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Hi Friends,

I've now been at WA since March 2017, and I have helped hundreds of people here achieve their goals. Recently I wrote my 500th post at Wealthy Affiliate. I've been an Ambassador at WA for 738 days, have built many different websites in different niches.

It's always been my pleasure to help people in my life, and to share my knowledge and diverse interests transparently. You name it, I've likely tried it. However, I've always been a creator, and the areas I've succeeded the most in fall within my passions.

For the past year we have owned and produced a podcast called Talking Taiwan. We are now up to our 106th episode, we interview a wide variety of amazing guests who have a connection to Taiwan (from humanitarians, authors, to creators, to politicians), and can be found currently on 40+ platforms.

We also produce a 2nd podcast called Crushing the Myth, which is a Ted Talk-like series, where people are trained in public speaking and then present their stories on the stage.

All I can say is, WA is a great place to be. It's the best place to learn online marketing, especially if you are a total beginner. The wonderful community and the training here is second to none. Please reach out to me if you ever have a question, I know "a thing or two" and I'm always here to help.

If you'd like to help me out, go to the "Follow Me On" section to the right, click on my You Tube link, and Subscribe to my channel.

To find out more information about me, keep reading below.
It's always a pleasure to serve you.


Hawaiian-born singer and multi-talented musician , KAJU is the band leader and founding member of OFF THE HOOK, one of the premiere dance party bands in the New York Tri-State Area. He is a guitarist singer/ songwriter by trade and charismatic performer.

Over the years, KAJU has championed the cause by supporting many charities and philanthropic projects, raising significant needed funds for food and clothing to aid the tsunami victims from the March 11, 2011 tragedy in Japan. On June 18, 2011, Kaju joined the DON’T GIVE UP GOSPEL CHOIR OF JAPAN - and 30 choir members arriving from Japan – giving a spectacular performance in front of a stadium crowd of 20,000 joyous gospel fans at GOSPELFEST 2011 opening for gospel legends Donny McClurkin, and Kirk Franklin.

The landmark event, Off the Hook's A BENEFIT FOR THE BIG EASY at Canal Room in NYC has been cited by Mayor Michael Bloomberg as "an event embodying New York City's highest ideals." Charitable contributions from the event were donated to the American Red Cross to Hurricane Katrina victims of the Gulf Coast. KAJU also has organized and performed for such charitable events as: SPANK FAREWELL BENEFIT CONCERT: A Tribute to Eric Leibovitz for the Sloan-Kettering Memorial Cancer Research; the JOHN LUCHESSI BENEFIT Concert for Cystic Fibrosis; and the CHILDREN’S STOREFRONT MUSIC OF MOTOWN BENEFIT at the iconic Alhambra Ballroom in Harlem, NY.

In 2011, KAJU competed as a finalist on the ABC-TV reality TV show “KARAOKE BATTLE USA” hosted by former N’Sync star JOEY FATONE, Guest star judges were CARNIE WILSON of the super group Wilson Phillips, JOE LEVY former editor-in-chief of Rolling Stone magazine, and Brian Scott, 2009 KWCUSA Champion.

KAJU was interviewed on the Emmy-award winning News Program ‘ABC Nightline’ during the segment ‘Talent is Overrated’ by news correspondent John Berman where he discusses the topic of ‘Building Courage for the Liquid’ Kaju has performed on WCBS prime time television and the E-Network on the “Howard Stern Radio Show”, and conducted a 3-page front cover story interview for the popular entertainment magazine “The Daily Single” where he talks about his life and interests. He was interviewed twice by host and New York State Final karaoke judge Lou Telano on the program “STREETWISE” WGBB 1240 AM.

KAJU is also an avid billiards player, and has played exhibition matches vs. U.S. Open Champion Jeanette Lee a.k.a. "The Black Widow", Hall of Famers Francisco "Django" Bustamante and Earl "The Pearl" Strickland, and 18-time World Champion Mike Massey, who he beat in an exhibition match in Las Vegas 3-2.

However, what he is most known for is his win over who is considered to be the World's Greatest Pool Player, Efren "The Magician" Reyes. That match can be seen on his You Tube channel, at the link in the top right of this page "Follow Us On".

One of his other special vocations and interests has been in the interior design of commercial and residential spaces, a career endeavor which he achieved previous success with for twelve years. KAJU's interior design work has been published both in American Spa and Hospitality Design magazine, two leading national publications.

In January 2018, KAJU relaunched his previously successful 4 Seasons Design Interiors business with a new website and personal aspirations to reclaim and surpass its previous success. No doubt, there will be many outstanding projects on the horizon.

He loves to travel, and continues to write about his travels. He has written several blog posts on a variety of topics on Wealthy Affiliate and on his band website https://www.othusa.com.


“My Trip to Bora Bora” no doubt is my most elaborate work to date. The title should be self-explanatory.

Take a trip with me and Cherokee to paradise, our ultimate South Pacific vacation. Meet Puffer the Blowfish, Pepsi the Dog, and our other Special Friends we met along the way on our once-in-a-lifetime trip to French Polynesia. Now captured on video.


Better yet instead of copying and pasting the above link in the search bar, simply click the link in the "My Trip to Bora Bora" link (https://youtu.be/aiCLmxq3_gU)
in the "Follow Me On" section to the right

Check out the sequence of 26 still images from our trip synchronized perfectly with the background music track. This was extremely challenging but I pulled it off.

This original work is dedicated to Cherokee, who starred in this video – she is my ex-partner who passed away in 2016. I will forever hold you in my heart, Cherokee, and I know you have ascended to a better place.

Grateful that we once shared a life together. One day we will meet again.

Please leave a comment and Subscribe to our channel, if you are touched by this video.

Thank You,

Note: There are no actors here in this video. They are all Real people and living things.

A bittersweet tribute to a loved one who will always be remembered. And loved. Through time immemorial.

Important UPDATE 12/15/19: Exciting NEWS!!!!!!!!

We started off our New You Tube Series with a “Big Bang” with our Special Edition Episode 1:

Karaoke Pub Crawl Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo

That’s Right Ladies and Gents, Kids and Grown Ups!
Our NEW Exciting Series “Karaoke Pub Crawl” (KPC) is now HERE on You Tube!

CLICK on our website link to the Right.
Next Click "Episodes" to go to our NEW You Tube Channel

There you will find our Special Edition Episode 1: Karaoke Pub Crawl Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo

Also check out my upcoming highly informative and funny “How To” karaoke video series – my 1st Installment “Toy Musical Instruments That Enhance Karaoke Performance” is already becoming a huge hit!

There will be many more “How To” videos to come on this YT channel. Stay Tuned.

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We would greatly appreciate it!
But there’s MUCH more incredible news.

Read on…..


AirBnB has selected yours Truly KAJU to host AirBnB “Karaoke Pub Crawl” weekly tours in my hometown, The Big Apple New York City!

Come join us as we visit the most authentic, exciting, and truly “off the beaten path” karaoke bars and social establishments all over New York City and in other cities around the World!

Last month in October we were in Tokyo and Taiwan filming, next month, who knows?
The Karaoke Pub Crawl AirBnB Experience which begins in January 2020 provides the PERFECT tandem setting to our new exciting weekly You Tube Series “Karaoke Pub Crawl”!

In fact, we will frequently be filming on location NEW Karaoke Pub Crawl episodes based on my AirBnB Experience weekly Tours – SIGN UP for one of our weekly tours NOW and YOU TOO can be seen on TV!!


If you don’t know me already, I’m Kaju, and I am an authority in the field (niche) of karaoke.

Selected by a panel of professional judges, I was previously a contestant on the Friday night ABC-TV series “Karaoke Battle USA” where I was awarded entry as a regional winner in the Final 8 category from a pool of thousands of other national contestants.

I was also interviewed about karaoke singing by award-winning news correspondent John Berman on the award-winning series ABC NIGHTLINE NEWS in the episode “Singing for the Liquid.”

Check out that episode also at our YT channel link to the Right.

Coming in January 2020, I am very thrilled and honored to announce that I have been chosen to host weekly AirBnB Experience tours by the same name in my hometown of New York City.

If you would like to book one of Kaju’s special private Karaoke Tours in NYC which begin in January 2020, click on the link to the RIGHT to go directly to our AirBnB sign up page.

Don’t forget to watch Episode 1: Karaoke Pub Crawl Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo

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Also I have a band called Off the Hook. You can check out our website to right, and read more about it below.

Finally, one last thing: don’t forget to say something NICE to your Neighbor!
I Love All You Kids and Grown Ups Out there –

And we GREATLY appreciate all of your Wonderful Support, Ladies and Gents!
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LMartinez3 Premium
Hi Kaju, nice to meet you. Viewing your profile I see that you are tremendous musician and billiard player in the pool game. That is very cool. For my part I play rock on my guitar is not much but I enjoy it. I love a song called Nutshell from Alice in Chain. That song I feel spacing when I hear them. I see you do tremendous activities that help others, I admire that. I wish you much success in your projects. For my part, I will be very busy at WA University to see if I reach my goals as soon as possible. It is an honor that you follow me and I follow you with great pleasure. CYA,


jetrbby80316 Premium
Luis, you will do great things I can feel it, keep playing and never give up. Thank you for following me!
Beckywahm Premium
Hi Kaju!

Thanks for following me! You have an amazing story. I wonder, is it the foundation of your niche? I bet a lot of people would read that as it comes out over time.

Way to go on becoming an Ambassador after being with Wealthy Affiliate for a few months.

jetrbby80316 Premium
Thank you so much Becky for those kind words. Yes, I am always looking to expose my story in new ways, ideas flow and I need to organize them all.

Wishing you the best here at WA, and than you for following me!
WLG Premium
Hello Kaju,

I thank you for the follow I returned the favor by following you, I am honored to become part of your network. Your Profile is quite impressive, I too am also an avid billiards player, to play "The Black Widow" In Billards AND Open up for Kirk Franklin is Totally Mind Blogging! You are Extremely Blessed and I Pray that Your Success Continues.

I attempted to visit your site and I was not able to, I received a page cannot be loaded message. I Pray that You and Your Loved Ones are in the best of health and doing great.

May Our LORD Continue to Shower His Abundant Blessing UpOn You ForEver and Ever. Also that Your Days are Too Numerous to Count and Your Path Be Both Stright, Pleasant and Profitable!

To God Who Is The Head Of My Life I Give The Glory;
I Praise His Holy Name;
Have a Safe and Blessed 4th.;
Your Brother in Christ;
jetrbby80316 Premium
Bless you William, and thank you for your kind words, I wish you the best success here st WA! Thank you for following.
WLG Premium
The Pleasure is All Mine-William
jetrbby80316 Premium
Thank you my friend.
WLG Premium
You are welcomed, have a Blessed weekend-William
BradB18 Premium
I am guessing you are Kaju (Jetrbby) cause I viewed your band's 3 medley song on you tube. You are playing lead, saw two girls singing, bass, keyboard and male singer. Great work I really liked it especially Hall and Oates song.
Nice to meet you and all the best all round.
Thanks for the follow and a big cheer(s)
jetrbby80316 Premium
Thanks for watching our video, we have many more too. I wish you great success here at WA and that you for following me, Brad!
BradB18 Premium
Thanks Kaju you too mate
PMindra Premium
Greetings from Paul Mindra here in Ontario, Canada.

Thank you for inviting me to be a part of your network. I graciously accept by following you back.

Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate University.

I look forward to learning, sharing and serving with you as we all move forward here.

Kindest Regards,

jetrbby80316 Premium
Paul, thank you foe becoming part of my network, and I only wish you the best here at WA. Godspeed and wonderful days ahead!
PMindra Premium

jetrbby80316 Premium
Thank you PMIndra, and I wish you much continued success here st WA. There is a national Canada celebration event going on in NYC today, so I will be thinking of you. Appreciate the follow back my friend!