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Last Update: May 08, 2018

Good day WA-Family

Since I battled to follow the Wealthy Affiliate GoGetters Training, and for a while missed that there was new training because I couldn't find it (after having had internet problems), I decided to keep an Index of the GoGetters training. That way it will all be in one place and easy to find.

I will update the list as frequently as the new trainings becomes available.

I hope it will help others as well to have it in sequence and together!

"Onwards and Upwards" - as Bo always say! :-)
Sharlee (Chocolate IceCream)

PS: I love it when Bo says "Onwards and Upwards" and I always wait in anticipation for that bit to come - it has the same effect on me as "Ready, Steady, GO!" - Thank you for those words of inspiration Bo! :-)

PPS: Just a reminder that you should use YOUR Affiliate Link when you refer somebody to this list! :-) You can also click on the little blue envelope next to the affiliate link, to send YOUR Affiliate Link to your email contacts. :-) Just another way that WA makes it easy for us to do our marketing.

Index to Wealthy Affiliate GoGetters Training:

GoGetters – 01 Requirement, Schedule, Make a decision

GoGetters – 02 Google Analytics, Check Website, Monetize

GoGetters – 03 Custom Link, WA Welcome Letters, Call To Action

GoGetters – 04 WA Welcome Letters

GoGetters – 05 Call To Action

GoGetters – 06 Things To Decide On

GoGetters – 07 Info That Bo Needs

GoGetters – 08 About Me Page & Formula

GoGetters – 09 Keywords

GoGetters – 10 Keywords & Call To Action

GoGetters – 11 Fixing Problems With Alt Tags

GoGetters – 12 Clarification on what to change

GoGetters – 13 How To Fix Broken Links

GoGetters – 14 Canonical URLs – All-In-One SEO Plugin – Duplicate Content

GoGetters – 15 Traffic

GoGetters – 16 Affiliate & Privacy Statements

GoGetters – 17 SEO

GoGetters – 18 Stay Focused

GoGetters – 19 Getting Traffic

GoGetters – 20 Importance Of A Schedule

GoGetters – 21 Facebook Traffic Part 1

GoGetters – 22 Facebook Traffic Part 2

GoGetters – 23 Facebook Traffic Part 3

GoGetters – 24 Links on Facebook

GoGetters – 25 Facebook Fanpage & What To Link To

GoGetters – 26 Facebook Fanpage & Personal Profile

GoGetters – 27 Is The Internet a Roller Coaster Ride?

GoGetters – 28 Be Specific – Questions Answered

GoGetters – 29 Facebook – Last Video

GoGetters – 30 Commenting On Blogs

GoGetters – 31 Commenting On Blogs Part 2

GoGetters – 32 Groups of Five

GoGetters – 33 I Can Not Pull The Site Up

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gardenguy Premium
Thank you Sharlee.....what a nice thing for you to do. May I ask where you keep this index on your computer? maybe in your bookmarks, or a file on your desktop?

3dandelions Premium
I have been bookmarking the trainings as they come along into each of my categorized bookmark folders to keep for review as I go along and come back to each particular topic.
MKearns Premium
I keep things like this in a special desktop folder!
gardenguy Premium
That's exactly where I put it Mike.....after producing it into the note pad. Looks like I can easily add to it as Bo continues on. #22 due today (Fri).

TeamIceCream Premium
Hi Wayne
Awww Thank you for saying so!
I keep it in a file on my computer.
Sharlee (Chocolate IceCream)
Nick-at-WA Premium
Thank you TeamIceCream, this is really very helpful. I just got to the part 2 video through this post. :)

TeamIceCream Premium
Hi Nick
Yes, Bo always says "weekends are mine" and we have a similar policy, except that we are up to 23 hours ahead in time of some of you guys. So Thusday afternoon for some, and our weekend has already started over here. So on weekends there will definitely be a delay in updating. ;-)
But I am glad that it is helpful! ;-)
Sharlee (Chocolate IceCream)
JamesJB Premium
Good job there :)
TeamIceCream Premium
Thanks you very much James! ;-)
IvyT Premium
You are such a sweetheart for compiling this. Thanks ever so much! Xo
TeamIceCream Premium
Hi Ivy
Awww, thank you! I battled to find the trainings or how they followed, so I thought it may help somebody else as well. I'm glad it helps!
Sharlee (Chocolate IceCream)
buffetearns Premium
Wow! Thank you!

TeamIceCream Premium
My pleasure Wayne! :-)
Sharlee (Chocolate IceCream)