we can't sign up for the yearly special rate?

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The Wealthy Affiliate Platform

I am not to the point to be able to pay for the yearly fee all at once.

Does this mean I can't take part in all the special deals, even tho I'm keeping up with my month

Hi, as a premium member you get all the perks whether you pay yearly or monthly. The only 'perk' you're not getting by paying monthly, is the massive discount!

So don't worry hun, you're getting everything you can possibly get just by being a premium member : )

Awww thanks Juliana!! That's what I thought!

I look forward to getting this in the future tho, once I'm earning a full income! Most definitely!! GREAT deal!!



~Evon :)

If you mean the Black Friday Yearly Special Rate, you will have to wait until next year when the sale is offered again. You can just continue at the current monthly rate you are paying.

Do I miss out on the perks offered besides the new yearly rate, Rob?

Thanks Buddy!

~Evon :)

Yes, but you will receive them when you do sign up to the Black Friday Sale next year.

:'( That doesn't sound good!

The perks are just added training tutorials by Kyle that are part of the package deal for the lowest yearly price. These training perks are offered every year to new subscribers.

I see...a drawing card, huh? Marketing tactic...


You're annual premium period is a floating target Evon and begins when you want it to!

Hello Michael,

I was also wondering if we get the other perks Kyle and Carson are talking about if we don't get the new yearly rate?

Thanks buddy!!

~Evon :)

The other perks K&C talk about are endemic parts of the package for all of us Evon.


In the sense that they are native parts of the package Evon covered by WA

I see...okay, Thanks Michael! :)

No I don't think it has anything to do with your participations on WA as far as you are paying your due.

Thank you Edi...Blessings!

~Evon :)

Enjoy your journey one month at a time ;o)

Thank you Bill...for coming to my rescue!

Blessings Buddy!


Good evening Evon,

As far as I know, there is no problem what so ever as long as you pay your monthly premium fee.
You can sign up for yearly when you can and want. When then next year Black Friday comes along you can sign up and for the following years continue paying yearly the reduced rate.

Greetings from the south of Spain, Taetske

Aww thank you Taetske!!

That sounds promising!! I would LOVE to jump on this offer, but not quite there financially yet. Lots of discouraging things have happened this year, but I'm ready for an AMAZING new chapter in 2018.

I've made good progress even with not so good things happening. My word for 2017 was "NOW" and it really helped me get off the fence with my business goals. My word for 2018 is "GROW"...and I plan to do just that!! YAYYYY...I have a feeling that 2018 will be MY year to move forward!!

How are you doing Taetske? Great to see you girl!! :)

Blessings from Washington, USA

~Evon :)

Good Morning Evon,

It is good to hear you are so full of energy.It is always best to look forward and not back. You know the silver lining on the cloud right? In everybody's life, there are shadow periods, that is the time one should not forget the silver lining as after that the sun will shine again.
I will keep my fingers crossed for you.
From here great news, it is pouring down. The whole of Spain has dried out, a very critical situation. Water restrictions were put in various places and farmers had water delivered by truck for their cattle. Even if this rain will not solve the problem it is good to see.

Greetings from the south of Spain, Taetske

I will pray for 'showers' of blessing Taetske!!

~Evon :)

My understanding is that all Premium members can take advantage of the opportunities on offer, whether they pay monthly or annually.

I took advantage of the Black Friday offer having been a monthly member earlier in the year.

I'm sure someone will confirm this either way to you both.



Thank you for your comment Derek! It IS a great offer and I will be doing this too, once my biz takes off and is providing me an income...whenever that happens. One step at a time...


~Evon :)

That's a very good question and I'm very happy that you asked it. I'm in the same situation and there's no way I can afford a yearly premium. Let's hope good answer comes out! But I'm sure it will be okay do continue the monthly premium.

Absolutely Donna!!

Thanks for your comment...hope to see someone in the KNOW...to help us out here. :)

I don't wanna miss out on anything just because I can't afford the yearly fee.

Onward and UPward!!

~Evon :)

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