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What would cause my site email to not forward?

What would cause my site email to not forward?

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Everything Wordpress

I have checked that everything is set correctly

You've got some really great answers from other members. Best wishes!

Hey Carole,

Depends on HOW you setup your forwarded email address.

It is always best to follow a tutorial, step-by-step so you won't skip a step.

If you are trying to setup your domain email to be forwarded to your gmail account, here's a great tutorial you can follow along with: Sometimes I make boo-boos myself, so you're not alone. If you have to delete the forwarded email address and start again, you can do that easily.

Hope you find this helpful.

It is an aol account. I have three forwarded. Only one is not going through.

Soooo... your AOL is being forwarded to another account... or your WA domain email is being forwarded to your AOL email account?

If you meant the 2nd, is AOL limiting the number of forwarded email addresses?

Wa to aol. Supports tests go through but I can’t get mine to forward from yahoo to wa to aol. I will check!

Too many forwards would be causing that issue.

Go to Yahoo mail and forward it directly to AOL. Why bother WA server at all.

The WA email server is for your domain email addresses hosted on WA servers. If you want to respond to emails sent to you from your WA hosted domains, that is when you can use gmail so that you can actually respond USING your WA domain email addresses.

Please, do review that tutorial linked above so you can understand easier.

Hi, please submit a ticket to site support have them check it for you


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What are best business card maker apps?

What are best business card maker apps?

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Local Marketing

The question is as above. Thank you.

I made my business cards on Vista print, when you are looking for carton cards, they have awesome offers

Also. I would look at using Canva. There is a video here on WA called Hello: Canva geared toward beginners using it. I have used it (not for making business cards) but for making a logo. They also have a section on their site for Business Cards. They have Tons of free stuff to use as well as paid.

Vista Print is pretty good. You could also look at any local ma and pa shops to see if they have any good deals and you can see the quality of their work as well. I went to a place in NY when I was recruiting there any they had high-quality prints. Cost more than Vista Print, but I was able to see before I bought.

Vista Print does great cards however I always pay a little extra with them to get real quality cards as there cheap offer is cheap looking cards
Hope this helps

Hi Carole,

I've had a good experience with VistaPrint. Another option could be designing with Microsoft Word and going to Kinkos to have them print them out. There's loads more online options but I've only ever used VistaPrint. Hope this helps and I hope others have more ideas!



Thank you!

You're welcome!

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Where is the billing information?

Where is the billing information?

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Getting Started

I'm probably looking right at it, but I need to update my payment information and I can't find it. Thank you.

Hey Carole,

See screen print below...
Hope this helps you.

Hi Carol, I see several people have already answered your question. That's why WA is such a great place!


keishalina9 is right, click your profile picture and you will find it their.

It easy but you do need to know where to look. I had to ask the same question when I was new. Double click your profile picture, and you will see a section called account settings in the lower right corner. If you need further help, let me know.

Hey hi! ...

Check your Profile>>AccountSettings>>SubscriptionSettings>>Payment Source... and follow the prompts as needed...

Hope this answers your question, all the best, cheerio..

Backlinks - how does this happen?

Backlinks - how does this happen?

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Website Development & Programming

This is a supposed deleted backlink that opens my website. His version of my site has Asian language characters throughout content.


Good evening Carole,

Sorry, I am of no help here.
Just wanted to say nice to see you again after such a long time.

Greetings from the south of Spain, Taetske

I had this issue once, and I only found out through Semrush. I ended up contacting the webmaster by email, and after a while, the backlink was gone.

Not sure how to go about it in your case since Asian language characters aren't that straightforward to decipher :(

Hey Carole,

When investigating... see screen prints below,...

From Google's translation the site appears to be selling shoes for Women, Men and sports shoes.

If you do not want them linking to your website, you could contact their site using the abuse email address found in the 2nd screen print, and be sure to include the full link in your emailed request.

However, if you are selling shoes, this could be a very helpful backlink to your website.

Hope you find this helpful.

Thank you. I need to study your screen shots. I am not selling shoes and I will go further.

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Does anyone promote amazon prime membership?

Does anyone promote amazon prime membership?

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Keyword, Niche and Market Research

Is their an affiliate program for Amazon Prime membership? I need to join if anyone is one

Contact the Support Team at Amazon.
They will know.
I am headed there now.
See who gets the answer first.
Hope this helps.

Try this link.
You can also google ( anything + affiliate program )

ex. Amazon Prime + affiliate program

here's the official website there is a membership payment involved


I love Amazon Prime, and I've saved a lot of money on shipping. I just can't quite figure out how to market it other than a banner ad on a site. Building a website around it is not practical.

But Amazon offers rewards for all of their products and services....so as long as you are signed up as a regular affiliate they will credit you your commissions.

I don't know if that answered your question. I hope so.

Earn $3 for every visitor that starts a 30-day free trial ... - Amazon Affiliate
Starting March 1, 2015 you are eligible to earn $3 for visitors you get to sign up for Amazon Prime 30-day free trials. Amazon Prime is our membership program that allows our customers to experience the best of Amazon. Prime members enjoy: * FREE Two-Day Shipping on millions of items. * Instant streaming of thousands ...

Thanks for sharing, Brad.

You will sign up to be an Amazon Associate. The link to promote Amazon prime is under products and then banners. You may be able to get only link other product links also. I haven't tried that yet.

Good luck.

Thanks for sharing, Mike.

Sorry. Wrong classroom but maybe someone knows the answer

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