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Dearest WA-family!As you can derive from the title of this post, I'm sharing the diagnosis of one of our WA-family members (not me!).I remember very well the first time I had to share similar news with a group... One of the woman in our Department had breast cancer and was going for a mastectomy. She was the only women in her Team and she was concerned that it will be difficult for her to come back to work after the operation, being uncertain how her male colleagues would handle the situation.
Good day dearest WA-family! :-)In one of the posts that I responded to, our very own cooking queen Haroda asked why I would recommend a "comment approved" plugin and then our lovely Pernilla prompted me to write a blog post about it and Mark turned the pressure on. :-) LOL! No, he didn't, he is a pure gentleman, as always. ;-)So here we go, let's see if I can write another post about the same topic, without creating duplicate content, shall we?. ;-) LOL!"What is a "comment approved" plugin?",
Good day WA-FamilySince I battled to follow the Wealthy Affiliate GoGetters Training, and for a while missed that there was new training because I couldn't find it (after having had internet problems), I decided to keep an Index of the GoGetters training. That way it will all be in one place and easy to find.I will update the list as frequently as the new trainings becomes available.I hope it will help others as well to have it in sequence and together!"Onwards and Upwards" - as Bo always say!
Dear WA-FamilyI've read a post of our valued member TonyHamilton this morning. So after I started commenting and sharing my thoughts on "shiny objects" and it turned into a long answer, I realized it would probably be more courteous to transfer my thoughts to my blog (whooo-hooo it gives me the opportunity to fulfill one of my tasks of blogging too), rather than to post my lenthy answer in Tony's blog.If you have missed Tony's post, here is the link:
Will I Be Send To The Naughty Corner? - Feb 2018 updateLet me first say a big CONGRATULATIONS to all the SWAG's and WAGG's out there - I've read as many of your reports as my intermittent internet allowed and were very motivated and inspired by everybody's progress!We had a good month, despite our mobile internet that was playing up causing much frustration. But even there did WA help us to remain cool, (calm?) and collected! When I called our ISP and feeling that I'm going to loose my cool and
Fish your feet first - Wealthy Affiliate Sells Itself!Well, I'm not shy and hardly am I to be caught without something to say, and I often have something to add to a conversation (whether it is useful or not, is for another discussion) ;-), but when I am told that I HAVE TO say something... well, uhm,, ah, uh... BLANK! Ever seen somebody with such a blank facial expression? It's like looking at a house - the lights are on, but there's nobody home.So after we've been told that as part of our tra
So your website is not working the way it should: the menus aren't working, you've changed the theme and it still plays up - Grammarly that everybody raves about freezes your laptop to a screeching halt - everybody reports traffic and even some sales and you? You see nothing, nada, zilch. Well, except for error messages that is. All of a sudden your lousy job, the one that inspired you to start this online "thing", doesn't look so grim at all... and even though that job sucks, at least they do