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Would you use an old promo?

Would you use an old promo?

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I know that it is still far off, but I was wondering, for Black Friday 2018, would you use the article you used in 2017 to promote WA again this year, just change the publish d

This is awesome SantaFez.
November comes and we're on it.

You've given enough time for preparation. Thanks for that.
And the best part is - you are going to be grandmothered with that subscription.


As below, if it worked, go for it. If it didn't then ditch it.

Did the old one convert? Did the old one target the top needs of your customers? If you are happy with it, then go for it!

Why not use it again, can't see a problem with that.

Thank you all for your answers, I think that a revision of the current article with the relevant updates - as you suggest,- will be the way to go and of course change the publishing date accordingly.
Much appreciated

It sounds like you can use it again. Just be sure the facts are correct and it is engaging. Good luck,


My understanding of a rewrite is to, YES change the date, and to alter and rewrite the first paragraph. I personally would alter the first two paragraphs, then whatever changes are in the new 2018 Black Friday special.

WOW, good work, you are planning ahead!!!

That's a good question Orion. I would rewrite with all the changes in WA like Robert said.

Tried and True


Best to go for a rewrite because there have been changes within WA since last year.
Only my opinion so go with what you believe is right for you and your site.

If it was a good article, I'd edit the publish date. If the article did not convert, I'd have another crack at it this year.

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