Do you prefer Yoast or AIOSEO? I prefer AIOSEO , even in it's newest version because I was already familiar with the older versions. I was doing some experiments on one of my test sites using Yoast and I was having a bit of trouble figuring out some of the features. I appreciate any replies from anyone in the community.

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JohnnyMark1 Premium Plus
I've used the free version of AIOSEO all along, but now I'm finding that it refuses to overwrite the Wordpress generated robots.txt file. There's lot of tutorials on how to use AIOSEO's robots.txt Editor, but there's no one out there discussing why I can't get the editor to make changes to the file.
YvonneBray Premium
I use AIOSEO. I find it easier to understand and use.
BrightSales Premium
I am not familiar with Yoast. But I'll stick to AIOSEO. I find it easy to use even though it's new. All the best!
Jeff9110 Premium
I use SEOPress Pro for all my sites. It works great so far.
BrendaMZ Premium
Neither. I use Rank Math Pro. If you feel that the new AISEO benefits you then stick with it. Its best to stick to something that you are familiar with. I never used Yoast. Wish you the best in deciding.