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Local Marketing Client Acquisition: Share your stories

Local Marketing Client Acquisition: Share your stories

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Local Marketing

Hi all,

I thought I'd start a new discussion for those who are actively involved with Local marketing, specifically around gaining new clients.

It's a competitive en

Build a website and rank it on Google. Choose a niche that you can make money selling to local businesses. When they see the site already ranked on Google, ask them if they want to buy it and then offer to maintain if for a monthly fee

Great ideas that I hadnt thought of. Thank you. Judy

Great list of things to do. I have thought about helping a few friends of mine with local businesses. I now have a good starting point for future customers. Thanks.

Great job Adrian, I like all of these ideas.

To expand a bit on your last point, what if you started a restaurant or bar "directory" for your local area (or even something like a "best of (fill in town's name)", get that site ranking to #1 and then offer businesses a page on that site (think travel or tourism or dining). Maybe once you get them to that site and they see your work, they would be interested in using you to redo their sites or build their company site.

Another idea would be to build a "generic" site and show that site to business owners as a "this is what your site could look like". I think this is a good idea because they will see immediately what it looks like, you could just do a "template" that you show to each genre of business (I.e. bars, salons, doctors this could be whatever business that is prevalent in your area). Of course you could take it further and offer to get their sites ranking (for an additional charge of course).

Don't forget about approaching those small businesses that don't have a website yet. In my area there seems to be a number of tradesmen (painters, carpenters, plumbers, "handy" men and even a fair amount of smaller eateries and bars that don't have sites.

These are just some suggestions that popped into my head after reading this blog. I hope it helps and please feel free to ask if you've any questions on what I've said here (still haven't had my first cup of coffee yet and it may be a little confusing....lol)

Chat soon.

Patty :)

Thanks for taking the time to comment Patty! You're right about the number of different tradesman operating in any given area - plenty of opportunities. Some will be interested, some won't be.

These people are often too busy to even think about online marketing - they just want to do what they're good at, be it carpentry, decorating etc.

If we can bring them a steady stream of enquiries/telephone calls then it's a win-win for us both.

Good idea on the generic site idea too - in fact you reminded me I have such a site on the back burner that I created last year for dentistry in a nearby town. I haven't done much with it, but it's ranking #1 on Bing and page 3 in Google SERPs. I'll approach some local dentists who may be interested and see what comes of it.

I'll report back here :-)

I have taken a slightly different tack on this. I created a site with ALL of my local businesses listed in it. Now that it is ranking for several of the businesses in the area(still not for the main term though) I have been announcing (via snail mail) the site. I have had several businesses contact me directly for sites. My intent is to give them a basic listing and sell them a membership for an enhanced listing.

Mostly it is to get my name out there and start letting people know that I can help them with their online needs. Sort of an ice breaker.

Having the site and their listing gives me a few talking points, breaks the ice and develops a bit of reciprocation. (I give them something they feel beholding to give me back something).

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Google Adwords Scripts - Any experience?

Google Adwords Scripts - Any experience?

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Pay Per Click Marketing

The more I use Google Adwords, the more I'm discovering more and more features that present opportunities to us as marketers. I've just discovered the automated script functionali

I going to watch what people say. Do you use them on your affiliate sites of site you are working on for other people.

Thank for sharing

Hi Kymee, I'm only using Adwords for local client marketing

Oh Ok thank you.

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Business Continuity & Contigency Plans For Local SEO Marketers

Business Continuity & Contigency Plans For Local SEO Marketers

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Local Marketing

So I'm starting to pick up Local SEO clients who are keen for me to take charge of their online marketing activities, but one thing I haven't got my head around yet is what should

This is one of those elements that Google Docs is for.

I have a dedicated folder within my Google Drive in which can be shared with your client.
Inside the Google Docs folder, there will be notes, logins signed contracts etc.

If all the contents need to be handed over, you simply share this via email with your client and they will have access.

The great thing about this set-up is that if you share this folder with one client, they are the only on who can login and nobody else. Creates a great sense of security.

* Google Docs is now called Google Drive

Awesome, thanks Jay. I've just set up a shared Google Drive folder with one of my clients for sharing and collaborating. It looks easy to use, both from mine and my client's standpoint.

I have a file for each client. What I have installed etc.. This they would be able to hand to another web creator. Client training is vital too. I have dual access to sites so that the client is responsible for the blog etc.

Thanks art tech. Setting up dual access is a good idea along with providing a file of logins, setup etc.

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