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Hi, I'm MichaelW777. When I first came on here. And I am changing my Bio.. When I first came on here.





Can I download a banner image and then put it on instagram?

Can I download a banner image and then put it on instagram?

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Dear Kyle; I am just wondering? And please PM me back; if you want to? But, I am asking you to please do? For The Banner Links and Images; can I download it onto my Computer

Hey Michael,

Your question did not go to Kyle in a private message. Instead, you selected an option that posted this in a classroom where all members can come in to help out by answering what questions we know how to help with.

Thought you might like to know rather than ignore you.

Hope you won't mind my chiming in by suggesting some helpful tutorials and blogged tips. See screen print below...

We are allowed to download and use the Wealthy Affiliate banners on our websites, so I do not see any problem with your sharing them on Instagram.

Only one thing though... on Instagram you would be teaching your followers to go directly to Wealthy Affiliate and they would NOT be clicking on your affiliate link.

The whole idea with Instagram is to get your followers so intrigued that they visit your blog, where you have your affiliate links setup waiting for your website visitors to click on so that YOU get the credit should they sign up.

Hope you find this helpful.

Thanks; I'll get to that when I have the time; right now I am sort of pressed for time; no Offense meant; just true; I am very busy tomorrow and have to go to bed soon. Hope this is not too much Personal Information?

No problem Michael, we each have our own lives in which we build our online businesses around. At least now you know where to find what you need once you do have time to spare.

Thanks for that. And Best Wishes here on your Journey at WA.

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