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Hi everyone! I live in the South of England with my wife and daughter and my two Beagles, Toby and Badger. I have two step-daughters. One





I have lost a page?

I have lost a page?

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When I go to Dashboard and then pages I have 5 full pages. However when I go to Dasboard and `view your site` I only have four pages and one of them has no content. What have I

I lost my entire website at one point. I had to get site support to find it for me. If the answer below doesn't help, try site support.


1. If you forget to save... content can be lost
Allthough there should be an automated save, it happens when the ellapsed time is too short.
2. Your pages are still in draft and not published
3. You have to add your pages manually in your menu if you have not flagged the automatic option (adds all published pages in menu)

If the problem persists contact support or restore your site to the latest correct backup

It is possible that you need to go to 'appearance' and then 'menu' and arrange that "lost" page into your menu.
Pages don't update like posts in your website, they have to be placed manually into the menu.
Hope this helped,

okay. Thank you for replying. Looking into it.

Double check to see that it is published, otherwise, I would contact support.

Thank you for the reply. It was getting late when I was looking at what has been published. I went to publish what I thought was an updated page and it came out as a post!
Learning by my mistakes.!

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I cannot see my theme on my website. where is my theme?

I cannot see my theme on my website. where is my theme?

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I have chosen a theme (Deciduous) but I do not see it on my pages. When I wrote my pages I went straight to pages column on the left-hand side. When I ask to view site there is

Go to Appearance > Themes and either activate the theme if it's already there, or click on Add New to add it to the list.

You'll find most themes won't look like the examples in the Wordpress repository until you've added your own content. :)

okay. Went to themes. Chose Deciduous. Wanted unicorn in front of moon went to Live Preview and got a pot plant! Any ideas?

I wouldn't pay any attention to images you see in previews of themes, they're often just used as examples.

The most important attribute when you pick a theme is that it is truly responsive, working on all platforms, operating systems, browsers and screen sizes. Up to 50% of a site's traffic these days can come from mobile phones, so your site has to work equally as well on those too.

I recommend you take a look at a theme like Customizr which is popular with many members at WA. https://wordpress.org/themes/customizr/

There's also extensive documentation on using it here:

Thanx again. Looking now.

Hello again! Okay - Back to Square 1. This is where I get really frustrated with myself and chuck the whole lot in! I chose the image thinking that it was the theme. I wanted a dreamy picture (image) and wondered why it never viewed on my site. most probably never there in the first place! Anyway I have created five pages and now want a theme to hang them on. It seems everyone else has got the idea but me. Thank you for the themes customizr but it is too much for me to take on at the moment. As this will be my very first site could you suggest a simple theme that I can instal and then copy and paste my pages into? Or does it not work like that? Off to make a cup of tea and play a game to take my mind off things. Really appreciate your input. - Paul.

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