Yep, Hit The Ground Running Today!!

Last Update: Nov 29, 2014


Okay, so I went and joined the yearly special everyone! You are so stuck with me now!!

My own personal Christmas Present!!

I do love this community and all the wonderful members! I am looking forward to making the most out of the next year and hopefully by the end of it I will be in pretty good shape, if not sooner of course!

Thank you Kyle and Carson along with your wonderful team as well for this awesome opportunity!

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Congrats Kim! We all like being stuck with you. :)

Thanks, I appreciate that!! :))

Well done Kim! We want to be stuck with you!

Well thank you, that is good to know...Lol!! I like being stuck here! :))

Hopefully sooner Kimberly, I have no doubt.

Thanks, me too! :))

Well done Kim. I've joined yearly now, so it looks as though everybody is stuck with me too !

Yeah!! Sounds good to me! :)) Thanks!

Wish I had the money right now to take advantage of the special - you are getting a great deal. Don't loose your momentum now!

Trust me, it was a tough decision...I usually live check to check as it is and I just received a $300.00 increase on my credit card...don't usually have that much extra jingles hanging around. So I took it as a sign, the amount and timing was too coincidental...Lol!!

Awesome Kim, it's going to be a great year! :)

I am so going to do my best to make it so!!

HOORAY FOR KIMBERLY!!!!! I'm thrilled for deserve this!

Thank you Rosie!! Down to business now...:)) Well, as usual of course!!

Go 'git 'em tiger! Oops, sorry, tigress! :)

Oh yeah, let me hear you roar!! Meow....purrr...Lol!!!!

How about that Tony The Tiger thingie?
WA is GRrrrrrrrrrrrrEAT !!!! lol

There Grrreeatttt!! Lol!!

Congratulations Kimberly, you made a wise decision on your membership.

Thank you Josh. :))

YAY......Moving the party over, parsnip, peapod or banana wine?! :D

Beer!! Out of wine!! Lol!

wonderful :)

Thanks Angela!! :))

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