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After 48 years in IT, I retired reasonably well off. But a combination of bad luck and bad decisions left me broke at the age of 74. So I'm determined to derive a substantial on-line income and will devote whatever is necessary to achieve that.

For my age, I'm extraordinarily fit and healthy. I weigh the same as I did as an 18yo athlete, I bench press more than my own body weight, can hold a 5 minute plank and do 100km bike rides for fun. I take no drugs, prescription or over the counter, don't go to the doctors and never get sick. Literally.

So fitness and health are an interest area for me. I've published books on Amazon in this genre and others with some success and have started to build supporting websites.

I've also built an e-commerce site on the Shopify platform. I expected big things from it, but it's been a disaster. Despite my product images looking good and my pricing competitive, it's haemorrhaging money. I've spent big on Google ads and FB marketing and have not made one sale.

So I'm looking for alternatives. Wealthy Affiliate is one such. I've upgraded to Premium and will document my journey on this platform.

Just adding a bit of personal information. I live on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. I have 3 sons and a daughter, along with 3 granddaughters and a grandson. They are all lovely people.
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Money Goals
Money I would be happy earning
I'd like to start with $100 a day and work up to around 5 times that.
Money I would be ecstatic earning
$1,000 a day.
Time I'm willing to invest to achieve my goals
I'm retired, so whatever it takes.
Goal created on
Dec 8, 2018
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phil1944 Premium
How much money would you be happy earning?
I'd like to start with $100 a day and work up to around 5 times that.

How much would you be ecstatic earning?
$1,000 a day.

And how much time are you willing to invest to achieve these goals?
I'm retired, so whatever it takes.
jamesdowns Premium
Kudos to retirees, as I am one also. Your goal sounds achievable, hope you reach it.
Kyle Premium
Your goals are totally realistic and when you achieve the first one, it will be just a matter of scaling to reach the second one. The Internet works wonderful when you have your formula for success down which you are going to be getting from the training here at WA.

Once you get this formula down the sky is truly the limit Phil! I look forward to working with you and seeing you make your goals a reality. :)
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lesucation Premium
Hi Phil,
I'll try again,
Please let me have the URL!
Still getting used to the WA way

Age is a number
From this 76 years young retired teacher
Perhaps we may increase our household income and pension together.

Happy Birthday and Successful, income improving and healthy future years ahead.

phil1944 Premium
Thanks, Leslie.

It's https://superaffiliatechallenge.com/

Have a look around the site and when you're ready, leave a comment under the Q&A section, including your SAC website if it's ready so you get the benefit of the backlink.
RitaAnn Premium
Hello phil1944 and welcome to Wealthy Affiliate.
Here are some things I think might be helpful:

*Focus on goals and dreams
*Follow lessons and tasks without skipping anything
*GREEN "Training" button = Lessons and if you're stuck

Here's where you can find the lessons: I'm looking forward to seeing you on the site,

ramr50 Premium
Thanks for the follow Phil, I look forward sharing information and strategies with you. You seem like a real nice guy and, although I am a bit younger than you, I am very healthy and fit as well. I also write blogs in that niche, but mainly for women. Only because my better half looks better than me on the site....lol. So, I write or blog under her identity. With her permission, of course. Anyways,, we are both in the 2019 super affiliate program together and I certainly look forward to sharing with you. See you in Vegas!
phil1944 Premium
Thanks, Ralph. It would be great to catch up in Vegas.
shuai Premium
Hi Phil, Thanks for your encouragement in my profile. when i saw your profile, i am surprised. You looks much younger than your age. I noticed you said you were failed in Shopify platform, but you know what, Shopify is becoming more an more popular in China and there are some courses or training in chinese forum. I don't know about that, bcz affiliate marketing is totally new for me. I think i should learn it deeply and make money first. Best wishes.
phil1944 Premium
Thank you, Shuai. Yes, I do intend to resurrect my Shopify store and will think about the Chinese market. Thanks for that thought and I wish you all the best here in WA.
shuai Premium
Thank you. May I ask a question about the grammar? I am setting my website, and i need a domain name. natuallywhitenskin.com or whitenskinnatually.com. i'm not sure the natually should be in front or back. which one is correct in English. would you like to give me a help? thanks.
phil1944 Premium
Both are grammatically correct, Shuai. However, whitenskinnaturally is the way you would normally say it, so that's the one I'd go for.

Please note too that it's naturally, not natually as you've shown it.

Happy to help!
shuai Premium
Thank you very much ,Phil. I will use whitenskinnaturally as domain. :P
singaompong Premium
Ouh thank you mr. Phil, my honor to know you. You still do 100km riding bike and standing still with "don't go to the doctors and never get sick". You remind me to mr. KenShaddok (71), the man with high optimicism even when handling young generation (in musical potential). You two are just inspiring people here especially me to "keep smiling and rolling".

Spirit is not the only one best part of your luck sir, but also 4 children and 4 granchildren, and you love them. I'm happy for you mr. Phil, so glad to know you, so hope your luck will never stop coming.. like the rain that rains the earth, then fertile the land. Have a nice riding and nice weekend with the big family.
phil1944 Premium
Thank you for the nice thoughts Yose.
AnnieB Premium
Hi Phil, I appreciate the follow and that sense of humour of yours. I'm currently enjoying a day of 21 or so degrees in sth west Sydney at the moment. I'm slightly bouncing off the walls as I actually managed to get some sleep (due to a lack of heat and humidity for once) last night. Aahh, the simple pleasures in life. Anyhow, looking forward to catching up on some of your blogs. Best wishes, Annie.
phil1944 Premium
Nice to meet you, Annie. I'm in Noosaville on the Sunshine Coast.

It's pretty much 29 degrees every day up here with a cooling sea breeze and no insects.

Paradise, really :-)
MagneticCopy Premium
Hey Phil, thanks for your welcoming message, you seem like a very interesting fellow. Sorry to hear you went broke at 74. I'm sure with your determination and work ehic you will succeed.

I'm here if you ever need a friend to talk to.

Wish you all the best, and like you said I will take action:)

Thank you for the kind words.


phil1944 Premium
You're welcome, Pedro.
JimDavis0119 Premium
Hi Phil, Welcome to the been there done that club. I almost used the term boomers, but I guess like me you are a couple years too early for that generation.

Yes, we all make bad decisions and invest that didn't work out as estimated. The down turn of the economy over the years, have left us with less than we planned for. WA surely have the right vehicle to allow us to make a difference in our life and lifestyle. With your IT skills, hopefully you will give to the WA community and see the more than 100% returns you will receive. From my Favorite book. "Give and you will receive in abundance" :-)
PattyMc Premium
I told you I was going to come check out your profile, but wow, Phil... VERY impressive!! You wow'd me first by being in IT for 48 years. And then keeping your health good as you have is the next wow factor! Ok, yes, there is a 3rd wow factor and that is that you joined here in December... just 2-3 months ago and are already ranking in the top 100. It's too bad on what happened with your other ventures, but you made it here to WA and this may very well be it! I'm glad I'm following you, I'll be watching and taking notes! lol

I do appreciate your advice and encouragement! Good luck with all you do! :)
phil1944 Premium
How nice of you to drop by and say all that, Patty. Thank you.
PattyMc Premium
didn't mean to sound like I was flattering you so, but it is what it is. You're welcome. :)
EdwinBernard Premium
I love your bio as I can relate. I also made some bad financial decisions close to retirement age and lost most of my savings. The wait period to receiving my various pensions were horrendous. I had to take odd jobs to make it.

The income I get now barely enables me to stay solvent. Hence my foray into entrepreneurship through WA. I had been a passive member of LegalShield for many years. I benefitted substantially from the legal services I got from them. Now I want to parlay my membership by marketing the benefits.

I checked out your websites and love them. Mine are dull compared to yours. Since my niche is not mainstream I am hoping to learn how to develop a way to attract customers and business associates.

I live in LA, CA BTW.

Glad to have met you through WA.
phil1944 Premium
Thanks, Edwin. Let me know if any of your posts or pages would benefit from comments and I'll be happy to help.
Carolanne18 Premium
Your life sounds lovely and your family as well. Best of luck here with your business goals. I am new at this and have not invested the time in it yet, but I am anxious to get with it. Life just needed to settle down a bit for me. I am excited to be here. I will enjoy to follow you.
phil1944 Premium
Thank you, Carol. I wish you all the best in this journey.
GeeEss Premium
Welcome to WA Premium Phil.

This is a fabulous community. Here you can learn a lot. That too at your own pace.

First of all, I suggest you finish your training. Don't rush things. Please proceed at a rate at which you feel comfortable.

Your website will automatically get created if you follow all the exercises at the end of the lessons.

Don't hesitate to let me know if you feel I can be of any help to you.

Thanks for the follow. I am following you back in reciprocation.

Wish you all the best.


You may follow me at:
NWTDennis Premium
Hello Phil ... thank you for the follow.

Wow, 48 years in IT. You must have started right about the same time Microsoft and Apple started to compete in the personal computer arena. Your background and experience will serve you well here at WA.

Pay Per Click marketing is considered a more advanced subject taught in Phase 6 and 7 of Bootcamp training by the PPC master ... Kyle himself.

Congratulations on you physical condition and health. Certainly provides lots of possibilities for a niche or two.

I wish you the best on your WA journey.
phil1944 Premium
Thanks, Dennis. I started in IT in 1965. IBM was the big gun. Microsoft and Apple didn't exist.
NWTDennis Premium
I was completing my BS Eng about then. I remember a basic programming class I took on an IBM 360, using key punched cards for data input. :-)
phil1944 Premium
80 column punched card input, printer output and mag tape storage.

We ran all of the applications for a major financial institution on an IBM 1410 (the forerunner of System 360) with 60K of memory.

Nostalgia ain't what it used to be!
AJ2012 Premium
Hi there, Phil! Just popping in to welcome you to the community and to congratulate you on taking the next step and becoming a Premium member.

I think the info you find here at WA will help to improve your other online endeavors. And you are as young as you feel. Sounds like you got that in the bag. You can do this.

Have questions? I discovered that the search bar at the top of the page is an efficient tool for researching previously answered questions.

Feeling overwhelmed? I did, too. That is, until I realized that I’m not in competition with anyone. I’m doing this for me. I decided to take my time and poke around the site when I have time. There is a treasure trove of information about affiliate marketing here at WA.

This is your journey. The community at WA is here to support and encourage you. We truly do care about your success.

Always remember, the best way to predict your FUTURE is to CREATE it.

Stay positive, work hard and make it happen. Wishing you all the best, my friend.

- AJ
phil1944 Premium
Thank you for the lovely welcome email, Alice.

I'm wondering, though, what prompted it as I've been here for over a month, have been a premium member for the same length of time and am in the top 200 with a rank of 153.

Did I come up as a new member or as someone who's just gone premium?

This is of interest to me as I often welcome new premium members and am wondering if the same thing could be happening to me.
AJ2012 Premium
Ahahaha! I don't know. Typically the very first thing I do each morning is I visit the dashboard and select several new premium members and several new starter members and send a welcome (listed on the dashboard).

I did notice today that sometimes people come up as new members that have been members for several years. It literally just happened - the person has been a member since 2016 and is being displayed as a new WA member in the feed.

But, that is not to say that I did not mess up somewhere along the line. So, hey! WELCOME! 🙌🏼
HighLife101 Premium
Thanks so much for the great blog post! I am looking for additional followers as well. I have followed your Facebook Page and liked some of your posts and I am hoping you could return the favor. My facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/ThinkVail. Much appreciated if you do!
phil1944 Premium
I've liked your page, several posts and a photo, Heather.

Lovely to meet you.
GShaw Premium
Hey Phil,

I had a look at your website and pretty impressive it definitely is. Then I was more impressed when I realized you just joined WA in December 2018. I thought, this guy is on FIRE!

I look a little further only to notice you have over 2000 followers, another impressive accomplishment.

It is hard to believe I joined WA about 2 months earlier than you. I am extremely impressed.

Like yourself I am also in the health field. Health for me is important one because I am now in my mid fifties. I am learning that if you want to live a long healthy life in the world today you have to change how you might have lived 25 years ago. The other reason health is so important is because of loosing two of the closest and most dearest people in my life, my parents to cancer in 2010 and 2016.

A fantasy of mine would be to help more and more people in the world realize there are far better ways to deal with our health then prescriptions and what BIG PHARMA pushes.

Keep up the continued amazing work because I believe 2019 is your year!

phil1944 Premium
Wow. Thanks so much for your encouraging words, Greg. They really did give me a boost and I thought you were most generous in taking the time to write them. I was sorry to hear about your parents. My mother lived to 102, but it's still a shock when it happens.

If Big Pharma had to rely on me, and possibly you as well, they'd be out of business!

As we are both in the health niche, would you be interested in guest blogging, to increase backlinks? Let me know if you're not sure what that is and I'll explain.
GShaw Premium
Thank you for your response.

No I really don't have a clue what it is although I do remember seeing a recent email having something to do with it.

Either way, at some point of course I would love to guest blog if it means helping you out.

At this moment I am more focused on getting myself where you are, with a website that looks like a website.

I really don't know how you did it so fast!

it took me weeks to decide on a new theme. Once I found my new theme then I needed to decide whether to go with the free or paid version. I tried for almost two weeks to develop the free theme but struggled so last week I purchased the paid version. In a matter of hours I had more done to my website then I had done in over a week with the free version.

I still have a fair distance to go. I still haven't done the part of training where you comment on other websites and have people comment on yours.

I have connected my themes support to get a few answers to questions.

I most definitely am here to help others where I can. I look forward to gaining far more knowledge so I can help people so much more.

phil1944 Premium
Guest blogging helps both parties, one with content and the other with backlinks.

I'm headed for bed now (Australian Tuesday night) but will try to get back to you tomorrow.
bestleads Premium
One very important for success is that you must keep in mind that things constantly change.

Out there you see many programs trying to sell you a "set it up once and forget it " money making programs.

That doesn't exist. There is not a really money making program that you "setup and forget it".

Everything is constantly changing, even WA. Affiliate programs come and go, regulations change, laws change, search engines change,

I have had website for many years. Some of the programs I had joined years ago don't exist today, others made changes to their affiliate programs, E-bay, Amazon, Clickbank, JZvoo, WA.

Blogs that I created some years ago I have had to completely do them again, and some even had to delete them.

CPA programs change, or their advertisers are on hold, low funds, blocked, leave the program, etc.

You have to always keep an eye on everything. You don't want a visitor to your site finding many links with the message" 404 error page. Broken links or links that lead to "park domain" page.

I have lost a lot because I didn't keep constantly updating my websites' content.

Best wishes for your success!
bestleads Premium
I guess we have similar "acts of life" in our lives.

I have had been online for many years now. Having successes and many learning lessons (some people call it "failures").

Had to declare bankruptcy on two occasions because of state government decisions. The government sent me to bankruptcy.

Lost websites to hackers and from being with the wrong "business" programs. Programs that went out of business.

Had a spine injury trying to be healthy. Doing a stretch exercise over stretched. I did weight lifting for fun and good health. No competition. Don't drink, don't smoke, and try to eat healthy.

At 64 I am trying to get rid of a "pot belly". Doing most things except continuous exercises.

Had been a WA free member for three years, trying to see if it was another "good today, gone tomorrow program" like others I had joined. Convinced it is legitimate, I went Premium a two months ago.

Working on my English language site https://antoniosolutions.com. Have two other sites in Spanish.

One of the things I have had to get used to is that things constantly change.

I had missed that and when things changed I got frustrated and lost interest, didn't update, and lost a lot.

Ebay, Amazon, Google, laws, regulations, etc. are constantly changing and if you want to succeed and keep being successful you have to adapt. Whining, fighting back (or trying to do it), won't make things your way.

You have to follow the leader.

Best wishes for you constant success!
ecocatherine Premium
Hi and thank you so much for the follow, I have returned the favour.

If you every need any help, please feel free to ask as I will be more than happy to try to assist you.

I am currently focussing on the green living niche and enjoy learning more about this niche so if you come across some good articles, please send them my way.

All the very best here!
phil1944 Premium
Lovely to meet you, Catherine. Let me know your website so I can leave you a comment. Green living is something I'm interested in. You might like to check out my website as well: https://agingslowdown.com.
gmcwilliam Premium
Hi Phil, thank you for following me. You have hit WA running, that's for sure. Ranking of 209 since joining last month. Amazing. Keep up the great work, learn as much as you can about online marketing and hopefully you can resurrect your Shopify website and getting it making some sales. Best wishes for 2019 and beyond, Gary
phil1944 Premium
Thanks, Gary. Encouragement like yours means a lot.
iyabillionai Premium
I have a similar story with my luck and decisions but I know it's just a chapter in a greater biography and I'm starting a new chapter in the book of life with WA. I see from profile that I can follow you footsteps in the sand thru business and lifestyle changes. Appreciate you...
phil1944 Premium
Aww... thanks. Nice sentiments.
PMindra Premium
Hi, Phil.
Paul Mindra here from Ontario, Canada.

Please accept my apology for not getting back to you sooner.

I recently sold my home (to downsize) and the closing was over the holidays. I just now have finally settled into my new surroundings.
It was a plan in the works for some time during 2018.

Thank you for inviting me to be a part of your network. I graciously accept by following you back.

Welcome to The Wealthy Affiliate Open Education Community.

I am pleased to make your acquaintance and look forward to learning, sharing, serving and earning alongside with you as we all move forward here.

Kindest regards from Canada,

griego62 Premium
A very interesting profile indeed, Phil!! Thank you for the follow. I will also follow you as I like to go with winners. I have no doubt that you will persevere and succeed in what you've set out to do and it seems that things are not going all that bad to begin with. So, I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors. I'll be following your story. Cheers!
raybrannum Premium
I can relate to your bad luck. Lost a fortune in 2008. Still get mad at myself when I think about the mistakes I made. My wife tells me to get over it, we are still alive and God forgives so why can't you forgive yourself. I had it made a blew it.

WA has helped me survive. I wish you great success.
EddieAlbert Premium
Hi Phil
Thank you for the connection. It is never too late to start. You are in the right place. I gave Shopify a miss, something was not right for me there. Keep the training going, it keeps the body young. I always say," Movement Heals" I love smoking the IRON
My best wishes to you
Kind regards
RandellD Premium
Thanks for stopping by to say hello! Thanks also for joining WA as a Premium member. I know you will enjoy all the people from around the world. The good thing is that you are fit and have a positive mind set. Even though you have had some bad luck, I know you will be able to turn it all around.

I am wishing you this Christmas Eve all the best in the New Year.
amworking1 Premium
Phil, I am sorry to hear about your struggles. With this being an international platform, the money you receive in US Dollars on the account with the exchange rate for Australian currency will almost double the value. When you are dealing with international currency conversions that makes the financial world a little more interesting. I recently had a friend from Australia send me 150.00 in Australian currency, but when I received it in American dollars it was only 106.00. Check your exchange rates and learn about them from the financial institutions, it will make a difference for your online financial conversions. I hope this helps. God Bless.
phil1944 Premium
Thank you, Angela. USD currently convert to AUD at around 1.75.

I've picked up around $720 this month from by book sales on Amazon so, yes, very aware of the importance of exchange rates.

Works the other way, too, of course when I'm buying something in USD.

All the best to you and yours for Xmas.

Kickbacked Premium
Hi Phil

Thanks for the follow! Nice meeting you!

I enjoyed reading your bio! Wishing you the best on your journey here in WA.

Seems like you are like a lot of us who are either retired or are already retired looking for a way to supplement our income.

Have a nice weekend Phil!

haroda Premium
Hello Phil! Welcome to WA! Thank you for following me and it is a pleasure to meet you. You do look great and very healthy. You are in inspiration. It is something my husband and I strive for as well.

There is so much too learn here at WA. I am still constantly learning. Best wishes for achieving your goals.
JasonKim Premium
Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate, Phil. Great to have you here in our community. First, congratulations on becoming a Premium Member.

I want to thank you for having me be a part of your network and I've followed you back as well. I wish you much success in your new online business endeavor and hope you achieve all of your personal and financial goals.

apache1 Premium
Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate Phil and thank you for the follow.

Great to have another Aussie onboard I am from NSW out Liverpool way.

Keep going through Kyle's training and you will find all you need along with your own skills to get you going forward.

Continue to believe in yourself and enjoy all you do.

Wishing you well

Donavon Premium
Hi Phil - It was really nice to read about you and of course you will be successful. What I really liked is that you have stayed so young. I really identify with that. I am 71 years old and still working as a financial manager here in the beautiful city of Port Elizabeth South Africa. I exercise regularly, am very fit and never get sick. I have also just joined WA and am extremely impressed with what I have done so far. I wish you every success
TomHayes1 Premium
Hi, there Phil,

Welcome to the WA community.

I'm also from Australia and I live in sunny Melbourne!! Ha Ha.

Have a good look around before you commence the training.

With your background in - IT - the learning side of things will most likely be a breeze for you.

Having said that there are a few tricks associated with affiliate marketing and they are all covered within the training.

One thing that I have learned and stood me in good stead; treat this as a journey and not a race as the training is the footprint for your future success.

All the best
donraposo Premium
Hi phil, you sound like me, except I am 82 years old and I am in great health and don't look anything like my age, I still have my hair. I will follow you to keep up with what you are up to. I have been trying to make a little money here for about six months but I still have not. I think it will happen in time, just got to be patient. Merry Xmas and a Happy New year. Don
phil1944 Premium
Thanks, mate. Active, fit and healthy at 82 is great going.

I have my hair too, but prefer to shave it every morning :-)
Loes Premium
Hello Phil,♫Welcome! I am so pleased you found WA. Nice to meet you ツ I wish you a lot of learning pleasure and fun at WA. Thank you for adding me to your network.

From the start, I have written training on every issue I had problems with myself. And I share all my interesting findings on my blog space. I have listed them on a blog for you. When you type in “Blogs top rated by Loes” into the search bar on top, you'll find my goodies under Training. I hope to help you with those.
until the 2nd of January 2019

Success building your business in 2019. See you around, Greetings Loes
jbills34 Premium
Right On Phil!

I am inspired by your share. I am a complete newbie and desire to grow into who and what you are.

It would be a huge blessing to make a modest income enough to provide for my doggies in style.

May God bless you and keep you with an everlasting smile:)
Ian840 Premium
Hello Phil and thank you so very much for the follow, and I am so happy to follow you in return On reading your profile I am certain you should have no problem attaining success here.

I wish to congratulate you on your decision to become a member here at Wealthy Affiliate and also becoming premium - I am sure if you follow your dream, and more importantly the training, and ask for the available support, future success will be yours.

I am so happy to have you as a member of my network Phil - take care and never give up - Ian from Western Australia.

PS. Always especially nice to welcome a fellow "Aussie" Phil - hope you have escaped the recent strange Eastern States weather. Kindest regards - Ian
phil1944 Premium
We've had a bit of rain in Noosa, but that's been Owen's only effect here. Thanks for your thoughts.
Flash4 Premium
Hi Phil,
What bad luck you've had, well I suppose now you know what not to do heh?
Here's to your success here at WA.

I too live on the Sunshine Coast. We have been lucky with the weather, Cyclone Owen must have weakened by the time it reached us.

Thanks for following me I have followed you back.

Cheers Jae ♫
phil1944 Premium
Thanks, Jae. Yeah, we've just had a bit of rain in Noosa, nothing much.
kpercival55 Premium
Hello and welcome Phil!
Thanks for the follow, I’ve returned the favor.
This is a wonderful community of people who are here to help each other achieve success. Stick to the training and don’t be afraid to ask questions, someone is always willing to answer.
I look forward to seeing your progress!
Blessings from Kansas, USA,
possumlane Premium
HI Phil, Welcome to the Wealthy Affiliate platform. I am sure you will get a lot out of the education and training that is available on this program. The walk through videos that Kyle presents are clear and concise and there is a live webinar every Friday Night (Canadian time) run by our trainer Jay Neill (rank 3) and there are questions and answer from those of us on the community and Jay himself answers questions at the end of the 1 hour session. If there is anything I can help you with please feel free to contact me and I will do all I can to help you to achieve your goals.
Carol from Australia
tvrob26 Premium
Hi Phil, great to meet you and many thanks for the follow. I’m now following you and I hope we can learn off each other in our quest to create a successful online affiliate marketing business.
I’ve been here at WA for two months now and have learnt loads. I am very confident that it’s the best place to be to learn and grow an online business.
All the best
Kind regards Rob
Stella45 Premium
Thank you for the follow Phil, I returned the compliment.
Wow you have a formidable health record and does not look your age, I am pretty sure you will have great succuss on WA.
The training is excellent and the support out of this world.
All the best in meeting your new goals.
Bush Lady.
dpanic63 Premium
Hellos Phil

And Welcome to the WA Platform and community

Great to meet you

WOW, brother, you are a real inspiration no doubt from your fitness level to your present situation.

I feel for you my man, I know what you are going through.

But I also know that 'Fighters Fight" and we are not going down.

Am glad you found you way here and you are truly 2 inches away from Gold

Keep making it happen and will look forward to your success in 2019 as well as a sharing a drink at the 2020 vegas conference.

Have a great holiday season


john1433 Premium
Hey Phil, from one ole man to another, cheers. I do not have the time to dedicate to WA right now, but intend to give it "H"when I do. Will follow you and do hope we ole boys can enjoy this ride together. Go gettem my man. Wish you well. John
DavidGP Premium
Hi Phil,

I just wanted to thank you for the follow.

I also have health and fitness as the cornerstone of my life along with my family and spirituality as well.

I was just reading your profile...I understand some unfortunate things must have occurred to leave you broke. However, I am confident that an individual like yourself will rebound even stronger. I know you will apply the same principles here as you do in your "fitness regimen".

I just wanted to offer my moral support and encouragement to you. Keep Fighting and good things will happen over time!


phil1944 Premium
Thank you for the encouraging words, Dave. Like Billy Connolly said "I've been poor and I've been rich. Rich is better."

I have no doubt I'll be rich again :-)
DavidGP Premium

I also have "NO Doubt" that you will be financially rich again.

You have demonstrated the proper attitude, focus and desire. I am certainly not a genius but I know you need those three things to succeed in life.

All my best to you on your journey!
Claudiojuan Premium
Hi Phil,
Congratulations on all the personal effort you make to avoid having to go to the doctor and not take remedies.
In the picture, you look extraordinarily well follow the path you have undertaken and never leave it.
I wish the best for you here in WA.
In this platform also "Persevere and you will be successful " is fulfilled.
phil1944 Premium
Thanks for your thoughts. I truly believe that good, unprocessed food and regular exercise are the keys to a long and enjoyable life. And that most, in fact almost all, drugs are entirely unnecessary. Doctors have become unwitting drug pushers for the big pharmaceutical companies.
Corann72 Premium
HI Phil!
Thank you for following me! I'm following you also!
Welcome to WA and congratulations on going Premium! WA training platform is awesome and will give you what you need in order to get you to the next level.
Looking forward to reading about your progress and success!
All the best to you!!!
KenShaddock Premium
Hi Phil, Thanks for the follow, I'm following you back. Great fitness there, your focus has attracted that and well done for what you've done with your attitude to wellness. I'm 72 coming up, real good at piano retail here is Australia, so still doing that and growing my WA experience. This is a safe place to grow in to any niche of your own or Affliliate for others products or the WA model itself. Check out some of the consistant guys in the top 200 for their stories. Inspiration is everywhere here as you know.
LeeMcQuay Premium
Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate Phil.
After reading your bio, I think you are going to achieve your goal.

You obviously have determination and dedication.

You also have an advantage as you are already well educated in this type of business.

Thank you for the follow. I am following you back. I look forward to sharing this journey with you.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

Wishing you the best in all you do
Lee Ann
DavidKellas Premium
I've followed you back Phil.

the reason why your shopify did not work is due to "BRAND RECOGNITION", customers simply won't buy online unless your storefront is well known in their area of the world.

For this reason you need to develop "product review" pages on an alternative domain endorsing the purchase of 1 particular product from your shopify cart.

do this for EVERY SINGLE PRODUCT you are selling on your shopify cart, then send google adwords and bing ads traffic to those 1 page/s only.

So basically your GOOGLE ADWORDS campaign should only target keywords such as "BUY PRODUCT NAME" and that is all, nothing else.

Do this for every single product on your shopify cart:

1. 1 product review and "how to buy this product" page per product on your shopify cart.

2. Send traffic to that "product review and how to buy" page from google adwords and bing ads, make sure you only target ONE KEYWORD (i can not stress this enough), only target this keyword:


that is all you need to do to start moving product, if you catch the customer after they have made their mind up to purchase something, they will look over several sites find the site with the CHEAPEST PRICING that they "TRUST" and purchase, it's that simple.

On your "product review and how to buy pages" you can also include the amazon associates/etc affiliate program to link to the product on amazon, even though you do not make the sale through your own shopping cart (shopify), this may be a way to recoup your adwords and bingads fees if they chose not to purchase from your shopify cart (so indiscreetly implement the "or buy from amazon" links at the very bottom of the page and hard to see and make sure you accentuate your shopify links to buy the product there).

you can also put a "trust factor" rating on your "product review and how to buy" pages to assure potential customers that your shopify cart is trustworthy. "UP-SELL YOUR SHOPIFY BIG-TIME...


Literally build up in the customers mind that they are "on a good thing" and you will make sales...

Once you have a template for ONE PRODUCT from your shopify cart, just copy that template and change the product image to the next product and change description etc, but make sure you save a nice template to make work-flow easier.


phil1944 Premium
What a great collection of good advice I believe your assessment of the problem as a question of trust is spot on. Thanks for all the suggestions and I will implement them all before spending another cent on advertising.

Thanks again.
DavidKellas Premium
Good form, you took action, you're a winner a winner dude.

phil1944 Premium
I copied and pasted all your advice into a document so that I can refer to it easily.
Again, thanks for your effort.
DavidKellas Premium
Feel free to donate 5% of your earnings to me when you start generating income as a form of thank-you, cheers.
phil1944 Premium
5% just doesn't seem to be enough :-)
DavidKellas Premium
Actually i run my mmo websites and request MANY people donate 5% to me not just you, BELIEVE ME, 5% is more than enough, eventually I will have 1,000+ people donating 5%, you're not the only one, believe me:) 5% is fine :)
Babou3 Premium
Hello Phil,
Thanks for following me.
Welcome to WA Premium!
I'm sure you'll manage to get by.
You look like someone who's proud and
smart. With all the help you are going to have here
and everything you already know, there is no doubt
that you will get there.

Great journey on your success road!
JonLake Premium
Thanks for the follow Phil. It’s nice to meet you and feel free to connect with us further on the social networks shown at the bottom right of our profile

We look forward to reading your success as well as sharing additional marketing tips and strategies. If you need any help please feel free to ask

Jon and Debbie :)
McWord Premium
Welcome to the WA Community and thanks for the follow; I’m following you back!

You'll find the community has tons of help for anyone who needs it, so don't hesitate to reach out. We are interested in our mutual success and there are plenty of people willing and able to assist!

All the best,

PaulREvans57 Premium
Hi, Phil.

Thanks for following me and joining my network. I've returned the compliment and followed you back.

Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate. WA is a great community. There is so much to learn. I am here most days. I learn something every day.

I've been a Premium member of Wealthy Affiliate over 18 months now, and I don't regret one day!

Keep moving ahead. However your day may be, take a little step forward. Some days you'll make significant strikes, other days you will not, but do something every day, however small in building your business.

You will read many stories of WA members succeeding with their online goals. Some have achieved this in a few months, for others, it has taken a couple of years. The common theme for those that have reached their goals is taking action. Everyone who has succeeded has taken small steps every day. Do something, however tiny, every day, and you will reach your goal.

Pace yourself and enjoy your journey.

Best wishes,
Be Happy!
DCarpenter1 Premium
Hi Phil

Thanks for the follow - I have reciprocated.

I am 3 years older than you, however, cannot claim the great fitness you have - well done.
I also have not visited the doctor, & remain healthy & do not take any medications. I have eliminated all sugar & soft drinks which are loaded with sugar. I take a daily dose of Turmeric + Apple Cider Vinegar to keep my weight in check & relieve arthritis in my wrists & my general wellbeing.

Wishing you great success here @ WA


BTW - In which city/country do you live?
phil1944 Premium
Well done on the sugar front. The only sugar I eat is in fruit. The two best things for arthritis are stretching exercises that involve joint rotation and a daily dose of glucosamine and chondroitin sulphates. You need to do both for a couple of months before the effect kicks in.

3 of my published books are in the health and fitness space and I intend to write more. You can see them at phil-Lancaster.com.

I live on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia and surf, walk or bike ride most days.
lakbar12 Premium
Hi, Phil! I am just dropping by to say hi and nice to meet you. Thank you, for allowing me in your network. I have followed back. I look forward to learning with you here in the WA community. I wish you the best in all you do. To your continued success...Kisha
BobMargroff Premium
Hi Phil, welcome to WA and congrats on going Premium also. You are definitely in the right place. Maybe your online presence just needs a re-vamp. Once you go through the training here, you may discover where to fix the hemorrhaging of your money on your other online ventures. It might be that all you need is a website that has built trust, then the Shopify venture will fall into place.

Thanks for following me and I am now following you back. I'm interested in seeing your success and see if WA can help you fix your other online venture once you have been through some of the training here.

I wish you the best!
qrwizard Premium
Hi Phil and thanks for the follow.
I like the way you describe yourself. It's inspirational!
Money comes and goes, I know that from my own experience. What I think is the secret is what we can learn from each failure. It has been tough for me sometimes. I used to choose a victim role and winge and whine about life being unfair. Not any more.
I'm back from the abyss, man. And I am actively looking for like-minded people to do things together, optimizing and sharing plans, resources, and results.
Let's keep in touch.

ShihTzuSteve Premium
Hi Phil, welcome to WA premium and thanks for the follow.
You certainly don’t look 74!
I had a go with Shopify a couple of years back with similar results to you.
Now at WA I feel certain I will finally make a success of this internet marketing thing and I’m sure you will too.
Best of luck,
Zulyusri Premium
Hi Phil...

Thank you very much for following me and I am happy to follow you right back...

It looks like we are both looking for the same thing as well as countless others. And it is fated that we came across WA. WA is definitely the place to be... Seriously.

All the Best and see you at the Top... 🚀
Robert-A Premium
Hello Phil And Welcome To Wealthy Affiliate.

Since you joined and with your other online experience you may well have come to the conclusion that internet marketing is a steep learning curve.

You must keep referring to the training (it does get updated from time to time).

If you get really stuck on anything then can I suggest you browse some of the 460+ blogs I have published within WA.

Feel free to send me a message anytime you get stuck and I will endeavour to point you in the right direction.

You have decided to follow me and I will follow you as well.
Have a great day.
JonathanAll1 Premium
Welcome to WA. It’s participation and persistence to get there and also takes a lot of creative thought to process...
Yes, thank you for following. And I am hungry to get started.
I am finding so much information for goals to success. This is surely a great opportunity with just what I need to develop independence and dreams.
Yes, www is a big world brought together with WA...
I’m just following my heart... if you’re into books, this will work out. Giving it time to sink in.

Truly grateful
JonathanLeslie net
ExpatMark Premium
Thanks for the follow Phil and good to see someone who takes their own health in their hands. Great bio and we'll outlive them all. Personal Trainer and Nutritionist here and just won the Planet Fitness Ironman competition against guys half my age. Age is just a number(sure you know) so onward and upward we go.

Best of luck at WA.
Hope it fills a void.

phil1944 Premium
Congratulations on the Ironman comp.

Yeah, I regularly outsprint and outclimb cyclists younger than my children. And my mother lived to 102.

I've just started building my first WA business. In the anti-aging niche!
ExpatMark Premium
Great niche. Working on my site, just got my new theme. Send my your url when you got your site up and running and I will leave you some good comments. My mom and dad came from large families of good "country" people. 26 aunts and uncles and only one didn't make it over 90. He was 88. So got good genes, gonna make sure my last 10 years are the best 10 years. No adult diaper, drooling, staring at a tv for me.

Onward and upward my new friend.
SuzaMarie Premium
Hey Phil! Welcome to WA! Congrats on going premium!

I think the most import thing to do with any new venture is to "plug in" and be consistent. Schedule time each day to do the training, work on your site and write content. You'll find that content is king. :)

Here's to great success with your WA journey and online endeavors!
LCEndahl Premium
H!! And welcome to WA Premium!! You will not regret your decision to go Premium! The information available here is never ending! And the training is incredible, and you won’t find anything like it, anywhere else!! Take it ALL in!!

Follow the training! I cannot stress this enough. Do not skip around. Do the lessons in the order in which they are. As well as the tasks that follow each of those lessons. I often jumped ahead in training, on my own, to only later really regret it. Take my word for it, it’s not worth it.

Go at your pace. Slow and steady is my new rule. You'll find you can't wait to learn more in the following days. You’ll want to learn more!! It ignites a new passion within you. It did me! Gave me back my purpose for living! There were a few lessons that I had to watch twice. If that's what you have to do, do it!

And soon you will have yourself an awesome website. Amazing direction, and the tools that you need to succeed in whatever it is you want to do!

You CAN do this!!

Be awesome! Be amazing!! And be successful!!!
Ray619 Premium
My Name Is Ray gbu and you're family and welcome to the team I pray that you take advantage of the great opportunity that is offered here at WA, and remember it is totally up to you to make this work for you and you're family. Fact is they offer some great training here at WA and you get to put it into practice while learning it. Well best blessing to you and you're family.
free4life Premium
Welcome to premium Phil, this is such a wise move on your part. 
Let me tell you why; 

1) you have just taken a huge step towards securing the future you want.
2) There is no better training available 
3) The community here ROCKS, but you already know that 
4) It shows just how serious you are about making a change Keep up the great work, so glad you found WA 🏆

Blessings ~ Frank & Tina (free4life)
smartketeer Premium
Hi Phil,

Thanks for following :)

If you need some help or if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me!

And if you are interested in a particular topic, just type "Posts and training by smartketeer" into the search bar to access the categorized & daily updated "register" of all my blogs and training materials.

To YOUR success!

adrianh25392 Premium
Hi Phil,

What a wonderful profile.
I just popped over to say Hi, and a massive thank you for adding me into your network, it is truly, very appreciated.

I too had a bad experience from Shopify. Luckily I realised fairly quickly the potential for it to become a Money Pit, and got out sharpish.

I look forward to sharing in your undoubted success on this platform.

smartketeer Premium
Hi Phil,

Congratulations on becoming a Premium member!

Wise decision!

If you need some help or if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me!

To YOUR success!

Jerrick75 Premium
Hello there Phil and welcome!
Thank you for the follow, I am doing the same in return. Sounds like you do have a lot drive with everything. I believe you have found the right place to help you out with all of your online things going on. Its an absolutely great and helpful community. Best wishes to you and everything your future holds my friend.

Thanks again!

Jerrick S.
Showolf Premium
Thank You for the follow!!
Following you as well!
Jadatherapy Premium

Many thanks for the follow, I really appreciate it.

All the very best success here at WA.

Villaginger Premium
Hi Phil,
Thanks for the follow, I am still working my 9-5 (more like 7-5 to whatever from home!)
Here's to our success at WA,