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Have I killed my sites?

Have I killed my sites?

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Getting Started

Ok, so...
As I posted recently, I have to take a break from WA for a little bit. This has also necessitated finding new hosting.

I have made the attempt to move my

Sorry Craig, I hope you get it all solved.
Somebody knows!


Hi, Craig,

I wish you the best and this is not going to help you by what I m about to say - “I’d personally think twice about finding another hosting platform especially for security reasons.”

Wealthy Affiliate is pretty dog gone secure.

Good luck, and I’m sorry for intervening with respect to your decision. Spoiler alert - Stay safe online.



You moved your WA website to another hosting, right?

I guess your datas are still there, it should be on the site admin, however, on WA we can't access the site admin and the Cpanel lIke other hosting companies.

Yes as other memberd suggest, contact site support for that matter.

The plugins and themes are also store on the site admin, you should find them there too. But I would suggest you reinstall all the plugins you use again.

Download them all and reinstall, it will be cleaner and will avoid bugs. After installing everything quit Wordpress and Sign In again. Your plugins should ask you to update if need to.

For the paid ones if you forgot the key contact the vendor, they will probably ask for you to login to your email for verification.

Hope that help, good luck.


I'm sure you will make it up and listen live again.

As for the paid plugins, you should still have the key, right? If not, contact the developer. They can provide it, or it might in your confirmation email from them. Hope this helps.

I heard that using WP/Tools/Export doesn't backup media. I believe Marion mentions this in one of her tutorials. I hope you manage, buddy.

Thanks. I'll muddle through.
Just one more obstacle, but I am not stopping. Lol

No...don't stop...not now.

Try getting supper from your new hosting to help with the migration. Some offer pretty good service and will help you with it.

Hi Craig, did you try site support?

Yes, waiting on a response

I really hope you get up and running soon without having to spend so much time redoing your photos but I must comment on your positive attitude. That's a great thing (along with your patience) as we deal with anything digital.

Well, I obviously won't be happy if everything is lost, but if it is, I have no control over that. All I can do is pick up the pieces and start over, hopefully creating something even better.

Though, that will probably come after a good cry. ha ha ha

Can you asked support to re install your sites again, then make a propper backup using a plugin or FTP?

I just sent them a message. Waiting on a response.

I will not be terribly happy if 2 years of work goes poof. Lol

Good, I truly hope they can help you sort out this mess

Ooooh, WOW, I have to say I have not experienced that, so not able to shed any light on the plugins, cept t say, have you made a note seperately in a book or on your PC as to what plugins you had?

I do this both in Notepad on my PC and an Index book, just in case

I did not, but I know pretty much everything I had.

Ah ok, then sorry my friend unable to help further at this time.

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A basic question I should know the answer to?

A basic question I should know the answer to?

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WA Affiliate Program

Ok, so I should already know this, but I don't remember and I don't have a lot of time right now to look it up.

I am probably going to have to let my membership lapse fo

sorry to hear that Craig... hope you find your answer

Hi Craig

I'm sorry to hear that is the case!

I looked through the answers and it doesn't look like anybody has responded yet, who knows.

Please send a PM to Kyle and get the correct answer straight from him!

Wishing you all of the very best! Please keep in touch!

Sharlee (Chocolate IceCream)


So, yeah, from what i can see, one can still earn commission as a free member, only the payout is 50%

I should have remembered that, but it's been a while since i looked. Long enough that I couldn't even remember where to find the info! Ha ha

Hi Craig
Yes, I know about the 50% as a free member. I'm just not sure that one can go back to being a free member, from having been Premium. I remember that I read something a while ago, that it was not possible. But seeing that I am not sure that the person who said that, had their facts straight, I didn't want to be the one to repeat it. ;-) Therefore the suggestion that you contact Kyle and confirm it with him - at least you then know you have the correct answer.
Wishing you all of the very best!
Sharlee (Chocolate IceCream)

Hope you can get a definitive answer and let us know. Sorry you are going through this :(


Are you able to do the free membership for awhile? At that point, I would think you could still promote it because you would still have an account. Just a thought.


Yes, Lisa, that is what I am hoping for. I will keep my account here, but it just won't be premium. I'm just not sure if I will still be able to earn WA commission.

I took a quick look to see if I could find the answer and had no luck. When I get a chance I will look more in-depth.

Sorry to hear your going thru this. Looks like we are on the same boat. Good luck see you soon. That;s what I am aiming for. I have to earn some revenues, serious revenues before I can keep going.

I don't know for sure. But it seems to me that your affiliation to wa should not be affected by membership status. After all you're still referring customers and you don't need a membership for other affiliate programs.

That's what I am hoping...

Sorry to hear that!
I actually asked this question myself before going premium and prepared in advance.

You can try moving your website to another host before your account closes. They give you 30 days.

Yeah, that part I am not worried about. I will have my site hosted elsewhere. I just want to know if I need to run through all my reviews and delete my links to WA, or if I can still earn commission here as a free member.

Oh I see. I don't think they'll work. The tracking code would become invalid without a profile to link it to I suppose.

That's bad news, Craig. I hope things work out for you, buddy, sooner than later!

Good things (great things) are on the horizon, but *right now* I may need to pause my membership.
I'm not stopping altogether though.

I'm glad, and very relieved to hear that, Craig. Looking forward to the new things to appear on the horizon...


Your site will be removed in 30 days. You will either need to restart your membersip or move your site elsewhere or it will simply cease to exist.

Hi. Thanks for the response. That's not really what I am asking though. I am not worried about my site, but I have my WA affiliate inks spread liberally across various posts and want to know if I can still earn WA commission for referring people here even without being a premium member.

If not, I'll have to kill those links, I suppose.

I don’t know. There’s reference to making money from a special offer under the $ symbol and program details.

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Filezilla and ftp question question?

Filezilla and ftp question question?

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Getting Started

Hello everyone!
It's been quite some time since I posted anything, and even longer since I had to ask a question, but I am back with one now, if anyone can help...


Marion gave an excellent solution.

Another way to consider is to create a Facebook Group. Make it closed and exclusive. Only to those who signed up to your database.

With this Facebook Group, you can upload your documents for members to download. Also, it is an arena for you to continue engaging your subscribers and followers. E.g. when you write a new blog post, you can post it into the group.

This keeps them engaged, and helps to keep your brand memorable.

That's a very good idea, as well.

Marion rocks!

She does!

Marion to the rescue!!!

Tried and True


I know, she's like Superwoman.

Try using temporary email to see that does the same effect. Also, you need to be in incognito mode.

I do not know you are sharing the file but you could share it on Google drive by sharing the link.

Hi Craig.. Marion has given you a good suggestion.

However what I have done with my downloads is to create a download folder in the root directory and put all my downloads into the download folder.

So the download link becomes www.MySiteName.com/download /NameOfDownload.pdf

This works well for me and it means all my downloads are in one place.
Hope this helps

That's pretty much what I was trying to do. I will have to look at it again. I'm not sure where I made a mistake.


Craig double check the link I am that is the issue... if it's a pdf then don't forget the .pdf at the end of the link..

Seems like Marion has a good answer

A good answer, and very easy!
I'm a big fan of easy. Ha ha


As you know, Craig, I use FTP a lot. But this is one time that FTP is not the best method.

Go to Media Library > Add New and upload it just as you would an image file. Once it's in your Media Library you can get the URL for it and link to it using a text link or an image link.

After all these years, and I never considered uploading a pdf file into the Media Library. So I learned something new today. Thanks, Marion.

I usually just use FTP and upload pdf files into a separate directory on my website. Or upload them using File Manager in cPanel, which is not an option with WA hosted websites.

Oh... my... goodness.
Ha ha ha!

Well, this is one of those *facepalm* moments where I realize I have been making things far more difficult than necessary.

I never would have thought of that.

Thank you!

That is one of the things I did know lol thanks Marion I am glad I looked down here because I was going to tell him that :)

Unable to help

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