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Last Update: November 22, 2014

I had recently mentioned that I was trying to finish up a post that had 2000+ word content. I finally figured out my problem and how to add to this form to my post. It was a bit bizarre what I had to do to get it done. I was only trying to link a Microsoft Word form that I had created and then put it on my site. I had to get a Microsoft conversion download...which was all good, except the prompt to change it over and link to it wasn't working or showing up.

So I decided to create an email...to myself...then I attached the file in the email, then I downloaded it and then the prompts that I was looking for came up to convert a file to a different format so that I could add it to the media library and then link to my website.....what a weird thing I had to go through.

Anyways, I wanted to see what everyone's opinion or thoughts were with my post and the form. I asked my sister, she said it was good but she would never use it because she's not that analytical....well I can be too analytical sometimes, so I thought I would just get some feed back from my Waer buddies and see what you thought about this.

Here is the post:


This link for the form is on the page twice, can't miss it.

Feel free to leave comments or give it a star rating if you have a minute or two.

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BobBarr Premium
Very thorough selection guide. You certainly covered the important considerations. Was the TechVibz matrix pdf file the form you're referring to? It opened just fine for me with Forefox.

The only suggestion that I might make would be to more clearly separate the Chromebook, Tablet, and Convertibles/Detachables sections of the article. They seem a bit "run together" to me. (Adding a small graphic of each one at the first paragraph of those sections would easily do that.)
kholmes Premium
Very nice suggestion, I will do that.
The TechVibz file works fine now, once I figured it out that is...the media library wouldn't add it while being a wps. file. I had to figure out how to convert it, but all the selections I was looking for to convert the file were not coming up till I did the crazy email download. Anyways, I appreciate your comment.
Heroba Premium
hi Kim, I left a remark on your site.
Great article!
kholmes Premium
Thank you, I appreciate it. :))
vin8 Premium
Very informative Kimberly, good post and website.
kholmes Premium
Thank you. :))
rosieM Premium
I really enjoyed the article.....you are always very thorough and everything just comes together and flows; I personally like your form because I never trust online premade comparison charts....products are pre-selected 'for' you.....easily saved and I can compare what I choose to how I choose to....
kholmes Premium
Thank you Rosie, great to know. :))
techhound Premium Plus
Hey Kim,
I left you five stars and left a comment about the product sheets on your site. As you'll read, I think it's a good idea. To your sister's point, a knowledgeable sales person would be able to help people fill out the appropriate boxes. Plus it will give them something to do :)
Best Regards,
kholmes Premium
Yeah, I was afraid of the knowledgeable sales staff....I would want that to be me, since I do have laptops and tablets on my site...Lol
Of course I already gave my sister her recommendation, hope I can keep others in house. :))