First Time At Wealthy Affiliate Las Vegas Conference Was Out Of This World!

Last Update: Mar 18, 2020

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The last 30 days have been a wild ride! What with getting married on Feb 29th and traveling across Thailand with family, this is the first chance I've had to post about my Vegas experience, but I did want to take time out today to give you some of my best highlights of Vegas 2020.

"Just follow the training", you've heard them say a million times.

"Put in the work and you will see results."

After becoming a Super Affiliate and achieving Vegas I can tell you, far from being clichés we hear so often, this is the best actionable advice anyone can ever give you.

After going through Bootcamp and putting in the effort consistently, things started to pay off for me in 2019 and the email from Kyle inviting me to Las Vegas was just the icing on the cake.

So whether or not you're promoting Wealthy Affiliate, whether or not your goal is to make it to Vegas, I share this post in the hope it inspires you to achieve more.

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The First Night Was An Absolute Nightmare

One thing you should know about me is I sometimes like to make life hard for myself. Before I left Bangkok airport I checked out Google maps and for some reason decided it'd be a nice walk from the airport to the MGM Grand hotel.

Yeah, probably not the wisest move...!!

It ended up taking me a total of 4 hours to get there. I should also mention my suitcase handle broke in transit so I had no option but to bear-hug it down the entire length of Las Vegas Boulevard.

Next year I'm taking an Uber.

So after flying for 20+ hours, walking for an extra 4 and checking in, I got to my room pretty much a walking zombie and accidentally left that blasted suitcase outside my hotel room.

5 minutes later I realised I didn't have it and stepped out into the corridor to find it.


The door locked shut behind me and I suddenly found myself standing in the hallway wearing nothing but boxers and a t-shirt without my room key. I can't even imagine what people thought as they watched me wandering the hallways looking for a phone to call security!

Finally, I found a staff member who told me the only option I had of getting back into my room is to go back to down to the hotel lobby.

"Like this?!" I said.

"You want me to go downstairs and walk past all those people looking like this?!"

If you've ever stayed in MGM Grand you'll know it's absolutely HUGE! It's literally a 20 minutes' walk from the main entrance to your room through endless rows of slot machines and roulette and poker tables.

I must've passed at least 4,000 - 5,000 people in my boxer shorts. Luckily in crazy Vegas, not that many people seemed to notice!!

Long story short, I got back in my room, slept like a baby and housekeeping found my suitcase the next morning.

Everyone Was Incredible

Feeling jet lagged but extremely grateful to have fresh clean clothes to put on, it was time to start enjoying myself!

This was the first day of the Vegas Conference and we had a meet and greet at 8pm that evening.

I'm not gonna lie... I was a little nervous.

I mean sure, I had PM'd or spoken to most of these people in Live Chat but of course, never actually met them in person. I even got a few raised eyebrows when I told family I was heading off to Vegas on my own to meet some "online friends"!

But it didn't take long to get settled in and everyone was super cool and friendly.

I think the first thing I said to trainer Jay (Magistudios) when I walked in was "Oh wow, you're a real person!"

It was awesome to finally meet LittleMama, Dale, Jay, Jerry, Dylan, Kyle, Benji's Dad, Nathaniell and Roope, all people I've followed online and looked up to for so long.

Second Day: A Day Of Many Firsts

We started the morning off with a meeting in the morning, got our swag and heard about all the exciting updates coming very soon to WA!

Then we headed off to watch Vegas Knights beat Washington Capitals in my first ever ice hockey game. Truth be told, this was my first ever live sports event and the atmosphere was electric!

I also did my first ever YouTube interview with Roope where I shared about how the truth is anyone can become a Super Affiliate and achieve online success through Wealthy Affiliate.

What I Appreciate Most About Kyle And Carson

Let's not downplay this:

Wealthy Affiliate changes lives.

The day I decided to join Wealthy Affiliate was a real game changer. Before WA I was stuck in a dead-end job living month by month. Now I'm a successful online entrepreneur with the freedom to travel the world and live life on my own terms.

And I know there's 1,000's of members out there achieving success online who will all tell you the same thing.

And we owe all that to Kyle and Carson; 2 of the most switched-on guys I have ever had the privilege of meeting. (Man, I would love to make these guys take an IQ test, I bet their scores would be through the roof!)

I am so grateful they continue to lead the way in affiliate marketing training.

I am so thankful they built this amazing community where we can inspire and cheer each other on to achieve greater and greater things.

I admire and respect their integrity in the make money online space and I feel proud to associate myself with them.

But more than anything else, what I appreciate most about Kyle and Carson is their relentless mission and never-ending commitment to push the boundaries of online business education.

One Key Takeaway: The Best Is Yet To Come!

Whether you've very recently joined WA or are earning 5 figures a month, I want you to know we ain't seen anything yet and the best is yet to come!

Throughout the conference Kyle and Carson let us know about the amazing things coming to WA in 2020 and beyond.

Whether it's launching new platforms, improving the interface, or shaking up how training is delivered, every single improvement and development is based around the sole aim of helping YOU succeed.

Conference Over: Time For A Road Trip!

Before heading home I decided to get off the Las Vegas strip and my heartfelt thanks go to the legendary Vitaliy for driving us across Arizona and Utah state lines to find this spectacular view at Zion National Park.

The Secret To Success: It Starts With A Simple Decision

You and I stand at the start of a new decade RIPE with opportunity. Now it's up to us to grab it with both hands and make our goals a reality.

If I and the other Super Affiliates can do it, why not you?

So dream big, aim high and set big goals for yourself for 2020 like:

  • Become a Super Affiliate and make Vegas
  • Achieve your first $1,000 day
  • Get 5,000 daily website visits
  • Reach $10,000 a month

Then once you've reached your goal (like I did with getting to Vegas) it's time to think bigger again and challenge yourself with even bigger goals!

And when I talk about setting goals I'm not talking about writing down your wishlist, that's what losers do. I'm talking about making a clear decision in your mind that you ARE going to achieve the things you set out to do and you WILL smash your goals - failure is NOT an option!

Let Me Leave You With A Couple Of Cheeky Wedding Pics:)

Got any questions about what it takes to achieve Super Affiliate status in 2020? Want to share with us your biggest and boldest goals for this year? Let us know in the comments! : )

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Woah! Simon, You're an awesome storyteller, a great communicator. Congratulations, on all your wonderful 2019 Vegas experience. Thank God it was all for good.
As the saying goes, no experience is a waste, good or bad you got to learn something from it. And in your case, you did learn.

I have also learned that there is no short cut to the success road.
let me also congratulate you on the wedding blast! That was a real wedding extravaganza!!!. I will make time to watch your video, I just skimmed through this in a hurry.


Hi, Simon. Thank you for sharing your success story and the laughter. Would you like to tell us how you promote Wealthy Affiliate on your websites? I am curious because I just opened your three websites. Two websites are about church ministry and one website in Thai language. What website has brought you to Vegas? How to promote Wealthy Affiliate if my niche is not about make money online?

Congratulations Simon, to you and your bride :-) Looks like a big wedding. It was great meeting you in Vegas and I'm already looking forward to next year and more of our "intellectual" conversations, lol ;-)

Seriously though... hopefully by then the world is open again and the Vegas lights are turned back on. And... hopefully your arrival goes a lot smoother too.

Great post, it was fun to read and revisit. Couldn't agree more with all the points you made. You hadn't written about Vegas yet though, so I thought maybe you were flying under the radar and not revealing your super affiliate status ;-)

Karen says "hi" as well.

Take care brother and hope you and your family are doing well,


Please tell Karen I said hi back and tell her never to change :)

It was great meeting you and yes I enjoyed our convos lol. Honestly I'm already looking forward to next year, I'm sure the world would have forgotton this insanity by then!!

I'm not trying to fly under any radar, just today was literally the first day I had to update everyone on the goings on in Vegas. The wedding was great, though we didn't actually get to sit down and eat at any point but I'm told that's pretty normal...

Had a fun time with family visiting different places and they went back home just a couple of days ago. Since then I've not been too well... had a an ear full of swimming pool water which has been fun...!!

You take care too and stay in touch! :)

I always love reading people's Vegas stories, Simon, as getting on a Super Affiliate conference is one of my goals.
It's even better to read it from a first timer, and I'm sure you'll be on many more.
Were you the only first time qualifier there - if not, do you know how many there were?
Rich :-)

J-KWest was a fellow first-timer and a great guy too. I think it might've just been the two of us. Shall I look forward to seeing you in Vegas very soon then?? :-)

Definitely in the future, yes!
Rich :-)

I am glad WA is working out for you. It is always good to read a success story and know that regular folks can make it.

It sounds like you had a good time and exciting things are coming this year.

I am also in Thailand but I live in Jomtien as my wife is from this area.

Things are pretty quiet right now as the country tries to stop the spread of the virus, as I am sure you know.


Very nice Alex, my family were staying on Jomtien just last week at the Villa Narvin, we had a great time travelling around and often had the place all to ourselves :)

Yes, It is really quiet at the moment. I was out today to the Health Hut on Pattaya Klang and there was very little traffic.

Anyway, all the best and I hope to see you in Vegas.


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