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What happened to email notifications?

What happened to email notifications?

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Anybody else had issues with email notifications?
I have not received any since Wednesday and I normally get at least 50 per day with the settings adjusted to my preference.

Mine keep on coming as usual...loads of them!

i don't know if it is related but my yahoo.com is not responding on my laptop , but on my cell it is. the problem started after I did a flush/dns and cache clear for all three of my browsers stawhu (Scott)

I had the same thing happen to me and I contacted support because I was receiving all emails except the emails from WA. Support said my provider had blocked some emails from WA so they had flagged my account as undeliverable. They said they removed the flag and I started receiving emails again. I don't know is this is your issue but it sounds just like mine and the same time period.

Same thing happened to me, 3 times, and Site Support had to clear flags each time, so I changed my email from my hughes.net account to my msn.com account...so far, so good...we'll see.

Still working here, have you checked your spam box, sometimes the email program is putting them in there

WA emails are on my approved list so it does not go into spam. Support is on it now so we'll see what comes out of it.

Yes here have been many problems!

Mine works fine. They keep on coming I can't keep up, lol.

I'm still getting mine.

I still get a lot all the time :)

Hi Jorn, My email notifications stopped on 15th December for no apparent reason. I tried to get help to solve the problem, and the advice was to get a gmail account (rather than my aol account). I did this and updated the saved email, and made sure my preferences were set, but with no effect, i.e. still no email notifications. Eventually I changed my gmail account back to my normal aol account a few days ago, and everything is back to normal, and I am receiving the email notifications. I can't explain why:-) Alan

Support is on it now, so we'll see what they say.
But I'll keep in mind what you did if it will not resolve.

Everything works fine with me. Maybe there are some problems with your mail agent? It happened to me once and that was the reason.

The email agent is checked and works fine. So the problem must be that no notifications goes out from WA

Yeah, it might be that they are doing some major updates. The site uploads slowly, too.

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