Possibly my last post. lets hope not! :)


Just wanted to thank everyone here at WA for what has been quite an incredible and educational journey!

Unfortunately I cannot afford the monthly fees here anymore so it looks like I will be cut off soon from my premium membership (next 2 days or so).

I really gave it my all during the 12 months I spent building my website and content. Completed the Certification Course and every single task, I followed the training as best as possible and committed a lot of time each day (took action) doing research, writing content, sharing posts on SM systematically and reached out to everyone I know etc. etc. etc.

Had no intention of giving up and REALLY wanted to make this work. Perhaps I can still carry on building my website but I need to find a affordable host. Not sure if I can still host my site here on WA and pay a web hosting fee instead of a premium membership fee?

Just wanted to share this in case anyone wonders what happened to me...

"Did he just vanish?!"

Nope, not quitting but sadly cannot afford to be here anymore and this is definitely not the end of my "online money making" career... hopefully I will be able to come back in the near future :)

Wishing you all the best going forward and onward!

God bless.

Kind regards,


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You always went the extra mile Kambas, loads of respect! Sad to see you go, but I believe your hiatus will only be temporary.

Try Bluehost, they offer great hosting for only $3.95 per month. You can apply all the "tricks" you learned here and succeed there I am sure.

Wishing you and your endeavors all the Best, my friend. Keep in touch!


Yeah Kaju, you know brother! :)

Sometime after 12 rounds we have to take the gloves off, accept the defeat and prepare for the next bout!

I actually know someone who uses Bluehost and complained about their customer service so I will look into a few of these hosting companies... I was hoping to host with WA but it seems they don't have this option?! Weird right?

That is weird indeed. So you are saying if you aren't a premium member, you cannot host here?

I'm surprised about Bluehost, glad you told me, I will look further into it.

It seems to be the case...

I contacted Kyle 3 days ago explaining my situation and have not received a reply yet.

Contacted customer support and also have not heard back from them since yesterday, hopefully today they will reply and let me know.

Unfortunately, that has happened to me a lot. I feel you.

Hi, Kamil.
Thank you for sharing your honesty.

Things will work out.

Kindest regards,


I have no doubt everything will work out Paul :)
Thank you kindly.

Hey Kamil...

I know this has happened before, so I also know God can give you a way to stay.

Have you ever done Swagbucks dot com ?? It's doing surveys for cash or gift cards. A possible way to build up your paypal acct.

Just a suggestion... Hope you find a way to stay buddy!!

Hang in there..and God's richest blessings blow your way!

Warm wishes,

~Evon :)

Hi Evon

Thank you for the encouraging words ;)

I have tried surveys and know about Swagbucks yes and another similar site called Timebucks (where I managed to get 56 referrals) but to have the time to actually make enough money to reach $50, it takes forever lol :p

I think maybe writing articles could be an option for me so will start looking in this area first.

Thanks again Evon and hope everything is going well your side?

God bless you.

Hi Kamil, I also left a comment on your earlier question. Don't go!!!!!


Kamil, when you least have hope something do happen. Just believe that the impossible is possible!

The first person in your life that you think of is there for your asking, and is ready with open hands to give freely. Just push proud out of the way and be kind to someone.

Sorry to hear this, Kamil. I know exactly how you feel.

I really hope things work out for you.

Best of luck to you,

Thank you Gary.
Hope to be back soon.

Hé Kamil, my offer still stands

Thank you kindly Loes, I sent you a PM.

I'm so sorry to hear this Kamil. I really hope that it'll work out for you. WA is such a great place and there are so many benefits being a member. I don't know any other place which offers so much guidance and so many tools for this price.

You have written many useful and helpful posts. We are going to miss you. Wish you all the best on your path through life. If you should be able to keep your membership I highly recommend you to join Bo's GoGetters Training. I find it phenomenal and I believe it will help us to get the long-desired revenue.

All the best,
:-) Pernilla

Thank you for your kind words Pernilla and you are absolutely right, there is no place like WA! That's why I will do everything possible to return as soon as possible.

I wanted to be part of the GoGetters group but one of the conditions was to be a premium member for 12 months so I could not meet this requirement unfortunately.

Wish you the very best on this course and hope it produces the desired results.

Best regards,

Thank you for your good wishes!
I‘ll hold my thumbs for you, that you can return soon again.

I am so sorry to hear that. I totally sympathize because I have been in the same position many times-- and will be again at the end of this month.

If I had the funds I would gladly help you out.

I hope that something works out for you so that you can stay, but if not, I hope that you will be back soon.

Thank you kindly Craig!

I still feel though that I need to get out of this predicament myself and could not accept other people's hard earned money.

Till now I managed to somehow get that extra $49 each month but now things have changed (i will mention the price increases in South Africa are getting a bit absurd!) so we get less and pay more. This then spills over and affects making extra payments etc. I'm sure this is the same for everyone else and they seem to manage so I'm definitely not looking for any excuses here, just looking for solutions.

Definitely gonna keep fighting onward! :)

Well, like LouisaB said, just believe that something is possible.

On 3 separate occasions (3!) I thought I would have to cancel. On all three, something happened at the last minute to allow me to continue. Now when I feel that I may have to quit, I don't usually say anything anymore. I just wait and see.

I am really hoping that it works out for you!

I hope you see success really soon Craig, because your sites are excellent.

I have to question whether you meant to respond to Kamil and got me by mistake. Lol!

Assuming you a actually meant me, then thank you very much!

I left you a comment on the question you asked a little earlier Kamil. We don't want to lose you.

Make sure you go to your account settings and cancel your account to stop billing If you really must leave then this post will help you with moving your website to an alternative hosting company
I hope to see you again when your finances improve.

Thank you so much Marion, I will go have a look at the other replies shortly.

Actually there is no money on my PayPal account to pull so I have that red message above saying "Oh no, your payment for your Premium membership this month failed." If I go and turn off the auto-billing won't my account be disabled immediately or would I get a certain grace period?

Thanks again for your help and providing this information, I really appreciate it!

Also hoping to be back asap :)

Best regards,

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