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Joined April 2007
I moved to Canada in 1997 from Wales - UK.

I've been running my own Stone masonry business up here in Ottawa for over ten years now. Not many people do the type of work that I do, so finding work and charging what I want isn't a problem.

I enjoy doing stone work but would much prefer to work from my laptop, wherever and whenever I want.

My wife and I have been together for over 20 years now, (wow time goes fast)
I guess you could say we started our family early because my wife (girlfriend at the time) went into labor on my 17th birthday.
Many people including family members said it wouldn't work because of our ages. So I guess we them.

We now have two beautiful girls 18 and 9 and don't plan on having any more :P

I'm a big wordpress fan and if you need help with something related to wordpress, feel free to contact me, I have many training videos up here at WA and many more on my Youtube channel. Link on right side some place >>>>>>

I'm currently working with local clients most of the time with another family member, he's great at selling and talking with clients, so I generally handle all the technical stuff.

Wishing you all much success for 2014.
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marydoll Premium
No matter, it got me through the process easily. Cheers.
Mr Zoot Premium
I'm sorted for the minute Craig thanks anyway and a guy on here gave me links to some of you training videos, thanks for getting back to me.
healthywendy Premium
Hi Craig, I can't say enough about your generosity in sharing your knowledge about Wordpress. I would be in the poo if it wasn't for you - hey that rhymes! Seriously though, thanks for doing what you do :)
welshy Premium
Thanks Wendy appreciate the comment. Glad you got it all sorted out.
marydoll Premium
Loved your Google authorship,webmaster and analytics set up tutorial.
welshy Premium
Thanks appreciate the comment.
It's actually a little outdated now because Google and the plugin layouts have changed slightly.
edgie Premium
Hey Craig, thanks for the follow back mate, and cheers for the heads up today
welshy Premium
No problem Chris, thanks for keeping on top of the WA circles.