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Outgoing email on opera mail and thunderbird dont work?

Outgoing email on opera mail and thunderbird dont work?

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Website Development & Programming

I've set both up and receiving is fine, but I can't send. Help?

Not sure, but this might help:


Thanks Jude. Nope, no change.

I don't use either of those emails, so I'm not much help. Could it be any of the 5 issues identified here:



Problem solved Jude. Many thanks. I changed the outgoing server to my isp's and all appears good... for now!

Yay!! :-)

Is this email through your internet provider? I have read that it can confuse things if you have more than one ip to send through your outbox. I send through my hosting company (not here) That meant that the last time I changed my ip I didn't have to change much of anything.

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Sean Connery has found his niche...

Sean Connery has found his niche...

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Keyword, Niche and Market Research

She was in the garden talking with his nephew.

This highlights the correct pronunciation of the word "niche". It's "neesh", not "nitch".

This helpful piece of inform

Paul, thanks for sharing. The Brits and Americans can say the same word differently. When I began the training I had no idea what Kyle was talking about until I read the text. Merry Christmas. Debbie

You know what they say, "Two nations separated by a common language..."

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