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Anyone know logo people to use?

Anyone know logo people to use?

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Does anyone have somone who makes excellent logos. I dont want to make it myself but do have some iodeas. I am not an artis but i do want quality work. I dont care the price but

This is me they are representing. Am I an idiot or am I a professional about my website to the world?.

PM me Kenny, let me know what you have in mind and I suspect we can get you fixed up.

I certainly will ASAP

Lets forget Fiver I am really distraught over their workmanship. Cheap and crappy that is all they are.

Ken you have a couple of options. There are a few "professional" freelance sites. http://Freelance.com, http://Freelancer.com, and the one I am partial to because I used to be a "guru" (notice the little g),

In 2007 I did some freelance work through http://guru.com. I really like the platform and the professionalism in how everything is done.

The person wanting the work done, writes up very specific business requirements, like in one of the categories I signed up as a guru for was Brochures. I got one of the jobs(gigs), whatever you want to call it, and it was a guy living in the US that was from India and he and his partners wanted a Brochure written by only "English as a first language" gurus.

There is a bidding process whereby you the person wanting the work done looks through all the bids people post.

Freelancers can sign-up to guru for free or pay to get the ability to post to more listing. Once a freelancer pays guru, then this person is identified as a guru.

Posters of Listing can also set up the job request for guru's only.

Once the bidding is done, then the two parties start working together. Guru takes a percentage out of the total bid (I am not sure if they charge people for Listing). They get the money from the Listing Person and hold on to it until the Listing Person signs-off on the work.

I never had anyone kick back on my work such that I didn't get paid. Sometimes they kicked it back after an initial go at it, etc. I would just work to implement want they wanted and re-submit.

Sorry this is so long but I hate to be burned too.

Dr. Susie

Sorry but maybe too professional as in they want to know your life story and your future requirements at a price by the hour.

I gave fixed bids when I was there. I just plugged the hourly rate and then put the fixed rate in the bid.

I never signed up as someone looking to hire someone so I don't know what all they ask for.

All they asked me for, in order for them to pay me once I made money, was for my SSN for tax purposes. If I remember right they wouldn't even allow it to be done online. It had to be mailed or faxed or emailed using a pdf.

They are more pricey though.

Maybe if you PM some of the Ambassadors and ask them directly, maybe even Kyle.

Thank you I looked at their process and it was too demanding for me. They might do great work but I don't need to do more work for them and they get paid for that if you know what I mean. I do all the work and pay them no thanks

Try Canva.com and design your own, that's what I did for free! I've used fiverr for other wordpress things and really like the person who helped me, he did a good job and was reasonably priced

I don't want to try a professional job myself. I am not qualified

I've used Fiver frequently, and just today I had one of their people lose a website for me. Maybe we need to be careful here.

I'm not a pro either, it's actually rather simple

I used sureshlakum and have had no problems

That is fiver. No way

OK lets talk please

try bluedesigner07 at fiverr. That is who did my logo. I was very happy with him! Check out my logo at www.menandwomenrelation.com and see if you like it. He was great!

Not bad Tons better tan the one I received from them. But I still hate fiver

I do, give me a second and i'll link his facebook.

Thank you

your welcome, my friend does this for living and he did mine

What happened at fiverr? They have rules, etc., too and don't want people to have bad experiences.....also, not sure exactly how detailed of a logo you have in mind?

Professionally done. i tried fiver and I got CRAP big time.
My 6 year old grandson can make them look stupid

The one thing with fiverr is that one really has to do some homework on a propective person before using them.....you got some good suggestions here......hope things work out for you....seems you sure get a 'full plate' at times......

I'd love to see the crap you got. I could use a smile.
I designed my own logo in Photoshop.

You do excellent work, Phil, perhaps you can help Kenny?

Rosie, I wanted to see what Kenny thought was crap first, heck he might think my logo is crap and then my feelings would be hurt. ;^)

hahaha, you are soooooooooooo silly sometimes, my dear friend....hahaha

I'm silly all of the time.
But, seriously, do you know how many websites Kenny has? Doing logos for him could turn into a full-time job, and I already have a full-time job. I wonder if he's offering, paid sick days and a 401K plan. 8^D

You could always just create a logo yourself for free, I'm sure that if you type into the search engine something like create your own logo, a lot of places will pop up. You could just use your an image you really like from the internet. Hope this helps Ken, if not I'm sure others will have way better ideas :)

I mentioned no DIY for me I want a pro doing this

Sorry about that didn't know what DIY stands for until just recently :D


fiverr.com created my logo for 5.50 I use it as my profile photo WA

No way Fiver ever

You don't like my logo?

That is fine with me only I will not use fiver ever if that is who made it

I got great work at www.fiverr.com

Absolutely not I have a extremely terrible experience with them today

Was it just one person? There are many (I had 20 different people do a logo for me) and a couple were hard to deal with, but the rest were great! Look at the logo on my website www.menandwomenrelation.com and see if you like it. If so, I can direct you to the gentleman that did it for me

Not me

Try another person there... You may be pleasantly surprised.

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