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How to share new posts on facebook page?

How to share new posts on facebook page?

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Good day to you...
I use Grow Social share icons plugin and have regularly used it to share new posts on a Facebook page.
The way it has been working is that a drop-down

I have had the same thing with LinkedIn and am trying to figure out why, so I will be interested in the answers.

Hi Stephen
Do you mean you're using Grow Social and it's not allowing you to share where you want on Linkedin?
Or do you mean that you're trying to share from Linkedin to FB?
If the latter that would imply a FB problem or change...

From my social media plug in to LinkedIn 8-))

Ah-ha... so that implies a plugin problem, Yu didn't say if you're using Grow Social or something else?

I’ve talked more to you than my wife this morning Richard,lol.
It is add to any, so different to what you’re using I believe.
Wouldn’t it be nice if you woke up every day and everything works perfectly…a marketers dream…

I share my Facebook Posts by using the Facebook Share button on my page.

I just click it, and it goes to Facebook, asking me to share it on my page or a page I manage.

I don't know if that helps.

I have attached a screen shot for you to see what I mean.

Good luck with everything


Thank you, Ingrid... that's exactly what the Grow Social icon used to do. Is yours from a plugin, or is it perhaps a WP block icon?

I have not noticed Richard, have you tried clearing the cache? Someone else reported same the other day, they had no user authorization and along these lines.

But you can always do it manually or try a different plugin.

I hope you get figured out.

Thank you Abie.
Clearing cache made no difference but thanks for the reminder.

Most welcome Richard. May be it is an update from Facebook or the plugin itself what is causing the issue, however if I hear something else I would let you know.

I have not visited FB on a regular basis. But it will change with my involvement with WA.

I am glad to know that we can copy the url of the post we want to share , as per Eric. I would like to know how that's done. Thank you Eric for sharing that info.

Hi Maria
I was asking about using a plugin that has always worked but seems to have stopped working for sharing posts from my site on a FB page (as opposed to on my personal feed.

First you'd need to learn how to set up a Page in FB (if that's what you want).

I may hook up with you eventually on that, when I get there. Thank you Richard !

No problem... feel free. Use PM is necessary.

You can also share your posts to FB by copying the url of the post you want to share and pasting it into a fb post.

Thank you, Eric, I just might end up doing that. I appreciate your input.

No prob :)

Hi Eric! Thank you for sharing that info regarding posts that we can possibly do regarding WA &b FB.

Hi there I’m a bit confused, I thought FB doesn’t like the URL’s in a post … so can we actually do that?

I've done it many times before with published posts from my site. Just give it a little intro context and why you think your friends might find it useful.

Thank you Eric

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