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Hi all

Chris here from Glasgow UK, been meaning to fill this out since I joined back in May 2012 so I'm tying up lose ends in preparation for new year.

So I suppose I should tell you all a little about myself, well I'm currently a student/entrepreneur couldn't really decide what I wanted to be so I opted for both lol.

At the moment I'm studying while simultaneously trying to set up my own business in IM. When I first started IM I had ambitions of proving that its possible to set up your own business on the side while you study.

My idea was to build a business foundation on this principle and show students it would be a good direction to go in as in some cases, it is still hard to get a job even with a degree. Going back into study just in September there I have found that doing both is actually quite hard! But I will practice what I preach and make this happen.

I also like to hit the gym, play football and go to boxing. Both are a big part of my life.

I have also developed a passion for internet marketing and have decided this is what I want to do for a living. A rare thing in life is finding a job you want to get out your bed for in the morning. Not everyone has that luxury.

I would love to have the freedom to travel the world and do the things I love and this is where IM comes in.

I have been away from the community for a few months now and all my internet projects for that matter. so I plan to be more active in both again and really make things happen this year. Going to be all over they WA promotions this time around lol.

So that's me guys, Happy New Year to you all when it comes and hope you's all had a GREAT! Christmas :)
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GaiC Premium
Hi Thanks for the follow. head over to the training and WAbinar areas load of great info there. Sign out if I can help at all. Gai
Hi Chris, thanks for the follow!
mi6rima Premium
Thanks for the follow Chris. God bless.
chriscoyle Premium
No problem mi6rima. Your going to love it here. If you ever need help with anything feel free to PM me or ask in the chat you'r going to learn a lot here and it's going to be fun too. Internet marketing will open up so may new avenues for you that you never thought possible. So good luck and stay motivated :)

TJ Books Premium
I see you are working, Chris. Good. If you can't get an answer on char, you can PM me, John
chriscoyle Premium
Thanks John I appreciate that., I'll keep that in mind if ever I get stuck with something. Thanks again :)

mama2karsten Premium
In the beginning, I used WA tool but didn't know enough about keywords and SEO to determine much about it's strength at that time. I tried Jaaxy and currently use it daily. I am very happy with results. Thanks for following me and good luck.
chriscoyle Premium
Hi Karsten good luck to you too :).