Hello Wealthy Affiliate friends,

I'm sure most, if not all, of us have used the SiteComments platform to give comments on fellow members' sites and also to ask for comments on our own sites. The teaching here is that active engagement on our site will help us to rank faster and better.

Well, have you ever observed this phenomena? We got comments from a Wealthy Affiliate member and we promptly reply back, sometimes with an answer, other times with questions. After that, it was silence. That particular person never returned. The first time I saw this, I really felt a sense of disappointment.

So my question is, can SiteComments be further enhanced with notifications when the website owner replied back? The person commenting can then be prompted to leave a further comment, which would show further engagement.

Please let me know if you have a similar experience and feeling as mine. Do you think this proposal will work for the better? Or do you have other suggestions?

Do share your thoughts below, thank you!


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Freedomseekr Premium
I love this idea, Moon! I've wondered why there isn't a system in place already that would let us know when the site owner replied back to our comment.

I usually do go back and check to see what their reply was, but there have been times when I've completely forgotten. If they do reply with something that I find I'm able to keep the conversation going meaningfully, I'll usually do that as well if I can.

I too, find it a bit disappointing when there's only silence after replying back to someone's comment they left, especially if it's one that answers their question or asks them a further question on it.

This is a great idea, Moon! Hopefully they can figure some way of notifying commenters on our sites when there's a reply back. I do believe there's a setting in WordPress somewhere to be notified when there's a reply to a comment, but I don't think it works when it's through the Comment Platform here.

Don't quote me on it though, I may be remembering wrong, so I'll have to look into it further since I know how my memory is, lol...

Thanks for sharing, Moon!
Best wishes :) ~Sherry
onebluemoon Premium
Hello Sherry,

I'm sure it is doable, Wealthy Affiliate's technical team is very strong :)

Many times I didn't bookmark the sites which I commented on and once I click away I forgot to go back.

I don't think there is anything wrong with your memory because things do work differently when we go through SiteComments. Not sure I have seen the Wordpress settings for that though, maybe I have missed it, or maybe it's my memory lol, haha...
Freedomseekr Premium
Hey again Moon,

Yes, I agree, I'm sure they could do it...the technical team is awesome here!

Aha, I see you do the same thing as me, lol. I try to remember to bookmark the sites I've commented on too before I click away, but like yourself, occasionally I forget to do it before leaving.

As for the WordPress setting, I did find it just now...it's found under Settings > Discussion "email me whenever" and there's two choices to click on "anyone posts a comment" and "a comment is held for moderation"

I have both of these checked off and I do get email notifications from comments on my sites, at least from comments out of the blue...as for those from the Site Comments...hmmm, I don't think so, but it's been awhile since I've used them so yeah, that memory thing again, lol! :)

Plus, I'm not sure how it'd work with the reply comments, but it seems I've seen it before when commenting on someone's site, but it wasn't through here though.

Anyways, I've gone on too long again...but, I definitely think you have an awesome idea!
onebluemoon Premium
Oh you are right about the Wordpress settings. Well, that can work on our side when people leave comments but what about when we leave comments for others?

Yes we can bookmark the site and constantly check back to see if the owner replied but that will be super inefficient.

Thanks for your insight.
SantaFez Premium
Hi Moon, Excellent suggestion, I too was wondering the same thing as I answer real questions and give true feedback on the comment given.
Though when I have given a comment I have never received the thread to show me that my comment was read and replied to.
I think your suggestion is right on the spot!
Thanks for that,
onebluemoon Premium
Yup SF, my sentiments too. We were not informed when there is a reply and people tend to forget the sites they went previously unless they bookmark them or check the browsing history. Thanks for sharing!
RayAleksandr Premium
Hi Moon, great idea it may be...when you think about the point system it may not be entirely fair?

You have to read the article post and give a quality comment in order to earn 1 credit.

The site owner then have a choice to answer or to just simply approve the comment but not answer. For example the answer can be very short such as "Why do you think so?"

Writing the 2nd comment (reply to the reply) would be easier for you because you've already read the article, but it would have to have another quality in order to earn some credit... So you should be earning less than 1 credit?

If we could not earn further credits from the 2nd comment onwards.... another risk is that we could manipulate the comment thread.
For example;
"Thank you for your comment."
"You're welcome, have a goo day!"
"You too!" and so on...
....which the site owner could later on edit freely on Wordpress - make each comment really lengthy. Without spending 2 credits on SiteComments, they could collect more comments!
onebluemoon Premium
Excellent point and great insight. I have to admit I have not thought out this far.

If we need credits as well as the length and uniqueness for the first round, maybe it can also be applied for the second round? How about all factors remain the same, just a notification for the second comment?

I will not mind using another 2 credits for further engagement.
RayAleksandr Premium
Hi Moon, I must admit I don't always read the reply to my comment from the site owner... I forget! And when I read and the reply is only one sentence like "Thanks for your comment." I get disappointed too :-)
Thank you for raising the great suggestion!
onebluemoon Premium
One liners are real dampers :)

Yup I forgot too, so I feel this platform can be improved somehow, hence the suggestion. Thanks for the support!
gbsun Premium
Hi Moon,
You have a great idea. I usually check back to see the answers but sometimes I forget and a reminder would be nice. I also wonder that when we get organic comments and reply to them if the person that left the comment checks back. A reminder to them would be a plus too.
Great thought!
onebluemoon Premium
I worry less about organic comments because these are natural and we could not do anything about them. If they asked a question and are interested enough, surely they will be back.

This is mainly for us members using the SiteComment platform, especially when our websites are new and we don't have organic comments yet.
laparra1 Premium
Good Morning Moon,

I have not really thought about that and neither know if it is needed.
If people think your site is interesting they will come back by them self. On my websites, I have this plugin: Comment Approved Notifier Extended. I think that is a much-needed one. On receiving a comment I reply and then the other person is notified about that.

Have a great Sunday, Taetske
onebluemoon Premium
Hello Taetske,

I didn't know that a plugin could do that, thanks for sharing the knowledge. I am a bit cautious of installing more plugins as they may slow down my site. May I know how many plugins you have?

If WA can somehow implement something similar, then we can save on one plugin :)
laparra1 Premium
Hello Moon,

On both websites I have:

All in One Seo Pack
Comment Approved Notifier Extended
Exclude Pages from Navigation
SSL Insecure Content Fixer

According to Site Health, I am 100% on Plugins

Perhaps you care to have a look at my latest WA post.
Marion gave me an advice many people have followed.

All the best, Taetske
onebluemoon Premium
Thanks for sharing Taetske.