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My name is Johan Wijngaarden, 69 years, happilly married, two children, two grand children and retired, living in the Netherlands. Hobbies are walking, watching soccer,





How can I get amazon images off of my pages and posts?

How can I get amazon images off of my pages and posts?

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Pay Per Click Marketing

For the time being I do not join Amazon as an assiciate. After 180 days (I do not yet have customers to buy yet) they closed me down as one of their associates. OK so far. But

Nathaniel offered some system a couple of months ago
I don't know if this is helpful for you, but give it a look

Go into each one of those posts and delete them.

You could keep them on there and reapply for Amazon and just put your affiliate link on them once you are accepted

How about my dutch site?

How about my dutch site?

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Getting Started

The domain name of my Dutch site (mijnverhalensite.nl, it is a sleeping giant!!) is due to be extended for a new period of three years for EUR 72,--. I did not pay this bill wh

Good afternoon Johan,

Nice to see you again. I think I would ask our SiteSupport, I bet they can tell you.

Greetings from the south of Spain, Taetske

One of my sites is in Bahasa Indonesian .. the site is hosted here at WA, the Domain Name is at the Indonesian Registry because it is a .co.id.

You can do the same with the Dutch site.

Cheers, William.

There is quite some training out here, how to point out to the webserver ns1.mywahosting.com and ns2.mywahosting.com

I don´t think there is a special training here for a Dutch hosting
You could take a look at otherwise, please contact website support

How can I change my "recent posts page"?

How can I change my "recent posts page"?

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Everything Wordpress

I should like to change my "recent posts page" as for now a visitor has to click the "view" button or the "read more" button, while I should like my latest post show up right a

It did not help. Seems like a part of my theme. I solved it by adding two more posts. Now it is more functional and the visitor has an opprtunity to chose or to read more posts on this first page. Thanks for your help!
Johan Wijngaarden

You can change it in your admin.

1 goto setting
2click on discussion
3 Other comment settings is where it's is

That's the wrong section LeNard, your answer is about comments, not the blogs. Setting>reading

Thank you for the correction. I thought he wanted to have his newest post on top. I'm glad to see you out helping us all learn.

I already had the setting as you suggested, Loes. So I added two more posts to this first page. Now it is fine with me as it is more functional as the page is less empty: My visitor has an opportunity to chose between or to read more posts on this page.
Een wereld met Loes is een betere wereld (ook buiten WA)

Glad to see you were able to work it out.

Dank je wel:)) Vaak is het een theme gebeuren. Ik heb een theme wat helemaal geen excerps geeft, alleen hele posts, en met een blogrol van 130 posts word dat wel een heel gescroll

Ik ben gehecht aan mijn thema! Ik kan van mijn posts vaak gemakkelijk weer pages maken (en andersom).
Have a great Sunday and thanks again!
Johan. It Hearrenfean

Ja ik ook, en daarom heb ik een fake blogroll gemaakt:))

That cries for another question, Loes! What is a fake blogroll? Does it fit in one's site?

Haha, this is a fake blogroll
I created it myself

I'm curious so I'm going to check it out also.

Ik ben verloren, wat maakt dat het nep. Welke shoul ik kijken, Loes?

This is fake, I totally wrote it myself with HTML

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