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February was a crazy month and things are now just settling down! Here's a few thoughts from the 2020 Wealthy Affiliate Las Vegas Conference.

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CordeliaN Premium
Ahh a fellow Brit.....

Hello Simon,
What a cracking video, I loved the normality, the humility and the passion.

Simon, for me you encapsulated the essence of success, how drive and belief can carry you over the line. It was utterly delightful and believable...

I loved hearing your experience of Vegas, (first night....omg) walking from A-B such a British thing, “ok let’s walk, get some fresh air” I did a similar thing in Orlando, decided walking to the breakfast diner (across and the road from the Hotel) looked like a 10 min walk... wrong....wrong very wrong, no pavements, & no where to cross international drive without walking miles to the nearest crossways, (children in tow) . I was thinking how in gods name do parents with buggies cope... answer, they take a car.....they don’t walk on the road..... guess you really learnt the hard way.

But onward and upward you gave great feed back to us at home, you gave great motivation for the doubters in us....

Thank you Simon 👍
Hello Simon! Beginning with the end in mind...with your video... it was great .. and remember as Dr. Dyer says... Remain independent of the good opinion of other people... who cares what looks they give were giving you.. lol...hey, what happens in Vegas ... Really enjoyed your video ... I had to go and make sure I was right ...but from the beginning...I couldn't get the Giligan Island theme song out of my head... You know ... they went out on a 4 hour tour also... at least you did not get stranded after your 4 hour tour of Vegas. Thank you for sharing about what we have to look forward to. Littlemama is awesome... I agree. Yes. Do tell about your journey, and what you did to get there. So, enough from me... Lets connect again soon.
J-KWest Premium Plus
This was awesome Simon! Great to hear you retell your arrival story again and I still can't imagine that walk. I had blisters for a week just from the strip, never mind all the way from the airport, lol.

Take care my friend and talk to you again soon :-)

SimoninAsia Premium Plus
Cheers Jay, that shout out was for you by the way, hope you caught it ;-)
J-KWest Premium Plus
Thanks brother 😀👍 I did catch it.
mlight56 Premium
Wonderful to here your inspiring video about how you set a goal and was able to achieve it ... fantastic ... up wards and on wards ... cheers ... Michel
SimoninAsia Premium Plus
Absolutely Michel, the sky is the limit!!
StPaul Premium
Thanks a lot and really enjoyed your video.

I am learning a lot from you. After watching your video I got the urge and determination to focus and work more.

GOD Bless!
SimoninAsia Premium Plus
Thanks Paul and that's great to hear! If this video inspires even one person to take it up a notch with their online business then that's good enough for me! :)