SiteContent, Your Requests for 2020.

Last Update: April 06, 2020

Hi Everyone,

As mentioned in past blog posts, we have a ton of awesome stuff slated for Wealthy Affiliate in the months and year ahead. In fact, our most significant changes yet!

Today I wanted to reach out to have a discussion about one platform in particular, SiteContent. We have made several updates and improvements to this platform since its inception a few years back, but we have plans to take it to the next level in terms of a website content editor, and a writing tool.

One thing that we are not going to be doing is reinventing the wheel, it is easy to jump down rabbit holes when you consider changes/improvements to such a platform. We have to be careful about developing things that can be done adequately or even better elsewhere, but we also want to incorporate innovation and evolution in areas where we can make your life MUCH more efficient as a content creator.

There are a lot of things being done elsewhere that we know we can do a lot better. There are also a lot of things we are currently doing within SiteContent that we know we can do better.

We have TONS of ideas already, and many are in very late stages of idea development which is the final stage before design. But as always, we want to reach out to the community for your feedback, observations, and wants and needs. We evolve because of YOU.

So as we sit here at the drawing board in preparation of the development phase of SiteContent 2.0 this leads me to a few questions. If you can provide me with your feedback that would be great. So here they are...

(1) What are your favorite aspects of SiteContent?

(2) What are some brand new features that you would like to see within SiteContent?

(3) What are some existing features that you would like to see improved upon, and if so, HOW do you feel we could improve them?

As always, we really appreciate your feedback and you can expect a really awesome update coming to SiteContent at some point in 2020. We are going to be taking this platform to the next level and it WILL be the ultimate content creation, management, and authorting tool on the Internet.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


Kyle (& Carson)

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supedad Premium
My suggestion for 2020 is that SSL be provided for incoming and outgoing email for those members wanting to use an email client.

I asked about this same topic on this question thread, but most of the comments from the discussion were deleted for some reason: I ran it by Data Security Administrator at work, and he too viewed it as an essential functionality.
BarbaraN Premium
I like Site Content and enjoy using it and I, like others, would like a way to transfer my posts to word press without publishing it.

More like a draft because I do a lot of work after leaving SiteContent. I keep my pictures in a photo gallery on my computer and place them in my post in Word Press.I do a lot of editing in word press.
Here is one peculiar instance: I just recently finished a post and moved it to WP; placed my pictures and have been struggling with AdSense, how and where to put the code for the ads. I think I did everything right, and have the code in two places in my post, but no ads have shown up.

I discovered, however that Google indexed my post before I had finished it. It's out there with , I guess the code published, and no comments. The last thing I do is submit the post for comments.

For someone as slow as I am, a draft would be a great place to park my article for all the finishing details.
BAnn1 Premium
All you need to do is:
once you publish from site content go to your site and simply change it from published to draft (as far as I know this is possible with any theme within the edit of an article).

Once as a draft you can edit it any way you wish and no problem with google. Then - when finished - just press publish and voila you are all set.
CassiOfTroy Premium
Betty, thank you.

I did not know this.

BarbaraN Premium
BAnn, Thank you., I did not know this. This will be a great help.
NERunners77 Premium
Wondering if there's any automation opportunities around use of a tool like Jaaxy to import a list of keywords to automate the research process. I'm new so I just may not know how to work it yet, but I seems like I need to enter one keyword at a time and review results, analyze etc. Wondering if there's any way to import a list of keywords and do multiple searches in a pass.

Just my two cents. Thx, Kerry
TeamIceCream Premium
Hi Kyle

I hope I am not too late to this... ;-)

What I like most:
I absolutely LOVE the BUCKETS - we have named our buckets according to the different websites that we have and we organize our posts accordingly. It makes it easy to stay organized.

And the templates are a big time saver too! Love it!

What would I change:
The option to have the word count and goals for every bucket - thus per website. Should I want to focus a bit more on one website, then it would be easy to see what my goal for that specific website (bucket) is and how I am progressing (or not).

The option to send a draft to Wordpress (like MarionBlack also suggested).

A BIG thank you to you and Carson for this amazing WA platform - you both a greatly admired for what you have created here and for your commitment to the community - THANK YOU!

Wishing you health!
Sharlee (Chocolate IceCream)
Hamish58 Premium
I like the idea of being able to do as much as possible in site content in effect asking a front end to user interface to Word Press. It is a more comfortable user experience than WP but it is quite clunky. More formatting and drafting tools, confidence that image placement will be reflected as placed in the published version and formatting will also be preserved in the published version.

Thanks for the opportunity to comment. 🧐