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Hi - I am a full-time freelance web writer and proofreader, based in the United Kingdom. I live with my awesome "rock star" guitarist husband. In my spare time, I promote a local heavy metal band.


3 April 2019 - I am thrilled to announce that I have been accepted as one of the participants in the 2019 Super Affiliate Challenge!
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Stylinrose Premium
Hi! I am a newby...I have dipped and doodled. Trial and error with domains and websites out there. My question today is what is your option on trade affiliates? Personally I think it is a gamble that I don't know much about. But the thought has tickled my brain
DianeScorpio Premium
Hello and welcome! I am sorry, but I don't know anything about trade affiliates. Perhaps you could ask in Live Chat or as a question to the whole community?
JoeFrancis90 Premium
Hi Diane,

The funny thing is that when I first stared with WA it was so easy to get hold of Kyle.
I send messages 2 days to reply, this time I have sent a message regarding certain money that has come out of my personal bank account, that was yesterday afternoon.

It is now Saturday Night, still no reply.

The funny thing is, is that I had asked him, in my message regarding my account details, about paying the annual fee all in one go.

Like I said, before I did not even have to ask a question, there would be Kyle on my page, and Carson, but now, that, has all seem to have slowed down, to a halt.

I am sorry but that is how I feel.

I have sent him, [ Second message ] regarding not being able to understand the question in Level 2 / Lesson 5 of 10.

I do not understand how this lesson and the lesson before regarding 'content' and this lesson 'content'?.
If I could get an answer, I could get on with my work.

Title = 'The Traffic Breakdown'

Content = The Scary Word: 'Content'

Video - Watch it.

Discuss Video: How Content Can Lead to Mass Traffic

I have read: The Customer Purchase Lifecycle

Like I said,...How Does This Content Writing Differ From The Other

What is the difference in 'content 'writing.

Joe 90
BHiatt Premium
Hey Joe , I have recipe a lot of answers, and I’ve asked a lot of them , some weren’t read right , but that’s ok. Skimming over the surface sometimes. You are more than welcome to come to my page and learn from my mistakes. Glad you’re here Joe
JoeFrancis90 Premium
Hi BHiatt,
What are you taking about?
Look at your message to me.
What are you talking about?


Joe 90
Tammycrain Premium
Aloha Diane
Congratulations on all your success. Mahalo for sharing your wisdom. Excited with WA.Even though im just starting its not that hard to figure out, I'm stuck ! hahahaha. But I can see the light.
I do not mind slowing down and enjoy meeting everyone here, socializing, working the research!
JoeFrancis90 Premium
Hi Diane,
An update,I have gone back to lesson with Kyle , 'Creating Your Website',I took a chance and looked at the screen he was on, and looked at the 'Published' and 'Unpublished' areas.
I was scared to,but pressed on Published and have found my 'About Me' work I done yesterday. (Happy! Happy!)

Ok,..now what I really would love is,to be able to put this 'About Me' writing together with my New 'Blossom Theme'.
That would make my day!

I am just going over lesson 7/8/9 again,it was all a bit of a rush..but I understand why!..It was an overview...but a great overview.

Can I put them together?

Joe 90
JoeFrancis90 Premium
Hi Diane,
Todays topic,ok,It took me 2 days to understand properly what a plugin does.
Diane,I because It was not explain to me that the actual pictures on the front of the 'Theme' covers that you see don't maybe,and I say maybe, and I still don't really know if I am right?] don't come with the actual pictures on the front of the 'Theme you are choosing to download..if that is the right term.

So, I spent all day trying to down?..the 'Theme', trying to get the picture of the 'Theme, on my Domain Website,only realizing that maybe a 'Tmeme means what the 'Theme' actually does?

OK,Now I spent 2 days writing my 'About Me' page,I was really proud of myself,as I did not know what to write when I was first following Kyle on the videos.

Diane,I,if I am right have 2 websites in my browser if that is the right term.My original 'THEME' Sweet 19?,free with Newbie lesson to build you website.
I did not like the look on the Sweet 19 [as I was going on the 'PiCtURES' of the 'Theme'..and wanted a better picture [Still thinking that the picture of the 'Theme' is on the front cover of your website. [PHEW!]

What has happened is that,I believe that I have lost all the good work I done, [My About ME page] Idid save it,but the other thing is that the autorespond was saying saved 2mins ago etc..another thing I have only skimmed over in the Newbie lessons.

Diane,you see I thinkI have seen it,but it seems not to be on my new 'Thene' but my old Newbie 'Theme' of Newbie sessions.

I did save it with admin,sent it to page first,then I thought,did Kyle say it should go to 'Posts'?,anyway I have sent it to both,one on one web page,if that is the right term,and one to the other.

Have I lost my work?...how can I check?

Joe 90
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - first of all, a theme is how your site looks and the layout. However, when you look at a theme, it just shows you what it could look like, once you have customised it yourself. Think of it as just a "skeleton". Themes rarely come with the pictures that it shows. It is up to you to add your own images.

You can't have 2 websites unless you have actually built 2. In other words, if you went back to lesson 4, then built another site with a different name. Websites each have a different name.

You can't publish something twice through Site Content. Once it has been published you can't send it to another site as well.

So, first of all, have you built 2 websites, each with a different name? Can you tell me the name of the website so I can look at it?
JoeFrancis90 Premium
Hi Diane,
Good-Morning!,Regarding your first paragraph,dont I know it now! (This was never explained,but maybe I am the only goat that thought otherwise.
I was looking for the picture of the 'Theme' to be on my website page..oh silly me!

Yesterday,I was told correctly that the 'Theme I had was something magazine,that was correct..I was shown an image of what I have by the Help Centre.

However,I downloaded if that is the term a 'Theme' called 'Blossom' from Wordpress.
It seems that I have the,quote 'Magazine',with one part of my stuff,and 'Blossom Theme' aswell.

I feel I have the Blossom Theme because the layout is different,with a lot more fields on it like,..2 of everything...Search,Post,Email,Comment...etc.

Have I lost all the good work I done yesterday by changing the 'Theme' to Blossom?

As for the 2 Website Thing!
The only thing I can think of is that I am still in this 30 day change over thing from Siterubix.com to WA System if that is the right term?

If I cant publish twice!,could I have over=written it.
If not and I did publish it..where could it be stored?.

Joe 90