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Hello my name is Thomas Pye I am completely new here...I have never tried online business of any kind. I did a lot of searching for legit





Where do I find ideas to expand from my theme pages?

Where do I find ideas to expand from my theme pages?

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WA Affiliate Program

I have my theme pages selected, and the ten topics for each! Where do I find information about each topic to write about

Ask.com will help.

Thank you!

Good timing Thomas, we're on the same page. I'm taking advice from Gunnertwist. (ask.com)

Thanks for tis. I had the same question!

I use places like Ask .com and put in my keyword and see what people are currently asking about with regards to my keyword. It can give u a whole bunch of ideas that way.


I used the WA keyword tool and it works for me. I also used Google Search.

Is possible to do a key word search and make a sensible blog using certain keywords Pepperd thoughout the blog?

yes it is. That will work fine. just don't saturate your blog with keywords.

What Steve said is spot on. I would add reading books about your particular niche as well. I do a lot of book reviews but while I'm reading the book I get tons of article ideas of my own. Then I jump into Jaaxy and start hitting up the Alphabet Soup method to see what people are searching for.

Let me refer you to SiteRubix Manager...

That's basically what I'm doing. A lot of reading then wrote my own!

You could do a Google search based on your topics and see what's out there. Then, produce even better content.

Thank you for the quick respondse I appreciate this.

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About my site being indexed in google?

About my site being indexed in google?

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Getting Started

If my site has already been indexed for three weeks or so, and I have not published any of the pages yet. can I change it from a.net to a.com.

.net and .com would make two different domain names and two different websites. You would have to register the new .com domain name if it is not already taken. Not worth the hassle.

Your probably rite, I think I will just leave it!

Its not possible. If you need a.com, you to buy a new .com domain. You might not get the same name. It could be taken already.

So I would have to pay for a new domain, and loose the one I have? Is this correct?

Then wait to be indext again in google?

Yes, unfortunately, that is correct. Because it's an entirely new domain.

Thank you.. still haven't decided! I'm hearing that .com is recognized more than .net ..... I didn't know this.

It is. .com is the best way to go for an online business. Followed by .org I believe. I think Google is coming up with their own .guru or something like that. But it comes with their website.building/hosting platform

Thank you, for the information! I appreciate it very much.

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Can I use word for word content from wealthy affiliate?

Can I use word for word content from wealthy affiliate?

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WA Affiliate Program

I am promoting wealthy affiliate with my website! Can I use word for word content when it comes to describing what wealthy affiliate has to offer for zero down etc

Not a good idea Thomas. Your words would be much better.

Check what Paul suggests below...then take your course...

That's right Thomas, Robert (boomergp08) answered it for you. But what you can do is use your posts within WA, or others, by copying and pasting the link from the 'Affiliate' box up top. That link will have your unique WA ID, and if a visitor to your site joins WA from clicking on that link, you will get your nice referral commission :)

No, that is against WA policy and also considered as duplicate content by Google. You should have no problem describing the benefits to WA in your own words.

Thank you all for the replies to my question! There might be hope for me yet. Lol

Hi, Thomas...

I would advise you to create your own take on the Wealthy Affiliate program and use bits and pieces as may fit into your own presentation and opinion...

When you do add these supporting screenshots, videos, quotes, etc. if you add a citation to each as to where and when and who, you should be OK...

Everyone has an opinion and their own style of writing...By using your own style, you separate yourself from the crowd that is promoting Wealthy Affiliate.

Certainly, all the benefits and technical information are consistent with all Wealthy Affiliate reviews, but it is how you tell your story that will engage and compel the reader to take action...

There are a million angles to take so it should be fairly easy to use one that is a bit different, offers a new perspective, and hits the emotion of the reader and entices them to take action and sign up for an account...

Best of luck!

Dave : )

Be careful on this so just revamp the words a bit

Thank you! I think I'm getting it.

Hello, Thomas, its better to use our own word, describe it in your own experience.

Thank you I was concerned about this. So what you're saying as long as I use my own words you can still pertain to the actual information, and this will be OK?

You may have content duplication issues - Google indexes WA pages.

Thank you I was concerned about this.

So as long as I put it into my own words he can still pretain to the actual information?

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When I installed seo it asked me to upgrades to pro?

When I installed seo it asked me to upgrades to pro?

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Getting Started

Should I do this or does it matter?

Basic SEO is just fine...

Thank you very much.. I'm new at this online stuff and just wasn't sure.

You are okay with the basic SEO.

Thank you...

No, you don't have to. It's just an option that most plugins have.

Thank you very much..I'm now following you...

Your very welcome and thanks for the follow. :)

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