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I love riding mountain bikes,fishing,photography,and I have enjoyed being part of this community for the past four years.
I have learned quite a bit from the lessons that Kyle and Carson provide for us. I will continue the learning process by finishing the Bootcamp lessons and building my websites.
I encourage all new members to never give up your goal of owning your own online business.
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ANSWER #1:$2,000-$3,000 a month.ANSWER #2:$5,000 or more per month.Answer #3:4 to 8 hours a day on my days off.Unfortunately my full time job has working hours of 10 to 12 hours a day.I would like to concentrate my WA efforts on my days off.
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Dec 19, 2016
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TomasB Premium Plus
ANSWER #1:$2,000-$3,000 a month.ANSWER #2:$5,000 or more per month.Answer #3:4 to 8 hours a day on my days off.Unfortunately my full time job has working hours of 10 to 12 hours a day.I would like to concentrate my WA efforts on my days off.
Kyle Premium Plus
Those are wonderful goals Tomas and I can tell you firsthand that these are more than achievable. When I started out I had very similar goals and with some hard work and dedication, I exceeded any goals that I could have ever initially set.

You will get there if you invest some hard work and dedication to this, I don't have any doubt. :)
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Robert-A Premium
Hello Tomas and a belated welcome to wealthy affiliate.
Lots of help here within WA for Newbies.
Internet marketing is a steep learning curve.
I have published about 200 blogs within WA so have a browse and I'm sure you will go away with lots of tips and advice.
Thank you for the follow as well and I will follow you.
Remember, you get stuck, you ask ok.
Compsol99 Premium
Hi Thomas!
Thank you very much for following me and welcome to the WA community! Be sure to follow all the training that is available on this site and don't be afraid to ask questions. The people in the WA community, myself included, are happy to help you. Best of luck to you in your endeavors.
Shawn - Yearly Premium Member

P.S. If you get a chance check out how the training helped me to build my websites. My latest one on how to boost your retirement income just went live last week and the one on sleep apnea has been up for a couple of months now. You can find the links on my profile page. Any feedback or comments would be greatly appreciated.
Andrew-74 Premium
Hi, welcome to Wealthy Affiliate premium. You made a great choice and I'm sure you will get a lot out of the training here.
If you need any help, don't be afraid to ask. There are tons of people here that will assist you in any problems that you have. If you would like to connect with me you can follow me at my profile here: https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/ave212 feel free to ask me anything!

Take a look at my tips for making the most of your Wealthy Affiliate membership here: I wish you the best of success!

Kyle Premium Plus
Tomas, I see you are making some good progress through the Affiliate Bootcamp. Just wanted to pop by and see if you need a hand with anything?

I also wanted to mention the success rates of Bootcamp. Absolutely everyone that has taken action on all of the phases of Bootcamp has a business that is generating consistent income online. MANY of these folks are going to be at our super affiliate conference next year.

I want this to be you and I want you to succeed with your promotions. So, please promise me that if you ever need a hand or feel stuck as you move forward, that you will get in touch with me!

Trust me, I know things can be a little overwhelming sometimes and I don't want you feeling like that.

Anyways, just checking in. Get back at me if you need anything Tomas.
TomasB Premium Plus
Thanks Kyle.I was really fortunate to find your company and your friends,you guys are such a great way to LEARN this craft.I truly think it is a craft that will benefit those who apply themselves.I do have some questions that I would like you to answer for me instead of them being replied to on the chat room,but I know you have to help other members.No worries,we'll talk when we get a chance.
Kyle Premium Plus
You can drop me a PM if you haven't already and we can chat in private. I have a bit of backlog to get through as I have been off the last week in our super affiliate conference in Vegas, but am back in the saddle now. Chat soon!
LindaSMcRae Premium
Hi there Tomas, thank you for following me! Hope you are enjoying your training and getting your website going. I wish you all the best with your online business! This is the best community I have ever found, I love it here! If I can help in any way, please don't hesitate to contact me!
With Kind Regards,