Tomas Premium 10 minutes ago
Hi Kyle, I hope you and your family are safe, secure, and healthy.I just wanted to contact you regarding a project that I am currently working on with Dominic Wells team at Human Proof Designs.They are building me a website that I want to have hosted here at Wealthy Affiliate because I trust you and Carson, and I believe that you guys have your customers best interests always in mind. When we prosper, you prosper.
I have been a member since 2016, and I love this concept of earning money by helping people get the information that they want and need regarding the hobbies and interests that they have.
Unfortunately, my passion for this business is always kept in check by my time limitations because of my full time job with a major railroad company here in the US.
I was just concerned about any hosting issues and certifications that may arise if I host an external website here with you and Carson.
The domain name they are building the site on is one I already have here with you guys,

They are not finished building the site yet, but I wanted to get your input on this project before they deliver the site to me in a couple of weeks.
I would appreciate any information you give me when you have time, I know you all are busy with the normal day to day activities, as well as dealing with the issue.?

Be safe, looking forward to your reply.
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peterjamesk Premium Plus
this platform is a WordPress platform I believe so if the website can be uploaded through Wordpress it should be fine. generate press is the theme promoted here if you wanted to create your own in future