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Can sitecomments be enhanced with this suggestion?

Can sitecomments be enhanced with this suggestion?

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Social Engagement & Marketing

Hello Wealthy Affiliate friends,

I'm sure most, if not all, of us have used the SiteComments platform to give comments on fellow members' sites and also to ask for comme

I spent more time today to go through this discussion on comments. I feel the comments back and forth are a great example of what real communication can look like. I have now bookmarked it so I can go through it again because I can understand more about how to make comments. I believe it is much better to have this example than having no training. DDee

Hi Dorcas,

Thanks for the great comment! I am very happy that you find this post useful.

I have written another blog earlier with some info on getting comments as well as a compilation of the places you can ask for comments. Check it out. If you would have further questions on any problem, feel free to approach me any time.

I try always to respond to whatever is put in front of me. I feel it is my duty in order to be a part of this wonderful community, and I enjoy it.

I must say that I have had the experience where I did do a friend a favor, hoping that they would reciprocate, even asked them to respond, but they never showed. This hurt my feelings and gave a sense of failure. Did I fail them or was my response unacceptable, what went wrong? I will probably never know, but the experience will always be with me.

Our comments and suggestions are very important here, but it is also important to follow through or at least let it be known why you can't follow thru. Yes, comments and suggestions can enhance our experiences.

Just sayin'


Hi Tammi,

When we exchange comments, it is always encouraged to leave our comments on others' websites before asking for reciprocation. Sorry to hear about your bad experience but I hope its just a minority who behaved as such.

Use the SteComment platform then, it will not fail you in that sense.

it was a one-time thing, but I was very new and didn't know how to take it. But, it's all good now...no problem!!!


Happy that you have learnt much since then, you progressing very well!

Thank you Moon!!!


I don't have a lot of experience yet but what I did notice is, that when I click on the comment or whatever in my inbox I still have to scroll all the way down to find the particular item I'm supposed to see or comment on. I have wondered whether I'm doing something wrong here. But if that is the case for everyone it is rather inconvenient and time consuming.

Hi Martina,

I opt out of email notifications a long time ago as I didn't want to clutter my mailbox, so I'm a bit unsure of your issue. Do you mean comments on your website or on Wealthy affiliate blogs?

Having to take an extra step to do certain things can be quite annoying and less productive. If you find a solution to this, pls share with us? Thanks!

Hi, first things first opting out of email notifications occurred to me last night.... Thanks for mentioning that it's a reasonable step

I was getting overwhelmed so I choose to opt out. However I know of some who like to always be notified of the happenings here, so its your own personal preference.

I am so new to getting comments I have not had this experience. However, I must have missed any training on leaving comments I made several mistakes. Sorry, if I did this to anyone. Also, we need to ask for comments on specific pages or blogs. But I do not know what to comment on when you get to their websites. I have spent lots of time reading the whole website and made positive comments about what I saw. I am reluctant now to do comments because I do not know how to limit my time to what they want comments on. DDee

Hi Dorcas,

It might be because you are giving feedback instead of comment?

Here's a training to clarify: A simple tip about giving good comments would talking about your feelings after you have read the post, do you find it useful and why?

Don't worry if your comments get rejected, we are all learning here, I'm sure you will figure it out soon. Just want to say your 2 comments here are pretty awesome, so you are getting there :)

I love this idea, Moon! I've wondered why there isn't a system in place already that would let us know when the site owner replied back to our comment.

I usually do go back and check to see what their reply was, but there have been times when I've completely forgotten. If they do reply with something that I find I'm able to keep the conversation going meaningfully, I'll usually do that as well if I can.

I too, find it a bit disappointing when there's only silence after replying back to someone's comment they left, especially if it's one that answers their question or asks them a further question on it.

This is a great idea, Moon! Hopefully they can figure some way of notifying commenters on our sites when there's a reply back. I do believe there's a setting in WordPress somewhere to be notified when there's a reply to a comment, but I don't think it works when it's through the Comment Platform here.

Don't quote me on it though, I may be remembering wrong, so I'll have to look into it further since I know how my memory is, lol...

Thanks for sharing, Moon!
Best wishes :) ~Sherry

Hello Sherry,

I'm sure it is doable, Wealthy Affiliate's technical team is very strong :)

Many times I didn't bookmark the sites which I commented on and once I click away I forgot to go back.

I don't think there is anything wrong with your memory because things do work differently when we go through SiteComments. Not sure I have seen the Wordpress settings for that though, maybe I have missed it, or maybe it's my memory lol, haha...

Hey again Moon,

Yes, I agree, I'm sure they could do it...the technical team is awesome here!

Aha, I see you do the same thing as me, lol. I try to remember to bookmark the sites I've commented on too before I click away, but like yourself, occasionally I forget to do it before leaving.

As for the WordPress setting, I did find it just now...it's found under Settings > Discussion "email me whenever" and there's two choices to click on "anyone posts a comment" and "a comment is held for moderation"

I have both of these checked off and I do get email notifications from comments on my sites, at least from comments out of the blue...as for those from the Site Comments...hmmm, I don't think so, but it's been awhile since I've used them so yeah, that memory thing again, lol! :)

Plus, I'm not sure how it'd work with the reply comments, but it seems I've seen it before when commenting on someone's site, but it wasn't through here though.

Anyways, I've gone on too long again...but, I definitely think you have an awesome idea!

Oh you are right about the Wordpress settings. Well, that can work on our side when people leave comments but what about when we leave comments for others?

Yes we can bookmark the site and constantly check back to see if the owner replied but that will be super inefficient.

Thanks for your insight.

Hi Moon, Excellent suggestion, I too was wondering the same thing as I answer real questions and give true feedback on the comment given.
Though when I have given a comment I have never received the thread to show me that my comment was read and replied to.
I think your suggestion is right on the spot!
Thanks for that,

Yup SF, my sentiments too. We were not informed when there is a reply and people tend to forget the sites they went previously unless they bookmark them or check the browsing history. Thanks for sharing!

Hi Moon, great idea it may be...when you think about the point system it may not be entirely fair?

You have to read the article post and give a quality comment in order to earn 1 credit.

The site owner then have a choice to answer or to just simply approve the comment but not answer. For example the answer can be very short such as "Why do you think so?"

Writing the 2nd comment (reply to the reply) would be easier for you because you've already read the article, but it would have to have another quality in order to earn some credit... So you should be earning less than 1 credit?

If we could not earn further credits from the 2nd comment onwards.... another risk is that we could manipulate the comment thread.
For example;
"Thank you for your comment."
"You're welcome, have a goo day!"
"You too!" and so on...
....which the site owner could later on edit freely on Wordpress - make each comment really lengthy. Without spending 2 credits on SiteComments, they could collect more comments!

Excellent point and great insight. I have to admit I have not thought out this far.

If we need credits as well as the length and uniqueness for the first round, maybe it can also be applied for the second round? How about all factors remain the same, just a notification for the second comment?

I will not mind using another 2 credits for further engagement.

Hi Moon, I must admit I don't always read the reply to my comment from the site owner... I forget! And when I read and the reply is only one sentence like "Thanks for your comment." I get disappointed too :-)
Thank you for raising the great suggestion!

One liners are real dampers :)

Yup I forgot too, so I feel this platform can be improved somehow, hence the suggestion. Thanks for the support!

Hi Moon,
You have a great idea. I usually check back to see the answers but sometimes I forget and a reminder would be nice. I also wonder that when we get organic comments and reply to them if the person that left the comment checks back. A reminder to them would be a plus too.
Great thought!

I worry less about organic comments because these are natural and we could not do anything about them. If they asked a question and are interested enough, surely they will be back.

This is mainly for us members using the SiteComment platform, especially when our websites are new and we don't have organic comments yet.

Good Morning Moon,

I have not really thought about that and neither know if it is needed.
If people think your site is interesting they will come back by them self. On my websites, I have this plugin: Comment Approved Notifier Extended. I think that is a much-needed one. On receiving a comment I reply and then the other person is notified about that.

Have a great Sunday, Taetske

Hello Taetske,

I didn't know that a plugin could do that, thanks for sharing the knowledge. I am a bit cautious of installing more plugins as they may slow down my site. May I know how many plugins you have?

If WA can somehow implement something similar, then we can save on one plugin :)

Hello Moon,

On both websites I have:

All in One Seo Pack
Comment Approved Notifier Extended
Exclude Pages from Navigation
SSL Insecure Content Fixer

According to Site Health, I am 100% on Plugins

Perhaps you care to have a look at my latest WA post.
Marion gave me an advice many people have followed.

All the best, Taetske

Thanks for sharing Taetske.

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What's your best time of burst?

What's your best time of burst?

asked in
Authoring & Writing Content

Are you a morning person or a night owl? When are you most productive?

Do you think productivity is timing-dependent or are you set off by specific triggers like music/c

Hi Moon...I am definitely not a morning person. I am a true night owl. I don't come alive until late evening.

I am my most productive after 12:00a.m. The house is quiet, the lights are low, the phone is not ringing. It's my time. That's when I work on my book and other tasks left from the day. I may wok until 3-4:00 a.m.. And I am up by 7ish.

A bowl of ice cream is my trigger. I can do anything after a bowl of ice crème...LOL!!


You sleep as little as 3 hours? Everyday? I'm quite shocked to hear that. How does your body function? Mainly on ice cream? :)

LOL!!!! I just don't sleep very much...I have chronic insomnia...It sux!!!! But I do have time to try and fit everything into my day.

YES!!!! ICE CREME keeps me functioning!!!! And thankfully...I don't gain weight easily!!

Have a beautiful week Moon!!!


Sorry to hear that. I hope blogging helps with your insomnia, at least you will be productive and it will help in the long run.

Eat ice cream and dont gain weight? You will be the envy of many :)

I'm afraid that if I stop eating ice crème, I will start too gain weight..LOL

You better not stop LOL!

Don't fix what is not broken haha....



Morning is most definitely my best time for productivity.

Many seems to be morning persons :)

I'm more of a morning person because I'm more productive the earlier I start on stuff. In a way I'm a night because I have the ability to stay up late.

You just have the ability of needing very little sleep lol

Morning is my best time, the earlier the better. Like to listen to music when I`m writing. :)

What' your definition of early? :)

Previously I had joined a training camp and we woke up as early as 3.30am for practise. Would that work for you?

3:30 a little early, but from 4:00 - 4:30 no problem :)

Thats really early! Ever since that camp, I have not managed to wake up before 6am. :)

I always have a problem with my next story. When I think of one it is usually very early in the morning, 3 Or 4 o' clock. I am awake thinking of the smallest details and the most beautiful sentences. It is time to get up and make notes, because during the day I might forget what I thought of. It mostly takes 2 days and then the story is ready. In this week I also like to be on WA for a new lesson or whatever triggers me. My latest story was "Boogie woogie stomp". Even had to make and upload two pictures to colour the story! It made me happy!
I wonder what is next....
Johan wijngaarden

Keep a notebook on hand with you always. I do get moments like that when inspiration struck in the middle of the night while I am in bed. I make sure I write them down even if I have to do it in the dark in order not to disrupt my sleep.

It is like you sit on my bed site... That is exactly what I did and sometimes still do. Nowadays, most of the time, I simply get up and write....
Greetings from the Netherlands,
Johan wijngaarden

Great to hear that Johan!

I'm a night person because of my job. When I get home, it's trying to stay awake without falling asleep in the chair. Then I try to accomplish something.

You are trying to accomplish something even when you are half-asleep? Your spirit is commendable!

after some good coffee and some classical music

If you have one or the other, does it affect your productivity?

Yes it gets me thinking creatively

Most definitely a lark rather than an owl. First thing in the morning is my best time after a refreshing nights sleep.

How larky are you then :) 6am larky? 5am? 3am? Heehee...

Still working shifts in the NHS. So when I am not on an "early" ie late or day off, I am still up at 7:00am.

You are a hardworking one!

It can be anytime but often when something inspires me :)

What kind of something? A favourite song? Old movies? A night out with friends? Pls share :)

Usually something i have read on WA :)

Cool~~ thats awesome to hear!

Awesome, give me your number Carol, then I can call you up even when you are in Napland and tell you about awesome news from Dr. Fard who is currently experimenting with clones.... :P

Ha Ha! any time Stefan! I love awesome news!

I am one and I am both, which one do you like most?
Sweets for my sweet, sugar for my honey,
I am one, all mine, now that is funny! :P

I like one and I like all :)

When I read sweet I write sweet,
When you add spice, I get spicy.
A strength added to strong to make things stronger,
And nothing more required for everything needed.

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Do you like being approached on the street for surveys?

Do you like being approached on the street for surveys?

asked in
Keyword, Niche and Market Research

Someone from a local store comes up to you on the street and ask you to take a survey and offers you a free gift at the end of it. You just need to provide an email address for

Hey Blue,

I don't usually stop on the street for anyone unless I know them. I have sometimes stopped if they are in an inside shopping mall. It depends on if it is something that I have an interest in. There also needs to be a place to sit for it as I can't stand for long. That is something to consider if you are getting into surveys. Also I don't usually give out my email.


From my experience, many surveys usually ask for some kind of contact information. Most nowadays would be unwilling to give out a phone number, so it's more usual now to ask for email. Lets say you have encountered something you are really interested in, will you leave your email for them to contact you?

Yes Blue I agree. I won't give out my personal email. But if it is something I am interested in I would give out my business email.


Good Morning Moon,

Now here in my village, they are not so modern to ask for your email but they ask for your phone number. Normally a new shop has opened, something like a health food store where they also give advice on slimming, they might offer the first consultation for free.

Greetings from the south of Spain, Taetske

Hello Taetske,

Sounds like its even more difficult to get people's phone numbers, its closer to home than email addresses definitely and people face more of a risk by giving out private numbers.

Hi Moon,
I don't normally participate in these types of surveys as I am usually caught at very inconvenient times. as far as incentives, an in store gift card would be a good idea. Must major retailers utilize this method so I would imagine that it would work for small
Local businesses.

Hi Jerome,

Thats exactly why the street surveys have low success rates... everybody is on their way to somewhere else. I guess they are more likely to score with the retirees or the unemployed whom are strolling?

Store gift card is a great idea!

Just local might be a good idea and an opportunity to get more local customers. Do not forget to have a gift for existing clients of the store! I would only sign up if the store's products are interesting, so no clothes or shoes. I"d like a discount on the products.

Really good ideas you have proposed here. Yes it's for a local business, so probably people are familiar with the brand name and products already.

I'm noting your suggestions down, thank you!

It also depends on the persons, who take the surveys. Three young girls (local famous?) sell better then I retired person like me.
They should hand out business cards (showing opening hours of the shop, sales, phone and internet numbers/codes, special products/sales), also to people who say no to the survey.

Lol now you sound like ToLiNoLi below....

I like your suggestions a lot.... nice work!

It depends on what I doing. Most of the time, if I'm out and about, I'm on some type of mission. So, when someone comes up to me on the street their just slowing me down. I very seldom stop for something like this.

As to giving out my email address in past I didn't think twice about it, but now I don't give it out unless there is a good reason. A gift that would be given out for doing a survey could not be worth it to me.

I have the same feeling too. In the past I'm ok with giving out my email freely... but now.... with lots of cyber crimes... we have to be extra careful. Read Tammi's comment below, she has been a victim. :(

I would probably do the survey as a courtesy. I hate to be unkind, I go out of my way not to be.

As for my email address...probably not. I try to be as careful as I can be due to information being stolen. I know that sounds a bit strange because of all the risk you are at when you are on the net. I guess I would consider this a controlled environment. I would have the power in this instance to keep my info safe and secure, and I would opt to do just that.

With that being said....a NEW car as a gift would definitely get me to open up and share....LOL!!!! ;))) :)))))

Hi Tammy, create a general email address with Google or so, which you can use for surveys and other. Then everything is fine. :)

Had not thought about that. Thank you ToLiNoLi!!! You are a fountain of knowledge. So glad we are friends!!!!! Your friendship means a lot!!


You are very much welcome. :)

Everybody would salivate over a car! LOL! You are so much fun :)

In the past I use to think giving out my email is no big deal, but now I know better. Being spammed is a major hazard to health... :)

You can give yours to me, and see where it will get you :P

A very big deal....my whole life was stolen in September, 2016. I am still trying to straighten things out and recover from all that mess!!! Maybe I should write a blog about it?!?!?!

Please do be very careful!!! I don't wish what I am going thru on my worst enemy!!!!

Have a great weekend!!!!


My good wishes of Luck and Prosperity go with you this weekend. I hope all will get better for you.

Have a great weekend too.

Oh I'm so sorry to hear that...it sounds like a terrible ordeal. Please write a post and share your experience, I'm sure many people will benefit from it.

Is this another ploy of yours to get an email from a pretty girl? It's not working bleh~~ :P

Who said you are pretty? :P

hahaha then the matter is settled~~ :)

Thanks LiNoLi...it's all working out. It just takes soooo long to try and put everything back together again!!! But I am trying to stay the course and keep my chin up!!! Thanks for your concern and well wishes.

Happy weekend!!!!!


Thank you one blue moon!!!!

You know, I think that I will write a post about that. Maybe I can help someone else to keep from being a victim like I was.

It's kinda scary to think about writing a public post though. I haven't had anything published since college, that has been a loooooong time ago!!!!

Yep....I think that I will

I will keep you up to date on my progress!!

May I PM you about my progress??? Please feel free to PM me anytime!!!!



P.S. watch out for ToLiNoLI.....sounds like he has the hots for you......LOL :) ;)) ;))) ;))))

Tammi, you are welcome to PM me anytime... whether to let me know your progress or anything else. I would like to hear from you.

Argghhh... don't worry about ToLiNoLi, I will give him a kick that will send him flying ;p

My tip, write a little book as PDF, then let me interview you why and for whom you wrote this book, I will report this as a news story and make advertisement for your book and be an affiliate of yours, then you build business. :))

Let me know if you think that is something that interests you.

Good morning ... hope that you are doing well today!!

I am very interested in writing a short book, but I have no skills about writing a book!! I have a book that I have been writing for the past 10 years, but it is in my desk where it lives. I pull out the manuscript ever so often an add a chapter or two, but it never really sees the light of day.

I would be very excited to pen a short book, but I would need a bit of support along the way. I haven't even written my first blog yet, but intend to give it a try sometime this weekend. You would think that as much as I love to chat writing and blogging would be no problem for me. After all, the two are basically speaking out loud to an audience...right?? Did I get that right?!!?

I have a couple of ideas that I will run by you and get your opinions on them. I think that we can make this work and it will be beneficial to both of us. Thanks for the idea and the offer of support!!

Happy Weekend!!!!


Thanks moon!!! I was informed by a fellow Affiliate that the proper avenue was to always ask before PMing anyone. If not I could be blocked or unfollowed by that specific person. I'm fine with ppl PMing me though. So feel free to PM me anytime about anything!!

As for ToLiNoLi.....he is soooo cute. I really like chatting with him. It's cute the way you guys flirt around!!!


Happy Weekend!!!


Sounds good Tammi. Happy Weekend to you too. :))

That's really polite of you. I think you are the first person to really ask for permission in such a formal way.... seriously :)

About your plans for writing, writing blogs is a great way to get started. I can really chat a lot too but when it comes to writing articles for my website, I struggle with it. When I first started, my article had only 300 words max. I went around asking for tips and now my articles could easily reach 1000. It comes with practise and certain writing tips.

I find writing blogs here really helped me, so may I suggest you do the same? Once you get started, you feel an urge to keep writing :)

For Stefan (Tolinoli), you won't ever regret knowing him. Though I only know him for a short time here, we had discussed a lot over our blogs here and we are already good friends. Check out both our blogs, you can probably find some friendly banter over there as well.

I will definitely check out your blogs and I am going to read your stories too.

As for my writing, I started writing and I couldn't quit!!! I am now at the word count of 2602. I think that I have written more than a blog!!! I think that I may be writing a book!!!! I still have a lot more to write!!

Is it good?, I have no idea...and I don't how to send it to anyone to read it for me and give me an opinion and direction with it.

Like I said , I have a lot more to write....wish I knew if it were any good or not...LOL!!!


Would you consider turning your book into an ebook instead? Then you can published them in parts, instead of going by the traditional way of writing 10000 or 20000 words. I have heard some suggestions regarding this.

I have thought of doing an ebook, but I don't have a clue as to where to get started. I don't even know if it is any good!!! But I wouldn't mind publishing in parts. This is a long story that will take some time to get it all together. We will discuss this when I get the story critiqued. I have no idea how to spell critiqued, I hope it is close enough!!!!

Let me try to find some links for you ok? Will PM when I find sonething useful. You can also try the search bar above to see whether there are some training here for that.

OK....THAT WOULD BE GREAT!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR WILLINGNESS TO HELP. I will get this story critiqued by my roomie and if they think it's good I will forward it to you and let you do an Affiliate critique. we will decide where to go next!!!! Is that cool with you?!?!?!?


May I suggest you ask for feedback on your contents through the Sitefeedback platform. I am not qualified to critique your work :)

About zero chance for me. I don't like the intrusiveness of this practice or the awkwardness of being put in the position of telling someone NO, I'm not interested. Usually, if I see someone doing this on the street, I will go out of my way to avoid them, same as if they are peddling anything else.

If it's a local business I don't mind them having a website on the receipt and telling me at check out I can go online and complete a survey for a chance to win XXX, and then I have the choice to do it or not when I get home. Or a card on the counter saying "How did we do"? Or on the table, if I'm in an eating establishment. Something along that line.

Great suggestion you have there Cindy! If they ask you to complete a survey this way just to get feedback, you won't mind?

Well, I'm not saying I will actually complete the survey provided in this way and won't leave any contact info if I do, but it is less intrusive and less likely to tick me off than someone cutting me off at the pass while I'm trying to go about my day. I have completed feedback surveys online from particular companies where I have contacted their customer support and left feedback.

Very true, it is indeed less intrusive and I believe coupled with an incentive, that would motivate people more to complete surveys.

This was a great question Moon! Thanks for putting it out there!

I'm glad that you find it useful :)

To be honest NO! I would not participate. Firstly in recent years there has been controversy in the UK that many such so called surveys are not surveys at all but veiled attempts by charities to "extort" donations. Secondly more and more folk here reluctant to provide private data given the rise of identity fraud.

I think online surveys are OK if conducted on a transparent basis and not as a means to build email lists. In short info and data collected on an overall anonymous collated basis not only OK but also has merit in identifying segmentation clusters.

The future, coupled with the emergence of stricter data protection laws, demands honesty and transparency by surveyors as to their true intent and purpose. In my view I see this as a positive future insofar as we all need to improve and enhance integrity and reputation in our online activity and behaviour. If our intent and purpose is to sell then why not say so. I for one would never buy from a seller whom I felt had "tricked" me into a "conversation" - the basis of trust simply would not exist!

We have a duty of care to both the integrity of our self and our business as well as, more generally, the integrity of our online industry.