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My name is Chris, and I have a son named Benjamin (or Benji). Hence my site, Benjisdad dot com.

Benji was born on January 11, 2017 at 6lb 5oz.

Words could not describe the feelings my wife and I felt once this little bundle of joy entered our world. He is a cute kid that loves to talk your head off, yet he is chill enough only to cry when he wants something. Otherwise, he is a happy and content young man.


As the father of this new family, I was immediately met with pressure to care for the emotional, physical, and spiritual needs of my wife and new son.

This new pressure was compounded when my wife and I decided that she would quit her job of 8+ years to become the prototypical stay at home mom and care for our son.

All of a sudden we had to get used to being a family with one income and fast!

My day job paid decently well, but I needed a way to replace the income that my wife had brought in for all this time. Also, I wanted to diversify.

Believe me, I tried everything. Youtube channel, moonlighting as a DJ on the weekends, doing other odds and end work, just trying to generate some funds. These things were nice, and I made a little money with it but there were a few problems…

It was not bringing in enough income.
It took too much time away from the family on top of my regular 9-5 job.
It took too much time to cultivate with no ending in sight.
I needed a way to generate a “Passive Income”. Income that I did not have to do much work to cultivate.


Through my endless searching, I stumbled upon a little thing called Affiliate Marketing. Now, do not get it twisted, Affiliate Marketing takes time to cultivate, but once cultivated, it can and will make you money without having to do much upkeep at all.

Then I heard the words that would change my life forever… “You can make a full-time income on only one site!”

I did not believe it; I could not believe it… But then I started to learn about Affiliate Marketing and all of a sudden it clicked. Affiliate Marketing is something that virtually has no ceiling. You make as much money as you want, You just have to put in the work.

At that point, I was hooked and began learning everything I possibly could to get this online business off the ground.

It was at that point that I realized that the world of making money online is real, I just have to learn the business and put in the work then I would be able to watch the passive income arrive ….well… you know… passively.

That is where we are now. I have an incredibly addictive personality when I latch onto something I have to know and love it inside and out and succeed with it before I even dream of letting it go.

Affiliate Marketing is a whole world with limitless potential.


So join me on my journey as I learn Affiliate Marketing and pass on my troubles and mistakes onto you so that hopefully you can learn from them and avoid the usual pitfalls that are typical to first-time Affiliate Marketers.

I will also drop updates of the goings on of the family, especially baby Benji, as he grows up. Hopefully, he will appreciate all the work I am putting in for him!

The journey will be long and arduous, but I have insane motivation to succeed. I have to, for my family.

Believe me, Affiliate Marketing works… It really does.

Check out the site and be sure to drop me a line any time you want a particular product reviewed or just have a question. You can contact me at Chris@BenjisDad.com

In the meantime, don’t be a stranger. Join in on the discussion, and I will see you later.

This is Benji’s Dad, signing off!

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BenjisDad Premium
How much money per month would you be happy earning?

How much money per month would allow you to live the ideal lifestyle?

How many hours per week are you willing to invest to achieve these goals?
a lot
shaleedt Premium
Great! These are my goals too. We think big, now we gotta act big and NEVER give up. Good luck man.
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hey benji i am Adam i am new to you your youtube channel and this whole affiliate marketing stuff i need help i know you are busy but i have been looking for a mentor for quite some time so anything you can do to help would be a litteral life saver thank you and PS thanks for being a genuine person and not restricting knowledge
BenjisDad Premium
No problem bro. That's what I'm here for. Start your training here and let me know if you ever get stuck. I'll check in on you priodically .
Carvers1989 Premium
Hey Chris
So I am super struggling with trying to find a relevant topic using keywords such as crystals gemstones pearls. I started off with wanting to describe to readers what the difference is between the three like what's the difference between minerals and rocks what's the difference between crystals and gemstones. So on etc. however when I open Jaxxy to find a relevant keyword phrase that's where I am starting to get frustrated. When I typed in whats the difference between crystals and gemstones there was only one phrase that met my description however it had less than 10 for average and traffic which is a little concerning because it's so low however there was a competition number which is a good thing. But I remembered that the average needs to be at least 30 or more. So then I went back to Jaxxy to re-word my question and the frustration just continued. I tried searching for what are crystals used for for example or how are crystals formed? And even though these are questions asked in "ask the public "I am not finding very good rankings that are meeting the standard that wealthy affiliate sets. What am I doing wrong?
Thank you again,
BenjisDad Premium
hi sarah...

what you are asking are very normal questions for beginners, so kudos for continuing to think and press forward.

So let me tell you this... do not get hung up on keywords. in your niche, think about what people in yuor niche are asking. Answer that question!

No keyword research tool is perfect, but do not depend on it to the point that it governs your posts, use jaaxy for direction! So even if Jaaxy says there is not enough search volume for a keyword, BUT you KNOW that the keyword is a good one that answers a nagging question in your industry, WRITE THE ARTICLE ANYWAY.

You may ask why is that?

well rememebr the alphabet soup technique? check out the screen shot attached.

look at what Google is suggesting to you... the very phrase "what is the difference between crystals and gemstones" (plus a heck of a lot more stuff... lol) is in that list of google autocomplete

so i hope you can see what i am trying to point out here.

Google is really the only place that knows what people are searching for. so use them along with Jaaxy for your keyword research. Google trumps all when yuo are tryign to rank in google.

now i say all that not to say that Jaaxy is trash or a waste, it gives you great historical informaiton for future keyword ideas... however, it is just a tool to help point you in the right diretion for keywords and keyword ideas.

hope that made sense.

Chris M
BenjisDad Premium
in fact, using that auto complete list may give you 5 or 6 other article ideas, lol. what is the difference between crystals and gemstones... glass, minerals, etc...

use google to the full.
Carvers1989 Premium
I agree with you with using Google. I've seen Kyle use the ABC soup method as well and his videos and so I will try not to stress out so much about the keyword tool search engine and try to utilize google more it is up-to-date and more factual I agree! I will go on with my post and stop stressing thank you for being so personal with your reply.
have a great day!
BenjisDad Premium
No worries that's what I'm here for.
I have a question: it is necessary to be in the premium level to get incomes, or with the started level it is possible?

Also, i am thinking in a web site about a supermarket based on home articles, pets, and new articles, do you think it is a good nich?

thanks for your help
BenjisDad Premium
it is not necessary but highly recommended. I went premium after a couple of days and I noticed what I was learning was life changing.

Remember with a blog, you want it to be very narrowly focused. So find one particular aspect of that you like the most and go with it.
JoeGarza Premium
Good morning Chris, this is Joe. I know it shouldn't be difficult to choose a website theme, but I can't decide which one to pick. Do you have any suggestions? I want to base my site on Camping products. I'm having a difficult time because I have never done this type of thing before, and I don't know how important the theme choice is.
BenjisDad Premium
yeah, i understand the struggle. Just come up with something that is close to you. I would use camp or camping in the title.

tink branding. think of somethign that is easy to remember, easy to say, easy to type, no numbers, no dashes.

something that sticks in peoples mind.

maybe campingrep.com or campingdash.com
JoeGarza Premium
Ok. Thank you.
BenjisDad Premium
MSantiago-S1 Premium
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If you don't already have a Google Plus account, you should create one. It is free and all you need is a Google account.


If you already have a Gmail account, you will be able to connect your Google Plus account to this.