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I am an avid outdoor's enthusiast, with a passion for mountains and rivers.

I am fascinated by all forms of technology and this includes computers and the "new world" they have thrust us into.

I had spent thousands of hours staring at my computer screen when the thought of earning an income online crossed my mind. Shortly afterward I set foot on this journey. I have never looked back and the adventure always brings a challenge to my days.

We have raised two boys, who are now men.

I have worked in the building and construction industry most of my life and when I left the job site, we often headed out into the Natural World, to hike, to camp, or to explore all there was to see.

The years have passed quickly, and even though I enjoyed "building physical things", and still do, I need a new mountain to climb, and a new river to follow.

I look forward to this new challenge, ... a new summit to climb!
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100k/year,100k/month - so for starters: have gone backwards on 8hr days so why not forwards on 8hr days!
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Dec 19, 2016
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PaulBoudreau Premium
100k/year,100k/month - so for starters: have gone backwards on 8hr days so why not forwards on 8hr days!
Mikey72 Premium
Paul, With "why not forwards on 8hr days!" Time Investment plus the help of WA and its Awesome Community, I believe any Goal is possible for you to Achieve!
Dave-S Premium
I'm with you. Why not go big. Even if you fall short, you still have a lot.
Kyle Premium Plus
Success is very cumulative in nature. Every action you take will add up to a much greater success. I can tell you that when you earn your first money, it will all become very REAL and it will lead to much more success.

Personally it took me a couple of months to get there (to earn my first dime), but by month 6 I was earning a consistent income. That is likely what your journey will look like...stay persistent and ask for help when you need it. I am in your "corner" every step of the way Paul! :)
EKarlson Premium
I believe I have more patience than I did in past ventures which will surely be to my advantage. Thanks for the advice
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Saboscar Premium
Hello Paul
What a wonderful website you have - love people who live their passion!
Thank you for following me!
PaulBoudreau Premium
Thank you Danielle for the wonderful comment ... and yes it is nice to sometimes live your passion ...
Mishyboo Premium
Hiya Paul!

Thanks for reaching out and connecting!

If you ever need any assistance please do not hesitate to ask, I may not always be able to help because I'm pretty new to this, but if I can I always will! X:-).

Wishing You All The Best Here At WA!

Mishyboo! X:-).
PaulBoudreau Premium
thank you Michelle ... help is always welcome ...
GaryMoorey1 Premium
Thanks for your follow Paul, yes it is a wonderful world and I wish you every success on your journey.
billybons Premium
Hi, Paul! thanks for following. Best luck with WA!
PaulBoudreau Premium
Thanks to you as well Billy ...
BBR913 Premium
Hi Paul, thanks for the follow and am following you back! My best to you in all your endeavors.... WA is a new "mountain" for you, to climb, that is!! Bernie
PaulBoudreau Premium
goals , challenges ... and a direction to steer your ship by as important as food and water ... never lose sight of your dreams ...