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Hey, thanks for stopping by... :)

I’m Richard, based in London, UK, I've a background in above-the-line advertising, branding, design and commercial art. I'm passionate about photography, enjoy B-movies, trash-lit, beachcombing and have an unhealthy interest in Michelin *** !

I came here to learn, experiment, fail and succeed. It took me 6 months of hard work and 3 *busted* niches (!) but I've now achieved the freedom of being my own boss and earning my living online, entirely due to the training, support and encouragement of everyone here at WA.

If I can be of any help, just shout @RICH. in chat, send me a PM or simply leave a comment below.
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RobinMc1969 Premium
Hello Rich!

Are you the same Rich that helped me out (and helped out many of us) a few years ago - answering questions left and right - the one to go to in the time of need? I haven't seen you in a while - good to see you are back in action here!

I'm not active in WA so much these days, but value the community and support when I need it. :D

Welcome back!
@RICH. Premium
Hey Robin.

Yup, it's me, I haven't been active for a couple of years, but I'm back for another few months at least.

It's great to hear from you too, it's been a bit like a school reunion the last month, so many former "classmates" from 2012 stopping by to say "Hi!" and it's fantastic to see how many are still at WA and how well they're all doing. :)

How's everything going with you? Let me know if there's anything I can do to help anytime, or drop me a PM even if you just want to catch up, I'd love to keep in touch.

RobinMc1969 Premium
I'll PM you. :)
YannisSp Premium
Hey Richard, i'm thinking of working on artificial intelligence niche because i enjoy learning about it.Do you think that is a niche that has potential on making money?Also i can only find few affiliate programs on AI (like 3-4).Is it a problem or maybe i'm not looking in the correct sources?Thank you and i hope i didn't confuse you !
@RICH. Premium
It's difficult to advise as I've no experience with AI.

That said, it's a trending subject and there are searches for it http://d.pr/i/eifR

However, I'm not sure that people searching for that term would also be looking to buy.

I've no doubt Amazon will have dozens of books on the subject that you could review and affiliate, but whether you'd make enough sales to provide a decent income... ?
YannisSp Premium
Thank you Richard, it's a hard subject in general as i have read from others but i may give it a try because if you don't test it's hard to know!
Sampao Premium
Wanna thank you again for taking your time to help a newbie as myself. I also see that you are very active in the live chat and help many others. Inspiring is what it is. Hopefully I will be able to help others once I get a hang of this:) Again, thanks!!
@RICH. Premium
You're most welcome! :)
CathH1 Premium
welcome to Premium.
You have made a fab choice and I look forward to following your journey here at WA. You have all the tools and training here to build an awesome site and be successful, you just need to be prepared to put the work in to make it happen.
All the best
@RICH. Premium
Tracy47 Premium
Hi Rich! Your post gives me hope. I worked in Corporate America for over 13 years, made well over the six-figure mark, and had benefits out the wazoo. I wasn't happy, wasn't a good mom, and wasn't a good wife. So I quit and here I am. I plan to commit 100% of my time to building my online business through the training here at WA. My questions is this... how long did it take to make a full time income and how many different sites do you have? Sorry if this is too personal. I'm very goal oriented and am just trying to set some realistic ones for 2014. Thanks tons for any advice and congrats on your success, it's inspiring to newbies like me!