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Hi, I am new to Wealthy Affiliate community. Certainly, I am looking forward to learn from you guys as I believe life is very short





Unable to see text in the wordpress editor?

Unable to see text in the wordpress editor?

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Kindly see the above

The same thing happens to me often, but in my case, I think it has more to do with working on an old computer than anything else. I just flip back and forth between text and visual and it eventually clears up.

ok noted. Thanks,

The other thing to do too is to open another browser, like Firefox or chrome. Sometimes that works too.

I will try next time if the same problem pops up again.

I had the same issue last week. The reason was too many tabs open at once. I closed all the tabs I wasn't using and the visual editor came back up.

Ok thanks for sharing your experience.

Hey Stanley,
Try to restart your router. Worked for me once when nothing else worked
Good luck!

Almost wanted to do that......that's true you will be desperate when all things fail.

Hello Stanley, here are some cases that you might want to consider. First try flushing your DNS, 2nd try disabling your plugins especially if you have new one installed and check back your visual editor. There is a very helpful blog by Autumn but unfortunately I can't find it. Try asking her instead - here is her link https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/autumn56/blog

If it still didn't work here is your final resort from JImbo hope this help.


I did unplug everything and even remove the theme to just a standard theme. As I slowly add the pluggin back individually, nothing went wrong thus I am not able to identify which pluggin caused the problem. I suspect it may not be pluggin, maybe something else.

Next, I will approach Autumn and find out from her in terms of what are the possible causes.
Thank you very much for your guidance.

Hello Stanley, yes don't worry. You still have more choices left. here is the blog of autumn. Finally I found it.
Hope this solve your problem.


Close some tabs, if the problem persists try different browser.

It has been resolved after I sent to helpdesk. I am still trying to find out why this problem happen. I want to identify the problem so that I want to learn from this experience.

Go to Site Support. In the upper left bar under live chat, go to site rubix, then go to site support for technical issues in your site. They're very prompt in replying.

ok thanks. I sent the request to them. Thank you.

Is there a technical helpdesk in Wealthy Affiliate? I have deactivated all the pluggins and also change the theme to a standard theme. Still the problem exists where I am not able to see words and images under wordpress - VISUAL. Does anyone know where to activate Wealthy Affiliate helpdesk?

Hover over the blue "SiteRubix" button which can be found to the to left-hand corner of your screen.

The first option will take you to the sitebuilder, and the last option on the list is for the support team. Hope you're able to resolve the issue.

ok, i will ask the support team. Thanks.

It can be some plugin, but before that clear browsing history and restart.

Thanks for the respond. I am using my wife's laptop and it is giving me the same result. In my own laptop, I had already cleared the cache but the result is the same. At least, I can eliminate the problem is not at the end device so I need to deduce whether it is inside wordpress or one of the pluggin or hosting from WA. If anyone encounter similar problem, do share with me your experiences so that I can speed up the process. Thanks,

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Need a better screenshot quality?

Need a better screenshot quality?

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The Wealthy Affiliate Platform

Hello, WA friends.

Does anyone know how to take a better or higher screen shot image quality? I realise I am using Mac and whenever I take the screenshot, the picture res

Not being a Mac user I can;t help much. Looks like they have you covered here though.

yup, thanks.

Paul is right.
After I take the screen shot, I need to put the image into photo and enhance it with boost of 10 times so that the image will have high quality (from 100kb to 460kb).
Once I put into wordpress and enlarge it. It will still maintain good quality and the wordings are still clear.

Thanks Paul for your guidance.

Sorry to trouble you guys. Just share what I learn today from all of you and especially Paul. Thank you.

It doesn't matter if the image is a screenshot or obtained in any other way. When you enlarge an image it gets blurry.

Yes, I know. I am looking for a screen shot method that will give me high resolution like 1Mb size rather than 100kb size. If the image is 1Mb size, the image and wordings will likely still be clear when I enlarge it.

Hi Stanley do not forget that a hi Rez pic will slow your system down as it takes longer to load and some peoples sites take a few seconds and Google does not like this at all

ok noted. thanks for your advise.

Hi Stanley - on a mac just look at the pic you want, move the cursor over it and select - menu comes down and add image to photos and then you can do what you want with the image

Paul, thank you for the advice. Appreciate.


Thank you for your guidance.


Thank you Paul, I learned too.

I use Snipping Tool and it works great for me.

Sheila, thank you for the advice. Appreciate. Thanks.

The image will always have the same dimensions as the screen or window being captured a 1440x900 screen will create a 1440x900 screenshot. PNG is usually slightly compressed and will give you the highest quality.

Understand what you are saying. If the screen captured image is saved in a folder then the resolution will be the same. The only thing that I find it strange is the image moved to wordpress and when you try to enlarge the image, it becomes blur.

In other words, if the captured image resides in my folder not in wordpress then I can easily view the image exactly the same as what I capture.

Hope this clarify,


You could also try "Monosnap". I find it quite good for just about anything. It's at monosnap.com

Yes, I tried Monosnap and it has features that I like very much like drawing arrows, box etc. I also tried to capture image and move the image into wordpress. Once I enlarge the image to relatively the same size as what I capture, it becomes blur.
Thanks for your advice.
No worries, I believe it is due to my 3 yr old Mac book air and possibly I need to upgrade to retina display Mac book.

No big deal. For me, right now where I am, It seems pretty darn good. Was having trouble finding images for my niche but now, with Monosnap, it has opened up a lot more opportunities.

Try Jing....It is free and you can save as a PNG (better quality)....Cheers! dave : )

Thanks. Tried Jing and I got the same byte size at 106kb.
When I try to put this image into wordpress and enlarge it, the image will become blurred. Jing is pretty similar to screenflow.

Hi Stanley, Interesting,,,,Now you have piqued my curiosity....I will research a bit! Cheers! Dave : )

Check out this page that has an array of options:


Thanks David. Sorry to trouble you.

No trouble at all! I enjoy this stuff! I learn every day new things on this site, and one of the reasons I do is because of these kinds of questions! : )

Check out this step-by-step guide to Mac screen capture.:)

Thanks for the advice. It was exactly the same thing what I had been doing by pressing SHIFT + COMMAND + 4 for selected area. However, I realised that the byte size of the image is around 100kb. When you put this image inside wordpress for 100kb and enlarge it, the image will be blurred.

I have windows ten and just use the snip tool works very well, images are clear

Katie, how about when you enlarge the capture image?
will it still be clear?

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