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Hello there my friend!

If you are new to Wealthy Affiliate, I am glad to welcome you here.

I am Roope Kiuttu from Finland but you can call me Robert because it's easier for foreigners! ;)

I remember the days when I was starting out here a few years ago. I didn't know how everything works out here. I was thinking questions like:

-Are these people real?
-Can I really make a living online like they teach?
-Will the training work?

Gladly I gave this a try and I didn't quit even though I didn't see immediate results. I know that many people achieved to make money much faster than I did but it doesn't matter because eventually, I made it as well.

Making a sustainable income online takes time and effort. But I have seen that if you consistently "sow the seeds" (Read: Take action!), it will pay off. Keep on sowing those little seeds every day and one day you will reap a big harvest.

Whether you want to make an extra $500/month or a huge +$10,000/month, Wealthy Affiliate training and community gives you all the tools to make it happen.

If you ever need help, just drop me a message and I'll reply to you. I enjoy connecting with new people.

This is one of my favorite quotes:
"Little progress every day adds up to big results."


I am thankful for Wealthy Affiliate and all members who have helped me to build an online business. Now I can also "pay back" and help others.

I enjoy life and things that I do. Whether it's going to gym or talking with people. Reading the Bible or building an online business. I believe that living a full life that you enjoy is much better than settling for mediocrity.

Let's live a full life so we don't have to regret after 20 years why we didn't give this our best shot!


Roope "Robert" Kiuttu

PS. Feel free to check out my blog posts on the right side below my image and connect with me personally.

You'll find tons of valuable and interesting information there!
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Anthony07 Premium
Hiya Roope, Sorry to intrude !!! Drifting through training (Slowly but Surely),lol... Loving it... A thought came to mind during "Creating Your "About Me" POST"... As my passion is fishing. My about me relating to the niche is from the heart.. In the future & there will be as i am loving this.. When i diverse into other products, how do i be as knowledgeable or passionate ??? Do i lie/blag it ? just a question i felt the need to ask,lol... Well in 12 hours time i will be a Premium Black Friday member... have a great day my friend... Ant
RoopeKiuttu Premium
Thanks for the message Tony, No, you don't need to lie about anything. 100% honesty is the best policy.

Kyle walks you through the process of writing reviews and recommending products in his training. I recommend following that.

There are 1,000's of reviews from other people's experiences so you can leverage them in your marketing. Whether or not you've tried the product yourself.
Hi Robert. It's Wednesday I really want to talk with you asap to get everything set up. I have to leave in 30 minutes for a doctors appt then later this evening will be out. So please let me know when we can connect. I just learned that your 8 hours ahead of me as I'm in the United States. Also I'm confused how to message you directly within the website here. Can you tell me how to do that.
RoopeKiuttu Premium
Hello my friend,

feel free to ask me anything here or send me an email to Robert@YourOnlineRevenue.com. I answer 100% of the questions that I receive.

Currently, I am not providing telephone consultations as I explained in another message.

I'm looking forward to hearing your questions and helping you further!

herajoki Premium
Hi Roope,
I have made three webpages with seo and keywords jaaxy
two thing important. First.How many other webpages have same keyword or keyword phrases. Best to keep number ten or even less. Second how much is traffice per month. At least 40 or more needed. Jaaxy is good tool to make efficient keywords. The pages and post I will design among these good keywords.

Still my studies in university takes of majority of my time, but I do
now daily something with pages and learn carefullly videos and text and make pages.

Now going to lesson to university class.
ps. I read you have got much to do and much to go difference places. Hope you like live now new place.
RoopeKiuttu Premium
Hi Harri,

When you are researching keywords, I recommend that you target for keywords that have at least traffic +50 according to Jaaxy and QSR (=competition) less than 50.

Have you already checked this training that I created? There are 10 steps to help you to drive lots of traffic from Google.

I'd recommend focusing on just 1 website at the beginning. Then write lots of articles to get tons of traffic from Google. Every post should target at least 1 keyword so it will get traffic from Google.

Yeah, I'm now in Vietnam, Hoi An. I like it here. Today we rented scooters and went to ride to the mountains and the beach.

PS. Feel free to ask me also questions in Finnish and in WhatsApp if you want. I'll be glad to help with anything you need!
EijaJ Premium
Hi Harri,

great that you have made 3 webpages. I have also selected my niche and I am going to make my first website now.

Best Regards to you Harri and Roope

Good to hear from you.
Am just starting to learn about this idea. I was preparing to join AIM Global, until I came across your video on YouTube, that has led me to Wealth Affiliate. Truthfully speaking I don't know where this is taking. Am just driven by the passion to make extra money for me and my family. On the other hand, though, I see an opportunity in Wealth Affiliate in that I may have a few ideas to explore using this platform. But perhaps the biggest motivation will comes after learning the steps to making money online. So am looking forward to an exciting interaction and hope my mind will be more fully updated to understand and see opportunity ahead of me. Right now it's a bit difficult to decide what I want to do, but as I learn, each step should be able to guide me through.

Thank you very much
RoopeKiuttu Premium
Hi Adrian,

great to have you here! If your goal is to learn to make money online, Wealthy Affiliate will certainly solve that issue.

Based on my +3 years of experience here, everyone who follows the training, applies it and doesn't give up make money. And the longer you stick to this, the more money you will earn.

Making money online is nowadays more profitable than almost any other thing that you could do in the offline world. You can reach so many people online that the income potential is great.

Start the training here And let me know if you have any questions.

I'll be happy to help you out and I want see you succeeding so you can provide more for you and your family as you described.

I just started here and I am not sure that the direction I am contemplating on heading even has a niche market. As I am very interested in the food industry I wanted to do something related to the different food cultures. At the same time I am also very invested in things like the Doomsday vault and De-extinction and wanted to go towards in that direction. Any suggestions on how I should go about this is very welcome.
RoopeKiuttu Premium
Hello my new friend,

great to have you here with us in the "Wealthy Affiliate family".

You can certainly create a website about different food cultures or Doomsday vault and De-extinction. Food blogs are actually quite popular and I made a quick Googling and found some doomsday preparation websites.

You can also think how would you narrow down if you choose a food website. Is it something related to some specific culture only like, "Best Chinese Foods" or "Indian Food" or something like that. It's good to narrow it down to get a faster progress at the beginning.

I recommend that you choose the subject that interests you the most and you think that you'd be happy to working with it during the coming months (and potentially in the coming years).

Then you set up a simple website following Kyle's instructions and start producing relevant content. I recommend searching on Google at least 3-5 relevant websites in the same niche so you can start following them and get ideas for your content.

Thank you very much. I will be sure to do that.
RoopeKiuttu Premium
Alright! :)
derekmarshal Premium
I just finished a full analysis on that industry for my own site. Food industry in the US alone is worth 5 Trillion USD a year (yes trillion with a T).

the great part is there is plenty of good affiliate programs. Survivalism - not done an analysis on that yet, but yes certainly have a very defined and targeted niche there.

Mixing and matching niches is actually a great idea, it is called sexing a niche mixing various industries such a food, beauty and fashion.

Mixing and matching (or sexing a niche as it is known) not advisable for newbies as it is a LOT of work to get established and to do that without the skill set of being a very good ala great blogger is hard work.

What I can tell you, branding, personal branding in the food niche is very possible, in fact ideal. For an example of personal branding see Roope's site!.

You can start off as a food niche and due to personal branding you can much easier branch out and add in survivalism or foodie prepping.

Monetisation tip:

Everytime you mention an ingredient in a recipe link to the product.

There is tremedous potential in food and foodie blogs. Follow the training here and you will be fine.