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Just wanted to thank everyone here at WA for what has been quite an incredible and educational journey!Unfortunately I cannot afford the monthly fees here anymore so it looks like I will be cut off soon from my premium membership (next 2 days or so).I really gave it my all during the 12 months I spent building my website and content. Completed the Certification Course and every single task, I followed the training as best as possible and committed a lot of time each day (took action) doing rese
Hi GuysYesterday I published an article with the following stats.Keywords - Is Claimwithme a Scam?QSR - 0Searches - 40What is troubling is that my article is nowhere to be seen on page 1, 2 or even 3 on Google. Yes, I used incognito mode to search.I have used the SEO title, description, tags and the keywords placed in the first sentence of the article. Pretty much going by the training here.My website has 90% trust and nearly everything else is at 100% except the publishing frequency.Am really
It has been a very exciting journey to learn affiliate marketing here at Wealthy Affiliate. Already there have been many ups and downs to this learning process for me and a lot of mixed emotions over the last 10 months if you can relate :)Wanted to reach out today for some sound advice since I am still struggling to get my first premium referral.Even though I managed to get 123 referrals not one has made the decision to go premium yet.Have gone over many fine details and received much advice fr
Wanted to share a very simple sales technique with you today.BidorBuy is like a African version of eBay and on this website I literally have thousands of products and services listed.When scrolling the list of products I have up there, it shows 2 major indicators.1. Views (How many times the advert has been seen).2. Watching (Someone added it to their watch list).In general most our items get about 5 - 20 views so these 2 products definitely stand out during browsing, with 146 and 75 views, 2 p
Just over 7 months of part-time work and my website is now worth $685! Wow, who would have thought right?I'm quite excited about this but going to graft much harder to raise that number by working on SEO and content marketing as this seems to have the most impact on the value of the website.AIMing for $1000 by the end of Dec 2017 :)You can check your website value here: https://www.yourwebsitevalue.c... What is your website currently worth?UPDATE (24th August)Also found this one which seems to
Every now and then we open a website and get a server error or "page not responding".Then you begin to wonder if it's your internet connection or if the website is actually down.There is an easy way to check using paste the website url into the search tab and search for it's status.
Not sure how I became an ambassador overnight? :oWas actually trying to avoid becoming an ambassador so quickly because my knowledge is limited when it comes to everything this platform offers.Am I now expected to KNOW everything? lolAnother thing I noticed is my rank dropped from 55 to 89 in just 24 hours, that's quite a drop! Not sure what changes are being made but it's strange to drop so much in 1 day and then still be awarded ambassadorship! Hope they know what they doing behind the scenes
Hi GuysThis rainbow looking chart may seem confusing at first but if you look closely it is quite straight forward. Apologies for the size!You can find this information if you click on the black airplane icon and choose My Stats from the drop menu.This basically shows the activity from all my Wealthy Affiliate referral links.Doing my best to invite at least one person per day now, this week I managed 11 and overall have 104 referrals. None have gone premium yet unfortunately but it's a work in
Hi GuysToday I received a rather disappointing email from Amazon andhere is what it said:As you can imagine by heart sank slightly reading this and Ithought that it was incredible that in 6 months no one clicked my homepageAmazon link and never bought a single item, not even $1.Considering the amount of traffic (about 5000 visitors permonth) going thorough my website I never predicted this dismal result.There is a lesson here for everyone because it's not a good ideato apply with Amazon until y
This is a message I posted earlier today to a member here at WA (Michael - Ultimateless)."Yes, been sending waves of traffic to my site and there are actually some positive results like getting signups for the referral programs I promote and when people buy things on those sites, I get a small commission.This has started working slowly but THAT first WA sale, I just cannot get it! :pOn 74 referrals currently (attached) and doing what Kyle suggested in the lessons but 0 premium members at this s