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Hi, Thanks for taking the time to view my profile. :-)

I'm Mel Waller

Publisher with 1,152 titles in print, mostly reprints of Public domain works, selling mostly on Amazon. 280 ebooks selling on Amazon.
Author 4 books

All my income is thru passive income.

I've had many successful businesses in my life. I always preferred working for myself than collecting a paycheck from someone else.

I can always be reached at: melwaller@gmail.com

My Skype name is: melwaller

I served in the U. S. Marines July 1980 to March 1988. No combat thankfully.

I love traveling! I lived in Oahu, Hawaii for 4 years total - Aloha!
I lived in Northern Japan - Misawa, Japan for 6 months - Hai! Domo!
I lived in Southern Spain - Rota, Spain for 3 1/2 years - Muchas Gracias!
I lived in the Philippines over 4 years. - Mabuhay!
Did I mention I loved traveling? haha

I LOVE HELPING PEOPLE! That's a huge part of who I am.

I collect MEMORIES/experiences and NOT things. That fuels my Passion for Life.

In 2012, I got divorced after 24 years of marriage. I gave up everything I had except my small part time publishing business. I essentially started my life over with just about nothing. I worked 24/7 for the next 2 years saving and building up my publishing business. In 2014, I started living the laptop life and traveled to SE Asia and have been living on my passive income from publishing books, mostly reprints and they sell on Amazon. Sometimes in survival mode as income not even enough to buy the food I needed. Lost 90 lbs. I have gained some of that back. :-)

I'm just about the friendliest person you are ever going to meet. When I go out my door, I am walking and talking to everyone I meet. Every day is a gift!

Now, my life has not been without major challenges. Bullied for 9 years in school. Low self-esteem. Depression. Came close to suicide in 1978, any closer and I wouldn't be here. Not exactly homeless, but I lived in my car for 4 months during the Recession of 1980.

I've witnessed the dark side of life. That's where my compassion comes from. I choose to be the light. I want to write about that some day. The story needs to be told.

With all my Love!

Mel Waller
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AndreHuu Premium

Wow, thank you so much for sharing your story with us brother! As someone that also went through a divorce recently (finalized in June, after 20+ years of marriage), I can totally relate to the pain and challenges of such a traumatic life-changing event. Mine was particularly difficult bc of the impact it had on our three young beautiful children, ages 8, 9 and 11. I'm still coping and dealing with the fallout from it all as we speak, but so glad that we're able to connect here.

I look forward to connecting with you further as we go on this similar journey together. Here's to our mutual success!



ps- one other thing we have in common besides WA and divorce is our mutual love of traveling...too many places to list here but did I mention that I love traveling? Well, I do! ; )

Maybe one day soon we can meet up somewhere across the globe to celebrate our mutual success online!
MelWaller Premium
Thanks Andre!

Turns out we have a lot in common. I had some Rental properties in my former life and I am an author of some misc books as I call them, but have done more with publishing reprints of older books.

WA has so much to offer.

The key is to stay focused, do the training and take consistent action, ask questions and never give up!

Welcome aboard!

To Your Success!

Jollin Premium
Mel, thank you for sharing your story. I like to read other people's stories because it also gives me the right perspective in life. Reading your profile gave me even more motivation to pursue this journey that I started. Looking forward to glean from your experience and learn from you.
MelWaller Premium
Salamat Jollin!

cnaughton101 Premium
Hi! What type of publishing business do you have? What does this mean:
Publisher with 1005 titles in print, mostly reprints of Public domain works, selling mostly on Amazon. Around 300 ebooks.

I was in the magazine publishing business for many years and even published my own title for about 5 years.

I'd love to know more. I have started 2 websites so far here. Do you think there is a magic number as far as the number of sites you need to make a living?
MelWaller Premium
Hi Cheryl.

I promise to get back to you. Setting up a new website at the moment. Thanks for your patience!

MelWaller Premium
A person can make a great living from one website.

Once you have that 1st website established solidly in maybe 2 years, you could consider adding another website, but you will still need to add content to the first one.

Its everyone's preference what they decide to do and which direction they will take their business in.

"What does this mean:
Publisher with 1005 titles in print, mostly reprints of Public domain works, selling mostly on Amazon. Around 300 ebooks."

Actually now I have 1,090 book titles in print. A reprint is taking a public domain work where the copyright has expired and reprinting the book. There are hundreds of thousands of public domain books out there that can be done.

SSagaonkar Premium
MelWaller what should I say? It's really hard to hear through all that you have undergone but at the same time you had that immense energy and bounced back to reach some good success and although still being strong in going ahead and spreading a helping hand to the needy, it's simply highly appreciable.

Thank you so much for sharing your story and I am glad to follow you. Looking forward to learn from you.
MelWaller Premium
You are most welcome Sumit!

Don52 Premium
Hey MelWaller!!

I noticed that you chose to follow me and I just finished reading your profile. Quite an interesting life you have had to far. I too came close to suicide in 1978. Anyway, I just wanted to say hi and wish you all the best. Thanks for following me.
MelWaller Premium
Thanks Don!

Well I am glad we both made better choices. :-)