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Update: March 2020
It’s been a couple of years since I updated my profile, so here goes :-)

There are a couple of critical moments that brought me to Wealthy Affiliate… the first was in 2015 when I was packing for another 10-day shift (in what we Canadians fondly refer to as the “oil patch”).

My youngest daughter asked me, “Daddy, are you going home tomorrow?”


I was home, or at least I thought I was.

It hit me like a ton of bricks. To a 5-year-old who rarely saw me, I was a just visitor who stopped in to visit for few days every couple of weeks.

Talk about a transformational moment…

To her, my home was somewhere else, and in a way, she was right. I knew then and there something had to change. I mean… I always knew it, but that’s when I “really” knew it.

Me being away was all she knew though. My other daughter was old enough to remember when I did not work out of town. For her, it was a lot more difficult and I regret not being more aware of that.

And of course, my incredible wife was, for the most part, raising our girls on her own. Besides the everyday stuff, there were birthdays, holidays, swimming, dance and taekwondo lessons...

You may have had a similar experience. When you knew the path you were going down had to change.

I knew I wanted to do something online, but I had no idea where to begin. And I’m sure you know what I’m talking about when I say everything seemed so “shady” online. I checked out a few things, but in the end, decided to just figure it out on my own (aka... without risking my money).

I built my first website that summer with no idea what I was doing or how this “online thing” would eventually change my life. But it did…

That first website went nowhere and I eventually shut it down, but my feet were finally wet and I was learning.

To make a long story short, I found Wealthy Affiliate a year-and-a-half later on Google while trying to find a way to make money with this new skill I had acquired.

Of course, I also found a ton more of the shady “make-money-online” schemes and I must admit… I was certain Wealthy Affiliate was just another one. In some ways, I remember it like it was yesterday… the hope and excitement but also thinking it was a scam.

What I can’t remember though, are the reasons I decided to upgrade. I’m sure having access to Kyle was a big part of it. It might have been the first-month deal but the more I think about it, maybe not... (if you’ve heard the “Alberta oil-patch” rumours of us throwing money (or patch-cash) at stupid things… they are mostly true).

Not that twenty bucks was a lot of money or that Wealthy Affiliate was a stupid thing to throw money at, but I didn’t really know what Wealthy Affiliate was at the time. I half-expected to see my 20 bucks disappear and a clown face pop up on the screen saying “Got You Sucker” :-D

It’s funny when I think about it now and I feel a little stupid that I thought that way, but it’s “making money on the internet”… how can you not be skeptical, right?

What’s even crazier though (and I don't think I’ve ever written about this before), is that I was mentally prepared to spend (or risk) 10K on a way to make money online.

That's where I was the day I sat down to seriously figure this out.

I had hit a serious wall. I hated what I was doing (and what it was doing to my family). I was burned out, depressed and I felt trapped. The program that caught my attention was called the Six-Figure Mentors (I’ve reviewed the Six-Figure Mentors since then and even with my 10K, I would have been another 10K to 20K short).

By comparison, it seemed pretty stupid not to give Wealthy Affiliate a shot.

Anyway… here I am, 2 ½ years later. [update 4 1/2 years later]

There were times I wasn’t even sure this was something I wanted to do, which also seems pretty stupid when I look back on it because I’m WAY happier doing what I do now. It’s not even in the same universe.

Of course, like just about everyone here I can’t count how many times I wondered in the beginning if this thing would even work.

And it’s been an absolutely crazy journey. Ups and downs, a few wins, and countless losses. There were tears along the way and people wondering when I was going to smarten up and quit!

At one point I got WAY off track for the better part of a year and spent a mountain of money on shiny objects, but I’m still here, and as crazy as it is, this is now my full-time gig. There's still a long way to go before I reach my goals… but I’m no longer living up north in camps being a Dad by phone.

My next goal is to move my family back home where we're from, and for the first time in many years, it’s a real discussion.

[Update: On June 1st, 2020 we finally realized this goal. My family and I are now happily living where we're from, and close to family. I'm not a fan of talking about money specifics (as I've mentioned in some other posts), but for perspective and insight into what an online business can do for you, the cost of our move was in the low five-figures and I was able to pay for it with cash (well, e-transfer... lol). I did not put it on a credit card so I won't be spending the next few years paying it back.]

If you’re new to Wealthy Affiliate and reading this, I also want to be clear that earning enough to no longer have a boss did NOT happen overnight.

In fact, to make sure I had a decent amount of savings "just in case" and I was saving money for our move home at the time, I was working on my online business while also doing roughly 10 Uber rides from the airport each week (yes… I said Uber).

The airport rides were great for me because I had to sit around for a couple of hours to get a ride anyway. Instead of sitting at home or in a coffee shop, I would use that time to work online.

Plus, my main site at the time was all about doing side-gigs and having multiple sources of income, so it was a way for me to practice what I preach :-)

At one point though, my online income grew enough that it no longer made sense to drive for Uber. A few hours online became far more valuable than a few hours driving... although I must admit, there are times I miss driving. I miss meeting new people and it was a unique era in my life I have great memories of.

My point is this though…

… for those just joining, please don’t think this a way to get-rich-quick. I know most of you don’t expect it to be, but I also think there’s a tiny part of us that secretly hopes it’s possible.

When I joined, I thought there was an outside chance I’d be able to quit my job within a few months if I just worked at it harder than anyone has ever worked at it.


I made a few bucks in my 3rd month but not enough to retire. It was more like a coffee and a muffin at Starbucks.

I’m not saying you won’t retire within a few months, but I also haven’t met anyone who’s done it that fast.

Another question you might have (and you’ll see it asked here by others over and over) is this…

“Does Wealthy Affiliate work?”

My new answer to that question is to ask another question…

“Does the gym work?”

Of course, Wealthy Affiliate works. But like a gym, you get out what you put in. If you buy a gym membership and stop in for a few random workouts 3 or 4 times a month… you’re probably not going to see results.

If you hit it hard for a month or two and quit you're probably not going to have a body like the guy or girl on Instagram you admire.

And no one can do the reps for you.

Wealthy Affiliate works like that.

This is a full-time income from home we’re talking about and that’s a really big deal.

The words “it’s worth it” don’t even come close to how crazy it feels to take a day off whenever you want. Take two or three off, a week or even a month if you want.

I haven't cared that it's "Monday tomorrow" in years.

You need to keep your foot on the gas of course. There's no standing still and If you're not moving forward with your online business, you will fall behind.

But it’s funny in retrospect. There was a time when I’d wake up hours before I had to be at my old "job" and think…

“Ugh, I have to write another blog post”.

Now I wake up and think (most days, not all) that “I GET TO write a blog post”.

I could be working up north on someone else’s schedule, away from my family in minus 30 (or colder) weather, twisted like a pretzel 80 feet in the air and hurting (because my body is not young anymore) but instead…

... I GET TO write a blog post.

People spend tens (even hundreds) of thousands of dollars to start a business or go to University. And it takes them years to reach a level of success that's even close to what they aim for.

If you’re a business owner or post-secondary graduate you know what I mean.

When I became an electrician, it was nearly 6000 hours of on-the-job training and 36 weeks of full-time school broken up over 4 years.

I don’t regret it for a second, but just to compare, it took me about 2 ½ years at Wealthy Affiliate to do this full-time.

Anyway… I didn’t expect my bio/profile to turn into an entire blog post (sorry)… but I’ll finish by saying this…

If you approach Wealthy Affiliate in the same way a business owner would approach their business or a University student would approach their studies… it’s absolutely crazy what you can accomplish here.

Thanks for reading :-)
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JackieRogers Premium
This is such an awesome story, and resonates with me SO much. One reason I want to make affiliate marketing work is for my family. My husband too works crazy hours, and will have to go away for 4 months next winter. Our two kids are little and it will probably be confusing to them. If I'm able to bring in extra income, he can quit and do something that he enjoys.

Thank you for sharing your story. Thank you for being honest about how long it takes. Thank you for the motivation.And congrats on your recent success!
J-KWest Premium Plus
Hi Jackie, I can relate to your story as well. Especially when your kids are young, as you say, it's confusing for them. The other challenge is that they are only young once. When I look back at pictures (my profile pic for example which is a few years old), I realize my daughters at that age don't exist any more. I mean, of course they exist... but not like they did.

Each age until they're at least young adults is so unique and you can't get those years back. I had already missed so many, I refused to miss any more. Now the goal we're shooting for is to move back where we are from (the west coast) so my daughters and their grandparents don't miss out on any more of those years either.

Thanks for taking the time to share your story as well and wishing you much success :-)
Oscar19855 Premium
Hey Jay,
what an inspiring story you have! I totally agree with you that when we start we all think that this is going to make us rich quickly, even if we know it is impossible.

I hit the wall too at 6 months! I had not made a penny! After 12 months: still no penny! I often wondered if I was doing things wrong, but then I suddenly saw the end of long tunnel and I see that there is soooo much opportunity here.

When I made my first dollar off Amazon after around 18 months of struggling here in WA, I was ready to do the jump.

I am still far away from being successful online. I have a long way to reach that full-time income. But at least I see the light at the end of the tunnel and the possibility.

If only I could dedicate more time to this at this point, I would because I know how fast I would be able to grow. However, it does not work for me because I have some things to get done in the community and I love my job, so obviously I pour in lots of time, effort, and energy into it. And my online business is coming short, which is not what I actually want.

But I always think that doing a little is better than quitting. So, I am walking the long road to success. I should maybe set my goal higher, but the other day I was thinking, if I can make a stable full-time income within 5 years of being in WA, I will be very happy. By then, I am probably ready to move on to the next phase and grow it.

But I will see what the future holds. For now, I am working on my website as I can, and sometimes even a bit more than I can handle, and I know that this is going to bring me the searched for results.

You have such an awesome story! And kudos for putting your family first! I am a life-long teacher, and I do respect those dads soooo much that do that because I have seen so many other family-portraits where the kids do not have that privilege. And it has hurt me so much over all these years as a teacher. The family is priceless and we have hold it high!! So, keep that up, Jay!

J-KWest Premium Plus
Hi Oscar, thanks so much for sharing your story and for your kind words.

I can understand your frustration with those family-portraits. My father left when I was 5. I met him once when I was 18 (and I was always in touch with my Aunt, Uncles and Grandparents from that side of the family) when I was growing up... but my father was out of the picture.

So it's frustrating (and completely mind boggling) to me that even at this age knowing he has two incredible granddaughters, and a grandson (my brother's son) that he has never reached out and has completely squandered those years.

But anyway... that's an entirely different topic not for WA :-)

It sounds like you're moving along here at a decent pace. I was like you in looking ahead years rather than months. Not at first of course, but at some point you kind of just settle into a rhythm and do what you can when you can.

One big difference though is you love your job. I didn't completely hate my job though. I hated going out of town and the long hours, but there are definitely times when I'm sitting at my computer here and miss the people I worked with. Living in camps and working long hours together you develop some strong friendship and I do miss those.

But I know what you mean wishing you could dedicate more time to this. One thing I haven't really written about (as far as I can remember) is how much I had to rearrange (and downsize) our lifestyles to make room this. But again... a topic for a different post and day.

Like you say though, doing a little is far better than quitting. Your site is always gaining authority online and maturing. When the time comes to take step up your efforts, you're working with a site that already has some serious Google "juice" and content, rather than starting with a brand new site. There were definitely periods when I was working on a construction project for months at a time when I struggled to do much on my site... but always pushing the ball forward if even just a little bit. I'd check my rankings after a couple months and notice my posts slowly climbing the rankings.

Anyway... thanks for sharing your story and I'm sure online success is your future. You have the right long-term mindset and can see that even when progress is slow, that's no reason to quit. You're also not in a rush. I think that's an important piece that gets overlooked online because moving forward a pace that fits your lifestyle is crucial.

Thank again for taking the time to share, and for your kind words. Wishing you all the best.

Oscar19855 Premium
Hi Jay,

thanks for your reply.

I am so amazed what a great father you are for your children. You definitely became what you are because of your father (because you did not want to follow his steps). Hats off to you. That takes valor and bravery to stand up for the right. Keep it up!

Yes, you are right, even though I do not hate my job, I am looking to have an extra income to be able to work a less at my current job, which takes 100 hours per week from me (literally:-). Sometimes. I want to be able to dedicate more time to my family and also to myself.

My site is gaining authority for sure. And I can see that in a few years, this business is going to be successful. I have been working on an off on my site (as good as time has let me do it) and I do see some progress, although by far not what I had wished for after 18 months, but I can see it will all snowball in time.

Thank you for your encouraging words.

Here is to your success,
NWTDennis Premium
Hello Jay ... thank you for the follow. Wow ... your profile update is quite inspiring. And yes ... kinda reads like a blog post, but thank you for sharing.

I don't think I've seen you in the Vegas photos from the SACs, so I suspect the 'quit your job income stream' you have developed is from niche site success.

Actually, when I think about it, a couple hundred WA premium referrals a year may not get you to Vegas, but it's a nice income stream.

I'll bet you can't wait to return to BC, home for Kyle, Carson and Jay. It's beautiful up there. My wife an I took a vacation to Vancouver a few years ago. Gosh it's so beautiful there and a side trip to Whistler was such fun.

Warm regards.
J-KWest Premium Plus
Hey Dennis, thanks for the kind words :-) I haven't had the pleasure of making it to Vegas yet although I'd love to. At my current pace it'll be a nail-biter this year though...

Having said that I try to set "task-goals" for myself rather than "results-goals" because I can't control results. I know what I want to achieve and I might call them goals in name (like getting my family back to BC), but I can't use results to directly measure and improve what I'd consider to be success or failure if you know what I mean.

I can measure and improve my work ethic and processes though. I can set a new skill I want to learn as a goal for example...

As far as income, WA currently makes up about 25% of my income depending on the month. I promote some other products as well and also earn money through ads and CPA offers.

I see you're in Northern California, not a bad place to live either :-) I've been down into Oregon but haven't quite reached California yet. It's definitely on my to-do list though.

Vancouver is amazing and my wife and are from that area but with the cost of living there now it doesn't make a lot of sense for us head there right now. We're planning to move to the Island where it's a little more affordable... about an hour and half north of where Kyle, Carson and Jay live actually. I went to school on the Island and we have friends and family there so it's kind of our second home.

Hopefully next summer we can pull it off... but I can't count on the results, LOL. I can only focus on the tasks required to make it happen and hope the results take care of themselves :-)

Thanks again for your kind words and I look forward to following your success.

NWTDennis Premium
I like your thinking on Task Goals versus Results Goals. It's like you focus on being productive and measure the results. Sort of a Productivity Plan.

California has changed a lot as a result of the Global Warming issue, but I wont go there. It's getting too close to one of Kyle's NO NOs. But if you love wine, you'll love a visit to our Sonoma/Napa valley region.
drbobdurham Premium
WIX and MailChimp
Private message
Nitch: How to Find True Happiness/Self Help/Self Improvement
Theme: The Eternal Creative You (Own this website along with others - theeternalcreativeyou.com
I posted this request for advise somewhere in here yesterday, but for the life of me can't find it. So, here we go again. I like WA and all it offers. It's a fit for me.
I have two current sites up and running...drbobdurham.com and testprepstudyguides. I've never made a dime off either.
drbobdurham.com lists my 3 books with Amazon, has a new blog, and other tabs. It was created by me using WIX. I own the domain name.
testprepstudyguides.com is a conglomerate of sites with tests for people seeking different careers. Seemed like a good idea...and still does - but somehow I've done that wrong. This site was also created by me with WIX. I own the domain name.
I also own other domain names I haven't published sites with yet.
I want to keep the same name and domain drbobdurham.com. and the email. drbob@drbobdurham.com
I like the way this site looks - pictures etc.
I want to keep, if possible - unless you suggest changing the name, testprepstudyguides.com (seems like a good name for a site). All these affiliates are with clickbank.
So why not leave them there and move on to WA?
First it doesn't take much to confuse me and while right now I may be able to switch, in the future this may become a serious problem.
If you look at the blog on drbobdurham.com you will see three questions: who are you, why are you here and what are you going to do about it. Under, what are you going to do about it, I'm wondering if that should wind up being a resource page for differient opportunities like, WA(this would be a wonderful suggestion to those wondering) and the affiliates I have already on testprepstudyguides.com - or each affiliate on that page a separate website.
The domains I secured through the WIX site builder; drbobdurham.com - testprepstudyguides.com and others owned but not yet used.
Seems to me if everything was moved over to WA it would be easier now and in the future...and besides, I need it.
I can't continue building out my first website here, because all my stuff is over at WIX.
How do I get it all over here....beyond my expertise.
Seems to me if everything was moved over to WA it would be easier now and in the future...and besides, I need it.
I planned on marketing WA as one of, or the main suggestion, for those trying to answer the questions, "what am I going to do about it," on the resource page under drbobdurham.com or separate site, or addition to
I'm not sure if I should take the boot-camp rout first or stay in the original and come back to bootcamp.

Dr. Bob
Fill free to call me 404-444-2772
or email me at
J-KWest Premium Plus
I sent you a DM for this one :-)
Shellback Premium
Just stopped by to introduce myself. Wow! I am truly inspired by your Bio. Yours is the most interesting I've read...by far. The way you illustrated the mental process you underwent to journey from where you were, to where you are now....is indescribable! I feel an immediate kinship with you.
I guess most of us here in the WA community can identify with each other precisely because we are here now.
I am 64 yrs old and approaching a retirement I am not ready for mentally or financially! I KNOW what I've got in my hands...I regret not finding this a decade ago.
At any rate, following you now, perhaps you will include me...
J-KWest Premium Plus
Thanks for the kind words :-) I think 80% or maybe more of what we do here is really a mental battle. In a lot cases of we have to rewrite the "scripts" or programs in our heads that have kept us from achieving what we've wanted before.

And I think it's true for all of us...

It's like you said... we identify with each other because we are here. If we were already where we wanted to be before finding Wealthy Affiliate, we probably wouldn't have been looking for it (or a similar opportunity) in the first place. So I think the vast majority of us begin with these mental barriers that have held us back before and dealing with those takes time.

That's the hurdle most of us struggle with to overcome. The actual actions we need to take here are pretty simple. Once you learn them it's just a matter of rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat, and so on...

But we get in our own way. Self-doubt, fear of failure, fear of success, fear of repeating past failures, procrastination, uncertainty, feeling undeserving...

I've experienced all of those and they still nag at me today even though I'm doing this full-time now. The trick is to just keep going forward whether you feel like it or not :-)

Thanks again for reading my entire profile/blog post. Following you back and glad to join your network.