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Credit dashboard not responding - what am I doing wrong?

Credit dashboard not responding - what am I doing wrong?

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WA Affiliate Program

Hello. I have 22 Cash Credits and 2 Affiliate Credits on my Credit Dashboard. I normally don't touch these nor have any need to cash them out but I have had a very major finan

Hi - just to add to what the others have said, do be aware that when you fix the problem, payments are only made on the 1st of the month.

Also to mention, how did you earn those credits? If you didn't earn them, but actually paid some cash in yourself at some point to buy credits, then you can't cash it back out again.

These were earned, not bought. I also realize all pay-outs occur on the 1st as commissions do. The green button is not working neither are there slider "handles" on the bars.

It's probably going to be too much of a hassle than it is worth to be contacting Kyle or Carson about this as my commissions will nearly cover all of it and what little is left is negligable.

I don't do the comments thing anymore because a few are too quick to ruin good ratings by abusing the "negative" button eBay style, for work that has been ethically and honestly done with the best of intentions they happen to not like, rather than allowing for resolve first. I don't think that's playing fair so I don't participate in the game at all.


Hey Daniel,

Have you reached out to Kyle in a PM yet?

That's whom I would ask this question of, as his being one of the owner, he would be able to get it fixed.

Hope you find this helpful.

I stand to be corrected. The first five links do work but the for the two green buttons and the "change email" link returns "javascript void(0)."

And the lines are blue, not green. I guess I'm becoming colour-blind.

I am going to update the question per these two things.

Contacting Kyle is a last resort because it can take days him being so busy.


Ah, not really. When Kyle sees THIS sort of email in his inbox, he responds pretty quickly. Just use a good subject line. But that's up to you.

I just tried to take this to Kyle and I am getting returned to asking the question publickly like I have already done here having gone into the "General Question" category. None of the other categories apply. The closest thing is website-related and that pertains to members' domains and involves Site Support, not Kyle's inbox. Other than General Questions, the other five categories are completely off-topic.

Yours is a common response but if there is another way to get Kyle, maybe I'm not going about it correctly. I started with Kyle's WA Space>Private Message, but this leads to a page with 6 gates, none of which I have been able to get through.

I will try to get through by way of the Sales website and not through the Members' platform.

Thanks again.

Oh sorry Daniel, I thought you new the way around that option, for this issue.

1.) Go to: https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/message/kyle

2.) Click on Report Content, so that you get offered a textbox that will be clearly labeled with "Contact Kyle or Carson", and type in your question, making sure you word the question so that Kyle understands exactly... as this is your subject line.

3.) Scroll down and fill in the details.

4.) click on the Send Private Message button.

Hope this helps you.

I didn't go there because I thought of it as being off-topic for that heading but I can since others likely do it.

That's how I reach out when the need arises, though I have not needed to do so for a few years now.

You may try it here


You may need to empty the browser cache, refresh and try again. Try URL in a different browser or mobile device.

If this issue persists you may reach out to Kyle on their profile page to let them know


That link is the page I am referring to. I have already tried different browser and operating systems but I will empty the cache now and see if this makes a difference.

Added to this: Unfortunately clearing the cache did not work either.


I hope have figured this out.

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What benefit comes from unapproved huge junk comments . ?

What benefit comes from unapproved huge junk comments . ?

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Everything Wordpress

What benefit comes from unapproved huge drive-by comments? Example fragment from a very long comment:

I {couldn't|could not} {resist|refrain from} commenting.

I have no idea! I hope you get some good answers!


It was sufficiently answered by those who have responded.

Good to see you Daniel not heard from you in a while. There are only two legitimate responses. The first is spam or trash. The second is is change the comment to something worthwhile and take the link out

Yeah, I'm still around but unfortunately not active with affiliate marketing anymore, or at least for the time being. Like I answered jghwebbrand, the thing is massive and I wouldn't know what to do with all the gibberish to make it useful. Removing the link(s) would be easy enough but how could I make something like this into useful content? None of it makes sense and it's all just a bunch of random phrases, one having little or nothing to do with the next, and so forth.

I was promoting WA but even when I was putting out an article per day, sometimes more during the Super Affiliate Challenges, I got a handful of invites and no sales at all. I had my best time at this during 2012-2013. Some of these endured up to early last year as recurring income but after those two years, I started having problems with very high bounce rates. I've tried redesigning my website and other things. I assume it is my writing. When I saw it was as high as 98% I let it go. I'm still here but it might be my final year unless I can get something else going that is not necessarily a monetized website but one I would be using as a tool for research I am involved in.

Thanks for coming by! It is certainly good to see people on here from the early WAU days! It is actually encouraging to me!


Some good replies below. I have been getting some spam commments and that is what I do, hit the spam button, even though initially I was tempted to accept them to raise Google Rankings, but I don`t think it helps & it muddies the quality of your blogs.

Have a great day.


Hi Trevor,

It really depends on what it is. Yes, content like what I have shown above I think would really bring down the quality even though there might be a good offering of latent semantic indexing in it. If it were somewhat on topic, even though a drive-by comment, I could take ownership of it.

There are times, back during the Empower Network days that I've gotten some pretty mean comments and published them anyway, pointing out how childish and unprofessional, alas, unbusiness-like. It was more content, and more important, it shut them up.


Hey Daniel,

Ahhhh... but you are suggesting that all websites never auto-accept comments and that is not true.

Many websites DO auto-accept comments... enough to make this type of behaviour worth someone's while... and readers of those sites are clicking on the links they supply... just like spams that come in emails.

No, it never simply never occurred me that there was such a thing as auto-accept for comments. I have never seen it nor used it. I would never use such a thing and assume, now knowing about it, that it does have its purposes and is useful to some entities. One of the other commentators above brought auto-accept to my awareness. You were first though however, I started from the top and worked down the thread.

Nice to hear from you again! It has been some time now. Hope you are doing well!


Doing great Daniel, thanks. Hope you are too.

Yeah, I ran into auto-accept years ago when it was a "thing" to search for similar blog posts and leave comments. I was shocked myself to see how many webmasters allowed comments posted automatically, as they were made.

That is eventually what caused THOSE blogs to suffer lower rankings too, I would imagine. They would be laden with spam... so naturally, I would NEVER leave a comment.

Live and learn... huh.

I definitely learned something today and this is the thing that answered the question. I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed but many thanks to everyone who came over here and took part!

Daniel, you are too one of the sharpest tools in the shed, so please don't knock yourself out over this.

Heck, if I had not have been following other's advice over the years and commented on other's blogs, I would never have known this either.

Besides, if you are not learning ANYTHING while a member of WA, then your time would be wasted... right?

I'm STILL learning something new nearly EVERY day from being an active member here.

Hi - this has been written using an article spinner and is spam. It needs to be trashed, it serves no purpose.

Typically, when you leave a comment, you are not notified as to whether it has been approved or not, so these types of spammers just leave these on websites in the hope they are approved automatically.

I wasn't aware of automatic approval, simply never heard of it nor thought of it. Yes, I do remove this stuff. When I first started getting it, it was all in Russian. I remember the day when article spinners were popular during the 2000s and the first few years of the 2010s. Looks like those have been perfected somewhat.

I definitely like your answer as it makes a lot of sense and I learnt something today.


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Google plus 2020 - an alternative?

Google plus 2020 - an alternative?

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Local Marketing

I read in a blog today in what seems to be an alternative to the now decommissioned G+. Would you take a short visit to https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/bothewebguy/blog/tip-fo

Hi, Daniel...

Okay..I had a look and added my thoughts on that post you referred us to...I think there is no harm, but I am no expert in SEO by any means, hehe...

Let's see what others come up with (I am following now as well), and meanwhile, I did take the original idea and question to the next level down (and maybe getting off the main subject)...

You will see that in my comment on that post.

There are so many ways to leverage the free (or almost free) tools we have access to, but it is better to check/test and get some feedback before diving in too deep!

One guy that I follow for this kind of stuff is Mathew Woodward, he is really into SEO and knows it well. He may have something on this as well. I will have a look there on his website too.

I have a backlink to his site on my MMO site, BTW - I have been a regular commenter and I share his wise posts (he has many) on FB in 8 pages...

Anyway, thanks for asking the question, I love learning new stuff!

Dave : )

Hi, Daniel...I will have a look...

Not sure if this is related, but...We are using free Google sites for some SEO juice in some cases, connecting Google docs, YouTube, Blog dot com, various social accounts, etc. to that Google free site page...

Also, on the free Google site, we include a link to the main page we are seeking to get the juice to...Testing phase as of now...Also playing with GMB for local businesses for that same purpose...

Anyway, let me check this out...I will come back to you...

Dave : )

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