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Hello, Wealthy Affiliates! My name is Diane and I live in Nottingham in the United Kingdom. I currently work as a full-time freelance web writer, proofreader, and affiliate marketer. I live with my awesome "rock star" guitarist husband. My hobbies include reading fantasy genre novels, papercrafts and food and wine. In my spare time, I promote a local heavy metal band.


3 April 2019: I am thrilled to announce that I have been accepted as one of the participants in the 2019 Super Affiliate Challenge!
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JoeFrancis90 Premium
Hi Diane,
Sorry to trouble you on a Suday, like today!
I an sorry, but could you tell me how / where to get feedback on my Artilcles from other people (Level 2 , Lesson 2.

I do believe, tell me if I am right, as, While I am writing this, I am thinking, it is where you have to give to receive, (section?) in Site Content?.

Now, the next thing is, how do I find / give the right Article?, I have looked beforehand, again in Site Content area, could you please guide me, and if you have to send a video, cool!.

Ahhhh, there is something else, 7 days ago,( Aduiist) another WA member, did pose a question. (Your answer was, If you assign your 'Post to a 'Category', then add the category to the top, that will help the flow of your site, and make it easier for others to follow. End quote)

Well I would like to do the (any video)
same, (not sure if ever shown this in Level's and Lessson to-date. (I want to learn, I want my Site to look good.

I did not understand what a theme was all about, I thought, the 'Theme' was the actual 'Picture' on the 'Front' of the picture on picking a theme, I spent hours, downloading this blinking 'Theme', over, and over, because, I could not see the picture of the 'theme' on my Website, until, someone explained it to me.
(Now that hurt, and made me feel real stupid, yeh, real stupid, all because, it was not really explained in / on the WA video with Kyle. ( I do remember at the time, thinking, you know what?, throw this rubbish!, I was that hurt)

No one, knew what I was talking about, and as a 'Very Newbie', I could not explain myself, as all was new terminology, what did I know?. (I am learning, and felt that things could, and in some areas, explained much better, that is my feedback for anyone that wants to listen.

Could you possibly help me with any of my requests above.

I will read something while I wait for a response.Up

Thanks again (I know it is Sunday, Sorry!

Joe 90
Audiist Premium
Hi again Diane,
You have been a prolific poster with a significant following. I'm a newbie and have been starting to compile some post ideas in the Template location as a Keyword Rich Page. They are in various stages of completion,
I'm still taking the classes and my site is barely started. At what point should they be posted? Or, do I post them here on WA (as you've done w/57 posts? Or both? I'm confused.
I want there to be some logic to the site, rather than jumping from topic to topic. Suggestions or thoughts appreciated.
Hard rock, eh? I just watched Ron Howard's film on the Beatles last night of their touring years. Very good. And good luck to your RockStar!
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - you can post them whenever you want. The training does suggest at certain points when you should add a post, but you don't have to wait to be told.

Don't post them on WA and your website as well, that will show up as duplicate content. (My 57 posts here are not on my websites, they were simply written to help other members).

If you assign your posts to a category, then add the categories to the top menu, that will help the flow of your site, and make it easier for others to navigate.
Giliam Premium
Hi Dianee, I got Adsense as a plugin on my site. I have to connect the code provided and paste it into my sites HTML. I have tried but it is not clear for me how to do it. Please help me with step by step instruction. I am a bit lost.
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - I noticed Shannon provided you with a link earlier. Are you sorted now?
LukeMoretti Premium
Hey Diane, Hope you don't mind me asking you a question, In lesson 10 in the bootcamp training it says....
Update your automated Referral message within WA, as the second thing to do...but...I cannot remember setting up any automated emails, Or training to do this, I have mail chimp installed on my other niche website,
I have seen the automated messages in wealthy affiliate but I cannot seem to edit them, There is a New campaign button down the bottom but i'm not sure if that's what i'm supposed to do, Do you know where the training is for this ? Or what exactly I am supposed to be doing here ? I have a feeling I have missed setting up something lol
Kilife Premium
Hi Diane and thanks for the follow, I'm now following you back.

My guess is 32 trillion years, that's the amount of time you would need to proofread and correct all the websites on WA. I admit I'm no expert, but some of them, really!

Unfortunately, I couldn't open the link for your boyfriends band. I would be interested to see it. I'm old enough to have seen some of the best rock bands and my wife works at an arts and leisure centre, so in normal times we get to see a lot of live music.

Anyway, I always like to at least say hello when someone follows me, and this was it.

Take care and best wishes, Graham (and Cheryl)