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Hi! I'm Tracy ud83dude0a I enjoy cooking, reading, camping and fishing. Recently I dabbled in some new adventures! Who knew garage sale-ing could be so





Could I get a little help from my friends?

Could I get a little help from my friends?

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I'm trying to share a class, when the box with my link opens, I go to hover and copy, the box closes. I have refreshed and rebooted it is just out of my reach or it closes. Any

Tracydawn, I want you on my side in any fight.


Ha ha. Thanks Joe, I'm all yours. ; )

God bless you Tracy

Thank you Joe, you too. : )

if you do share the class the viewer gets to watch 30 seconds before they are asked to signup to watch the full version....
i tried it even with the ones for the free accounts....
check it out in a new privacy(or incognito) window in your browser....glad you got it sorted

Thank you Phil, good to know. : )

Love your stubbornness and tenacity!! 😂😂

Lol, thanks Simon! ; )

Nevermind, it was Operator Headspace! LOL, I have been fighting with this for three days. I ask for help, and boom, I figure it out. Go figure. Bwahaha Thank you John for responding. Have a great Friyay All!

Isn't that always how things work, Tracy? Glad you got it sorted out!


Pretty much : ) Thanks Jeff.

You're very welcome, Tracy! Take care!


If it's a WA class, I believe that we are not allowed to share them. Hope this helps.

This is what I am talking about. I appreciate the reply though. : )

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