Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories


I often read new members asking if this stuff actually works and where are all of the Wealthy Affiliate success stories?

There are lots of them.! Big and small.

Not all get posted. Some longtime, hardworking, successful WA members stay quiet behind the scenes enjoying the benefits of the WA platform and appreciating the rewards of their accomplishments.

Many others do share, and Krazykat did some detective work to put a list together just for you. These are in no particular order:

A compilation of Success Stories prepared by Jeremy in August, 2014:


Alex sharing his 8 year WA journey:


Colton's recent 1 month success:


Colton's One Year WA Anniversary share:


Leo's awesome share:


Doug's November:


Dom $0 to $10K in 3 years:


Nathaniell sharing his quiet results including a significant list of member success stories:


Nathaniell proving this stuff really works!:


Jay of Magistudios sharing his 8 year WA Anniversary:


Steve (I'veTriedThat) living the life:


Kevin going to the beach:


Vitaliy Going to Vegas!:


Vitaliy sharing Bootcamp results:


Eddy's Report on Vegas:


Frank (affilicoach) going to Vegas again:


And Marcus (My sponsor) sharing Vegas:


And there are many more!

I am not on this list yet, but when I am, I will let you know for sure!

I also plan to keep tabs from here on and record the ongoing success stories as they are posted :-)

I wish You All Great Success!!

And Happy Holidays!!


Valerie aka

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Great post - thanks for sharing such interesting information!

Thank you for reading Audrey!
I am so happy you enjoyed.

Very nice and very informational to use newbies. Thanks for this!

You are so welcome Sheila. Thanks for reading.
I do hope it can serve as an inspiration to many!

Hey Valerie NICE Post! THAT was a NEEDED post too. Most people want to know how others have done. I may be one of the few who don't rely on what others accomplish because :

1) I may not do as well because My skills may not yet be as well developed OR
2) I may do better because my skills are better but ...

Either way what someone else does doesn't mean I'll do as well or as poorly (depending upon endeavor). That being said ...

I DO NOT mean that I don't enjoy the success of others BECAUSE I do! Alex Sol for example is one hard working dude and deserves his success (like most others who succeed).

My recruiter, sponsor whatever ... started here, grew a huge WA business, branched out in other niches' and has several million dollar businesses now. So ...

I emphatically state that IF someone wants success online, are having difficulty achieving that success, the first place they should come is HERE ... WA ... Wealthy Affiliate because ....

Kyle and Carson produce success in others because they are succeesful, know what it takes to be successful and are willing to impart that knowledge of success and do it in a manner that almost anyone can follow.

Hi Paul!
Thank you for such an excellent contribution!

Indeed, none of these success stories came without hard work and patience and more hard work and more patience again....

Yes, yes, thanks to Kyle and Carson!!

I don't know whether it was excellent or not but Thank you Valerie for saying so and you are very welcome! Love your Krazykat GIF by the way 2 COOL!

That's a very comprehensive list Valerie and I'm sure there are hundreds more successful members too! Thanks for sharing and giving hope to many of the newer members. (And perhaps some older ones!)

Thank you Ken! That was my hope to inspire both new and old :-)

I agree there are many, many more!!
I hope I didn't miss any obvious ones.
In my exploration, it became obvious to me too at how many successful members there are that don't post. They are busy working on their business and/or laying on a beach somewhere ;-)

As long as there's good WiFi access I suppose a beach is as good as it gets!

Thanks for sharing I know there is thousands of great stories and one day mine will be ther as well!!!

My pleasure Paul! I am happy you enjoyed.
I will be sure to add you to my list when the time comes :-)

THank you and I will be VERY happy to oblidge when the time comes!!!!

Valerie, good list of successful WA members. Thank you for sharing.

My pleasure! Thank you :-)

Thanks. Really inspiring.

Perfect! Thank you for reading :-)

This is great stuff. I've been here for just a Month now, and signed up 5 new people so far today. I like it here.

Forrest, wow, that is so wonderful! Keep going!
I like it here too :-)
Thank you for appreciating the post. I hope it can inspire many others!

Good stuff! Very inspiring!

Excellent. I am happy you appreciate it!
Thank you Michael.

Thanks Valerie. I'll bookmarked this just in case. Pio

You are welcome Pio!

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