What is your purpose in life?

Last Update: December 11, 2015

Last week, we went to our usual place to provide free haircut to a group of around 80 needy and elderly people. We have been doing this for almost 6 years on every quarter. Though we may have our struggles and difficulties in life. I always tell myself that I cannot forget why we are here for. I always tell my managers that we have a group of 70-80 elderly people waiting for us to cut their hair every quarter and we mustn't fail them. So, no matter how tough our business is and no matter how many struggles we are going through - We must remember our purpose and mission is to help this group of people. With this mindset and mission being sealed into our minds, we will be able to pull through any struggles we face.

Press on and continue in what you desire to do in your life to make a purposeful and meaningful life.

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bill808 Premium Plus
A National Geographic study of long lived communities throughout the world found that people who have a clear purpose in their lives live longer, healthier live.
justeileen Premium
very true.. :)
stanleytee Premium
These are the pictures I have taken last week when we provide free haircut to elderly people. Thanks for reading this blog.
justeileen Premium
That is a great blessing! :)