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Jay hosts weekly live video training events that are offered within the Premium membership at Wealthy Affiliate. Jay has vast experience in the Internet marketing world, from PPC, local marketing, content development, SEO, and website development (programming, wordpress, joomla, drupal). The weekly video training is an absolute necessity to skill development of online marketers and we are pleased to be able to offer this remarkable training solution.

Don't stop pursuing your dreams because they will become a reality.

"The only RIGHT I acknowledge is the RIGHT to self-express and MAKE life spectacular"
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RMcKenna Premium
Hello Jay,

I know you're a busy man but I just wanted to pop in and genuinely thank you. For the past 2 days I've been feeling doubtful over my progress for various reasons. I even blogged about it (it's a long one so I'll try give you a rundown).

The basic gist of it is that the past 2 days I was starting to notice how minimal my traffic was. Despite writing my content that I'm proud and passionate about as well as having 3 new subscribers to my site this month, I began feeling the doubt. I know, I know. It's ridiculous considering how far I've come but yeah. The feeling popped up and was slowly consuming me.

In my blog, I just wrote that I wasn't willing to give up and I was too attached to the this community to give in to doubt. It still sucks to feel that way. Actually I should say, it DID suck.

I use the past tense for that because I just finished watching your video about your 10 success tips from being here for 10 years. It's not that I didn't know about failure and that it takes time to get reach your goals, I truly understand and believe that. However as the doubt creeped in, it was harder for me to focus on that.

BUT. After watching your video, I feel so much better. Thank you so much. I think all it really took was someone with authority and experience to reaffirm my knowledge, knowledge that I've learned on this platform.

So thank you so much again. I'd literally not touched my website these past two days because of the doubt I felt; productivity was slowed to a snails pace. I really owe you one. I feel completely revitalized and ready to get back into it. Even got a new niche idea into my head but I'll start on that later on because I really want to focus on my current membership website right now.

I know I've expressed my gratitude a lot already but I truly am so thankful for your advice. I'm going to keep going and patiently await the day, whether that be 8 months or 2 years time, that I finally get to where I envisioned I'd be when I started my website. Again, thank you so much for your insight. I know you're busy and this is a helluva long post and probably not even too significant by any means. BUT. You gave me the confidence boost I needed to edge myself away from the brink of hopelessness and pursue my goal of financial freedom from my parents when I'm back at university.


I owe you one.
- Rhys
RosaC1 Premium
Jay, hate to bother you. I'm new. Joined this month. Stuck on how to correct a typo in my Web site heading (title) I have the Brigsby WordPress theme. Several team members have sent suggestions, but nothing works. For instance, I checked under "appearance" and "customize" but noting in the drop down to tell me how to fix a typo in my Web site title.
Thanks. RosaC
GMacchi Premium
Hi Jay! Watching your last webinars, I was going to post a Video on YouTube for ranking in Google. That´s fine, but when I was going to post it on the Facebook fan page I started doubting about posting the YouTube link or uploading it direct To Facebook. I know it depends on what you want, and that it won´t rank on Google through Facebook, but I try to take advantage of both since I have some followers on Facebook and none on YouTube because I just created the channel. I found this site with this app
that says it solves the problem because the video will be post on Facebook, wider and with the thumbnail, (true) while it will still be on YouTube, etc, etc

My question is: Does it really solve it or does it make it worst? Is this something Facebook could have a problem with? What do you think? Thanks a lot and all the best! :-)
TheChiguy Premium
Hello Jay! This has been running through my head ever since I joined WA! I will not be able to be here on Friday due to previous work obligations, but I really need this! Will this video be available to review after it airs live?

Thanks in advance,
Keith Miller
GaryHorton Premium
Hi, Keith!

All the webinars are recorded and will be available the next day.
Rbobejr1960 Premium
Just wanted to drop a line to state how much I appreciate your training. I have major healthy issues and often think why am I doing this? And then I go through past training and find one that interests me or can be helpful with something I am attempting to do and find the inspiration to keep pushing forward.
I just wanted to let you know that you are appreciated you and your work here along with Kyle and Carson and every other member of this site.
Thank you, Robert R Bobe Jr
PBloom Premium
Hello. My name is Patrick Bloom, and I am 5 days into my WA journey. I spend last night reading ALL the profile pages of those who have followed me and have selectively chosen those who I felt had great experience and success with WA. That's why I'm reaching out to you. I completed course one and have a website up. I will join as a premium member within a day or two, but I wanted to reach out and ask your honest opinion about my "About Me" section of my website and my niche. Would you kindly visit my brand new site and respond? I'd value your input. Thank you.
magistudios Premium
Hi Patrick,

Just has a read and looks awesome!

DHarrison1 Premium
Hi Jay, I've been having trouble picking a niche, so I decided to watch your webinar Niche Case Study (StandingWorkplace.com). I'm on #4 of 5 and decided to pull up your website to see how it turned out. The homepage looks great and I was impressed with your idea. Why didn't you finish it? Just curious, it seemed like such a great idea.
Danielle Harrison
otranto Premium
Hello Jay,

Great, I've finally learned how to use Jaaxy and found 10 very good keyword phrases to boost SEO in my website!
With one of this phrases, I've opened a page on my site and put the SAME keyword phrase in the title, description, meta keywords, 1st paragraph and a few more times over the text.
OK. Another one I have used in a post.

My crucial question is: what I suppose to do with the other 8 keyword phrases?
I cannot open other 8 pages/posts about the same subject in the same website!

I really will appreciate any help.
Thank You in advance.
SEllexson Premium
Jay, we have a website that was verified by Google 2 years ago. However, in the meantime we designed and implemented our website through GoDaddy. Come to find out the landing page that Google verified is the landing page ThimbleinaLLC that was implemented by Internet Local Listings.com, not our actual web-site page. We just realized this going through classes at WA. We have tried to reach Google but can not. Does Google also have to verify the actual web site? Can you help us with this? or do you have a number so we can get to Google?
Thanks Sherry
JohnE52 Premium
Hello Jay and Thank You.
I just watched your SEO video from 2-18 and loved it. I have been doing this internet marketing thing for several years now and it was so refreshing to have just good training that did not end with a sales pitch for some product that will most likely not get anyone anywhere.
Right now am very happy I joined WA.
Thanks again!
FLedet Premium
Hi Jay...I am in Louisiana, and I sign up for the live training's but when I come to the platform it says it's already in session..What time does the training's start in my time zone of Central Standard time? Also where do I click to get into the live sessions?
Thanks, God Bless
jim4jesus Premium
Hi Jay, How are you today? Everything going awesome? I am fairly new to Wealthy Affiliate and a newbie in general. Due to a recent energy I've got some extra time a home. So, I'm trying to learn to earn online. I'm seeing it's quite a learning curve. I found WA and joined about a month ago.
You did a Webinar on building an email list a few weeks ago. You made reference to a site of yours called Affiliate Resourses.org here- https://www.affiliateresources.org. At that time I went to the site and a pop up came up inviting me to receive a 10 day course which would show a website developed which makes $300 a day (or something like that). I was busy and decided to sign up for that a bit later. Well, today I went to that site and the pop up isn't popping up.
Is that course still available? or Is that the same the the "Nifty Beginners guide to affiliate marketing" on the Start Here page. Or was that pop up there because of the timing of us WAers being sent to that site. I'm interested in getting it if it is still possible.
Thank you for your time.

Simlulan Premium
I would consider myself to be new to the Wealthy Affiliate. I have recently created 3 blogs, one of which is indexed; it is the google +that got indexed but not the site itself. I have a request here. Could you do a video on how to improve rankings on site rubix. I really hope to get some insights from you.Thank you.
pippys Premium
Hi Jay I tried to watch live webinar hoping you would have selected my site for the hot seat well had to wait for replay and i wasn't selected.My pc kept lagging so bad i had all extra windows closed i guess my pc is slow not enough ram. Anyways I really like your traing and I really need some help with my site. Ive been on 7 months now and getting frustrated! I know I have a lot of mistakes on earlier posts and been trying to improve that. can you possibly do a review on my ite like you did on the hot seat with the grapgh and ranking info? and give me much needed imput about my site. I see getting traffic on webmaster tools not much in bing I think I have an error in bing connected not sure anyways Im getting a good amount of clicks but Not 1 conversion and that troubles me. Please give me help suggestions. I am not real technical in adding plugins or what I should select or do. I know I ned to learn how to create a pop up for email retention I have no email base and ddont know how to do that. Hope to hear back Thanks Tom Pippys
oh my site is www.healthylifeforpets.com
joshua1999 Premium
Hi Jay,

I would really appreciate it if you could help me with this problem that I've been getting ever since your first webinar on the amp plugins.

Basically for the last week or so I have had no traffic to my site. I searched up a couple of things and came across google tag manager so I installed that to see where the errors were. The error it came up with was 'no http response detected' and another thing it said to optimize was 'tag is included in an external script file'.

I've tried looking up the answers but I can't seem to find a solution. I'm come across a couple of google question pages but the solutions are in written in 'nerdy' english which I don't understand.

Do you have any suggestions on what I could do to resolve this problem?

magistudios Premium
Sometimes AMP function will not work based on other installed plugins or themes.

The path of least resistance is to disable the AMP plugin.
joshua1999 Premium
Ah i see, I didn't know that. Im currently using the one plus theme. I disabled it a couple of days ago so I guess I'll just have to wait to see if anything improves. There were amp issues on the Google webmaster tools but now they've gone, which is good.

Thanks for the info!
JLeeRo Premium
Hey Jay! Just now watching the live video training about growing our email lists and before I get too far into it, just wanted to stop by and say THANK YOU for everything you do here. I just saw the picture of what you went through 2 years ago. Incredible. Thank you for everything you have taught me and will continue to teach me. Very glad you walked out alive and well. Appreciate air. That I will do!
ebm47 Premium
Jay: Great webinar on Bootcamp. I had to watch it on the replay as I ended up being out on Sat. Night. I have two questions: 1) do you have, or are there sample messages somewhere in WA that I can see for each of the different mailings? 2) Can I use my own autoresponder since I do collect email addresses. It would be easier to use the WA autoresponder. Copies of the different messages would be a big help..

I am trying landingpages for sign-up using Facebook and Bing Ads. Just go a new sign-up this AM

magistudios Premium

1) There are currently no sample messages available as it is important to customize them to your own style. You can look on your own profile wall to see what Kyle has written to you as inspiration.

2) Yes, you can use an autoresponder. Keep in mind that the WA messages are for internal use (i.e. they are wall messages and PM's). So autoresponder messages should be somewhat related to what you broadcast here in WA.

If you need an example, you can always subscribe to someone's email opt-in and see how their funnel works.

- Jay
Magieken Premium
Hi Jay, Thanks for the great training on AMP. I have set it all up and am ready to post but now have to areas for a post. One for my website and one for the AMP under it. Should I copy and past my post to AMP section and leave any photos out? I hope you can help me with this.
davidkissack Premium
Hi Jay,
I love your video classes since I am new to this.
From your class "Tracking Links and Goals," you covered a lot of material to test the redirect plugins. I try to take the best notes and I missed much.
My question is: Are there any other classes you teach that go into this testing process in more detail and more slowly? If so, please tell me the titles.

Thank you,
David Kissack
CarmenJS Premium
Hello Jay, My name is Carmen, and I was reading your bio, and I would really like to bend your ear if I have any questions, because I am new at WA. and have had no experience at online business, and I really want to succeed at this. I will be following you.
Have a Wonderful Day,
Debs3 Premium
Hello Jay. I was just wondering if one of the things you may be covering in the upcoming Webinar will address any issues, with the SSL change over, regarding accessing our SiteEmail? A lot of us seem to be getting a warning message, with a red slash across the words HTTPS, also indicating Webpage Is Not Secure when trying to login.

Thank you,
magistudios Premium
Hi Deb,

I will certainly look into it.

What happens here is that an SSL is only issued to a single domain (yourdomain.com), whereas accessing email via SiteEmail is from webmail.yourdomain.com and would need to have it's own SSL.

But will let admin team be aware of this.

Debs3 Premium
Thank you, Jay, for all of your tips and help.
JLeeRo Premium
Hi Jay! My name is Jen. I've been a premium member at WA for a couple of months and have taken a couple weeks to catch up on your videos. They are SO informative, thank you! The reason I am messaging you is because I have a question about social meta that I couldn't find the answer to. I activated it on my site however I previously added images manually through the social settings tag. Now its telling me I have duplicate facebook Meta. i am sure its because I have done both of these things. My question to you is should i undo my manual images that i uploaded and just go with the social meta? i hope this makes sense. And again, if this answer is on WA and I am just not seeing it, please let me know and I'll stop bothering you and go find it. :) Thank you!
PrBaker Premium
Jay, I'm in the part of bootcamp training where Kyle talks about choosing a direction for our website. Like many thousands of others, I'm sure; I plan to promote WA itself. My question is...I plan to start with these four categories: Writing/ authoring, SEO, Digital Marketing, and Scams Online. I know we're to go from narrow to broad, but, Kyle asks us in training to choose a minimum of 3 categories to start our site's direction. Having said all that my question is, am I starting out with too many categories? Spreading myself too thin? I would appreciate your guidance on this, Jay.
AmirSetu Premium
I think you should review again this time zone setting and assign more option and time zones for us as like as the complete time zone system in the Word Press.

I have problem with webinars , because I live in Asia and there in not +3:30 GMT available in WA time zone setting. I don't know the exact time of my online courses and webinars.

litcandle7 Premium
Hi Jay,

I just started to catch up on your live training videos and have to thank you ... They run at a nice easy pace where I can think and learn without no rush or stress. Great logical sequences and really helpful to me, a newbie.

I appreciate all your hard work as viewed in the archives, as well as your videos going forward.

I will be back!

cyndee Premium
Hi Jay! I'm back.
So, here's my problem.
I actually have a lot of interests. My profession being one.
I actually did a "pretend website" of this written on paper (including layout and design). I put in the things I believe I will enjoy discussing and sharing with my audience. Believe me I ended up building a whole complicated website. And I know I am just starting so I know that I couldn't possibly do this at this time.
So, I thought of another interest.
Since the holidays are coming, I thought it would make more sense to do gifts, personalized gifts to be exact. I was so inspired by your unique snack helmets so I thought of personalized bobble heads!
But, there's another problem.
See, I tried reading some of the affiliate program terms and conditions and found out most of them are looking for websites with a good following. Obviously I'm not there yet so how could I even get the chance to be an affiliate at this point?
And lastly, if you have any suggestions I am so eager to hear it please.
Thank you very mucho!
valeriyaaizn Premium
Hi Jay! My name is Valeriya and I really appreciate aii the work that you're doing for people like me, that have just started. I've been in WA for 2 months, English is my 3d language and it takes me a long time to figure things out. But your training videos are brilliant and I love each one that I get a chance to watch. I like your style of explaning things and I just hope that one day I will have all the knoledge that you have in order for me to be seccessful in an online business.
Thank you.
Roxk Premium
Hi Jay, i got an idea of an internet page, but i have no vast experience to build it to the maximum extent. Though I have followed some of your classes, which are very interesting and gone through the stuffs in affiliate classrooms, i feel i am lacking the knowledge and experience to do a professional look-alike kind of page. My idea of the page should have a backend database which should provide information to the end user based on the location and search criteria given. I should be able to to do some analysis of the data in the database to tailor the pages according to certain rules. Also in the front end there should be fields with dropdown-lists which should show possible selections for the user based on the search criteria. These are the few things i come up with at this moment and I am sure there will be lot more ....
So I was thinking to hire some professional web developer to implement the system and give me guidance in marketing. Is it a good idea? Do you know anybody who can do this job and teach me how to maintain and develop the system further or can you provide some help here?

Best regards
raul-sv Premium
Hi magistudios
I liked very much your last video about landing pages, was awesome, thank you very much, the information that you provided was right on time for me, I would like very much if you visit my site http://marketingbusinesses.org/how-to-earn-money-on-the-internet , is still in progress but would be nice to hear your opinion.
thank you again.
lowsive Premium
Hey dave thanks for the follow hope u continue to take action in your business connect with me if u need help with anything or the community. My country is just getting over hurricane Matthew so most of the power is still out anyway I'm here if u need me all the best
LuisDaguiar Premium
Just watched your webinar on Word press: Themes and the appearance of your website. Wow!!! That is a lot of information for a newbie like myself. BUT, I will reference it quite a bit as I grow in this business. Thanks for that awesome lesson. I will check your other webinars and learn from theme. Thanks again, You are doing an awesome job educating the WA community.
mlinka Premium
Hello Jay, im Mirjana from Croatia, im one newbie trying to succes, and my english is not wery best, so exuse me if i tipe something wrongly.I have cosmetics products all kind from parfumes , body face cremes , to health produc .Im not sure about site lenguich.I want my web shop be seen in whole wold but if make domain name in my lenguich , its probably not going to be seen to somebody in europe or america?Second question is since i have many products for range 18-70 years old, i cant make specifics web shop for one tipe of people, some sugestions would help.Ty
HI Joe.I have been watching this marketing on t.v.And my question is.Is this true.for me i think it is but theres always people that hates.
Im nat a computer smart.but i have the mind to learn everything to make this happen.Thx you for having me.
kasage00 Premium
I joined WA a few days ago. I saw your video and I was stuck on niche ideas. I currently have a website on iPage which is about my horseback riding travels (domestic and international), on how in Europe, I travel by horseback from village to village, like in the 1800's. I'm not sure how much of a successful niche that would be as I don't know how many people travel on horseback from village to village, so I may not have much of an audience. Is travel in general a profitable niche?
JoyNelson Premium
Your post immediately caught my attention. I am a horse lover and 2 of my girls and 1 of my boys are as well. This is a niche I am exploring as well...not travel connected to horses but horses in general. Maybe we can connect and create a mutually beneficial connection!
kasage00 Premium
Hi joy
I started following you on WA.horseback riding is my passion, .I've been riding for over 35 years, and I was in equestrian events (show jumping) when I was younger. In some ways I miss competing but overall I enjoy riding under less stressful.circumstances:)
JoyNelson Premium
That's awesome! I know someone who makes a full time living taking people on "massage vacations"...and another who makes his living guiding people around the world to places where fairies have been seen...my point? You could definitely lead horseback riding tours using yiur personal knowledge of horses and travel! You could even join Trip Tribe and offer a whole new type of trip...
Ali-M Premium
Dear Jay, I've recently followed you in WA.

My site is about technology and since I've started to build my network, I would like to have you in my social networks too.
Here is my links and I appreciate it if you can follow/like me over there; also if you leave me your social network links; I'll be able to follow you too: )

Here is mine:

Wish you great success in your online business,

ToveL Premium
Hi, Jay

I wonder if you could help me out with something. Support can't help me and I'm stuck.
I have a message at the top of my page saying class="home page page-id-1058 page-template-default logged-in admin-bar no-customize-support custom-background">

I have change theme a couple of times lately and do think that's the problem. I have received the advice of deleting the theme but I can't. I am not able to get access to the delete button. Something is wrong. Maybe I have to do something in the editor but I don't know what to do. If you think you can help me with this is my website's URL healingwithcoconuts.com

magistudios Premium
Hi Tove,

What is missing is a closing bracket within that line of code.
It looks like this is coming from the actual theme.

Your best bet would be to visit the themes support forum and post the issue there.
ToveL Premium
Thanks a lot, Jay. I have visited the themes support forum and left a question for them there. Hopefully they will help me.
ToveL Premium
Hi, again.
I got help but have no idea what to do with the advice.
I got this:

1) Remove the grey stripe or write down something different from the title of the page. See attachment

2) change the purple color of the menu (when the mouse goes over it) into a custom color

3) center the button of every parallax under the title.

Do you understand this?
crsjen67 Premium
Hi Jay, I would like to ask some advice on how am I going to boost my website www.autismkidz.com and earn income. I have been working on my website since January 2016 but still no nice result. I have a daily work from 6am to 4pm sometimes made me so exhausted and hardly find a better time to work on my website. I have been following all advices that I learned in our Progress course which I am now at course 5 lesson 10. Any advice from would really very much appreciated. Thank you.

Cris Santos
ShaneWelcher Premium

By having post as drafts to remind me what to do, if I decide to change the post to a page will thins hurt me with Google rankings? Meaning will this create a 404 error if I deleted the draft post?

I usually add post drafts all week until the weekend to remind me what to do so does it hurt if they stay drafts and I erase them?
dismany Premium
Jay I just wanna say to you (we've spoken in the google hangouts a bit) that I absolutely love your teaching style. At this point I'm moving rather slowly and not gonna be making money for a while it seems. The reason I'm gonna hold on to my membership here is YOUR classes, man. Love your teaching style and your honest nature. Thank you so much for all that you do here!
hippsalan Premium
Jay, first off great video on the way to write a review.... Awesome.
Next, I'm just beginning in the online market, but I know there is great money to be made.

I'm writing you because you are one of the best money makers on here. I want to start making good money online, and I don't want to wait 3 months to see an $8 sell.

If you could, check out my website newbiestoonlinemarketing.com I would love to hear some powerful feedback and ideas you might have to help me start making real money.

I don't have a lot of website experience, but I'm learning through the bootcamp. Thank you so much, and looking forward to hear your feedback. Alan
Wayne66 Premium
Just watched your last video lesson. Not sure how to do some of the things you talked about but I am going to give it a shot.

Because you are so grounded in knowledge of how to do this website thing I will add you to my network. Should have done it a long time ago. Looking forward to learning from you...Wayne.
Hey Jay

Sunday got home from work 8:30 and watched the Sunday youtube broadcast.

Really liked it and believe you will probably rank well because of all the WA clicks I have clicked there several times myself.

Motivated did some research Monady waiting to see how you do.

Would you consider doing a course $5 a day mini sites.

Thanks for your time.
Have a nice day and God Bless
WealthyAthar Premium
Hello, I Would appreciate if you can let me know how i can make my google my business to appear in at least two languages, for example i build my google my business in english but some of my customers come through searching arabic version of google and to them its not good i force to read in english my google my business page otherwise i prefer if they coming from arabic google search then my google my business should appear in Arabic, hope i make you understand this thank you for supporting
unclejaz Premium
A couple of questions I had as I'm watching your live niche building video.
1. How critical to the success of the new site is the choice of keyword with "Best" as the opening of the keyword phrase. I'm just wondering if I can use one of my existing domains or to go after a domain name similar to yours.
2. How important do you think your premium theme is to doing a quick web site as you demonstrated in your video? It would be something of a strain to come up with the $100 go buy it in the near future.
wecwish Premium
Hi Jay,
I have found some of your videos. I am unable to view your webinars at the time you have them because I am at work at those times. I did find that some of them are not available. Is there a reason for this?
Also, do you have a video or tutorial or something to make photos clearer on your website or before you put them on the website? IT seems like some of my photos are not really that clear when I put them onto my website. Also, can you view my website and give me some tips on how to improve it?
Thank you.
Here is a link to my website: http://httpcollege-students-need-money.com/
betcha Premium
Hi Jay, I haven't been in touch with you. But know that I do appreciate all the works you do here @ WA. Here's a blog dedicated to the team that keeps WA going. I tried to find Aaron and KC but I don't see them here. Please extend my appreciation as well. All the best,
T1967 Premium
No CAPS needed here as it is not moving....lol....THANK you for everything. i will let you know how i go......just a quickie how are you with YOUTUBE. i had an old account and i started a new channel CATSandDOGShaveFUN and i have put a video on it but every time i try to search it it keeps linking back to my old one....it is driving me NUTS i have been up for the last 16 hours trying to sort it out. i have opened a question thingy but no one has come back to me :-(((( i have looked on the YOUTUBE official training site and nothing there either......i have 8 subscribers from my old account and if i dont do something soon i am worried that i will lose them (i know its only 8 but hey they are my 8)....any ideas hun?
danacz Premium
Hi Jay, thank you for all your training videos and for everything that you do for us!

I have a question regarding your Snack helmet website. We are told to update often and have hundreds of posts on our website to get results. Yet your snack helmet website does not have that much of content blog wise and has not been updated regularly but you are still earning a lot with it. I wonder how can this be? Is it because it's a micro niche and has evergreen content?

Thank you for your time, D.
VynetteH Premium
Hi Jay. Your video on how to build site trust was useful. In the video you mentioned slides being available for download, but they r not on the same page. I would find the PowerPoint useful to go thru and fix my site. Could I please have a copy of the slides? Thanks
Tyler96 Premium
Hey Jay, I was wondering if you could take a look at my site, maybe some tough lover perhaps? lol.

In all seriousness though she's a baby (4 months), I ventured into a little more competitive niche and I have a bunch of rankings hovering on the second page and some that make it to the first only to plummet in the searches out of nowhere.

You can PM if you like, comment here, send it telepathically, whatever! I've been tweaking it for weeks now and I'm kind of getting no where with it.

Never really had this problem before.

I'm not one to quit so I'm persisting, but I don't want to be like a fly banging against a glass window when the door is right there.

I'm sure TONS of people ask you and you're a busy guy, but anything will help.

REALLY hoping you can share some guru knowledge with me so I can get out of this slump.

Appreciate it Jay,

Here she is: brokecollegesolutions.com