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Jay hosts weekly live video training events that are offered within the Premium membership at Wealthy Affiliate. Jay has vast experience in the Internet marketing world, from PPC, local marketing, content development, SEO, and website development (programming, wordpress, joomla, drupal). The weekly video training is an absolute necessity to skill development of online marketers and we are pleased to be able to offer this remarkable training solution.

Don't stop pursuing your dreams because they will become a reality.

"The only RIGHT I acknowledge is the RIGHT to self-express and MAKE life spectacular"
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Magieken Premium
Hi Jay, Thanks for the great training on AMP. I have set it all up and am ready to post but now have to areas for a post. One for my website and one for the AMP under it. Should I copy and past my post to AMP section and leave any photos out? I hope you can help me with this.
hie jay. i am happy to follow you
MBrownie Premium
Hey Jay Are you going to reveal what the secret message was? couldn't figure it out and curious to know!

GrahamHod Premium
Hi Jay loving being here at WA! Thanks for all your support and guidance in the training.
PatrickM1 Premium
Hi Jay - I enjoy your video training and have learned quite a bit in the short few months here at WA. Look forward to your next presentation. Thanks.
davidkissack Premium
Hi Jay,
I love your video classes since I am new to this.
From your class "Tracking Links and Goals," you covered a lot of material to test the redirect plugins. I try to take the best notes and I missed much.
My question is: Are there any other classes you teach that go into this testing process in more detail and more slowly? If so, please tell me the titles.

Thank you,
David Kissack
RD40 Premium
Hi Jay! I am trying to send you a private message about the hidden message from training and I am unable to do so.
Dpiper Premium
AJ what happened to 8 o'clock
CarmenJS Premium
Hello Jay, My name is Carmen, and I was reading your bio, and I would really like to bend your ear if I have any questions, because I am new at WA. and have had no experience at online business, and I really want to succeed at this. I will be following you.
Have a Wonderful Day,
GuyfromNB Premium
Hi Jay. I was wondering if you were using a certain plugin to produce the drop down "columns' menu under "Snack Helmets... or if it was just your choice of theme?
Hey Guy,

This is a core feature of my theme.

If you want to have something similar for your site have a look at something called mega menu.
GuyfromNB Premium
That's what I thought. I will give that "mega menu" a try. Thanks!
thanks J for the training
Linchi Premium
I just watched the first webinar training that you did with the five week training. This is great. Thanks so much.
Brixton12 Premium
Thanks for the webinar tonight Jay. That was some good knowledge for us to pick up.

peggym1 Premium
I have tried to log in to the webinar. but what was sent to me in my email will not let me go to the site from my email . I am registered. How else can I get in?

Peggy Mcfarlane
Hi Peggy,

It is not live yet.

Go here: And when live, the screen will change. :)
peggym1 Premium
Thank you. I thought I was going to miss it.
Jim-Bo Premium Ambassador
hey peggy, delete our email. unscrupulous people might spam you...
USMCVeteran Premium
I look forward to being able to have a portion of the knowledge you posess. Nice to meet you. Good day!