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What size text is mobile friendly?

What size text is mobile friendly?

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I just ran a test and it said my text is to small for mobile. I am currently useing size 14 text.

My theme default text size is 16 px and it is mobile friendly. I hope it helps.

Thanks for your reply. My theme default is 12. Is there a way to change this?

Here is training by MarionBlack about changing font size sitewide using custom CSS. Hope this helps,


Thanks for that link, it helped!

It looks like the theme you use has an effect.

With that in mind, I have tested that 16 is the minimum but most of the time I would say 17-20.
It could be wise to start in 16 and one point higher each time if needed.

Thanks for replying. What do you mean by effect?

I have seen there is a difference in the size after which theme you use. Not big but enough.

Yes 14 is too small, use minimum 17, I always use 20

Thanks for the help!

Yes. For reading content on a mobile device, I'd go with 17 or 20 for font size. It will be easier if it's seen on a smaller device.

I hope this helps.

All the best,


Thanks for the help. I'm going to start changing it all now.

Hi, I would try changing your text to size 17. It seems to be a good size for mobile and desktop. You could go bigger if you wish, but 17 seems to be the standard.

Thanks for your reply. I'm going to have to change all my posts, yuk!

Hi, some themes allow you to change your font size easily sitewide by selecting typography, under appearance settings.

However, if your theme doesn’t have that option you can easily add custom CSS to change your font sitewide.

Follow the training link from Marion Black that Belsen has left you down below. It is really easy to do.

Good luck.

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How to change the bullet size in wordpress?

How to change the bullet size in wordpress?

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Everything Wordpress

I write all my post in the Medium sized font. All was fine until they added Blocks. I see no way to make the Bullets larger when I am adding a list. When I use add list all the

Hi, Cathy, are you trying to make the bullet point larger than the text, or just increase the size of both?

If you use the Visual Editor you can increase the size, but this will make the bullet point and text the same size.

If you want the bullet point larger than the text then you would need to use the Custom HTML block and CSS.

If you're not sure how to do either, let me know and I'll help if I can. Best wishes.

Great question.
I went into a word document
entered my writing
Changed the size to 16
Copied and pasted to the block

It worked.

Must be an easier way but that is a fix for today

Peter H

Thanks for the help. I guess I will need to do the same.

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How to fix wordpress crons?

How to fix wordpress crons?

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Everything Wordpress

Hope you're having a wonderful day.
I have this message at the top of my WordPress Post section "WordPress Cron is disabled on your site. Email notifications from Ema

Hi, there Cathy,

I agree with Marion, they are the people who will sort out your problem in no time flat.

They are terrific and very willing to assist.


Oops, I thought I did. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. You're always on top of things! :)

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