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Hi, I moved to Canada in 1997 from Wales - UK. I've been running my own Stone masonry business up here in Ottawa for over ten





How does wa site backup work?

How does wa site backup work?

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I've been seeing questions and people talking about WA hosting backups, some members are under the impression they don't really need to create thier own backups because WA takes

I'd like to know this as well. @welshy, I used your tutorial to put in the WP backup plugin. It worked fine to back up my site to Dropbox. But ever since I added a premium theme from MyThemeShop.com, I get this error that says....ERROR: Dropbox API: (503) This indicates a transient server error.

When I look in the Display Working Log - There are 16 errors that deal with the content cashe minify.

I don't know what this means or how to fix it. Here's one of the errors that I copied....

WARNING: File name "wp-content/cache/minify/000000/ZU9JDoMwDPxQg9sDDzLBiIjFkScQ9fcNQVStOFmzeMZuqWeMweuKZgnroyXuy3QdW8Uv0pgKHtQWkAdOXGERc3Qme5BMDEg6HV_yMKj10QRwEK1qzb_in8Tmx5DEJ0J6z_LH1Lo8N55NN8h8Ewddk-Ms0EVueYehNMfyWtil3NKxn3Lc4u-tF3dsfwA.css" is too long to be saved correctly in TarGz archive!

Do you have any idea of what I need to do. Should I go back to the method that Kyle gives us in Bootcamp? Thoughts

You could use the WP Optimize Plugin to clean up the transient errors.

Then try doing the back up again.

Are you using the WP Clone plugin? ~Jude

You need to exclude the cache folder wp-content/cache as the file names are too long, plus no need to backup cache files.

As for the other error, I would try disconnect from Dropbox and then re-authenticate.

Yes, I like wp-clone too, I use it on clients sites as they rarely edit any content, it's a manual process but works well.

Thanks Jude, appreciate your help

Thanks Welshy for answering me.

Do you mean that I go into my Jobs section of WB Backup, then go to Files, then go to Backup content folder, and then click to Exclude the cache?

I just don't want to mess anything up here. Thanks, Todd

I would recommend that you do your own back-up. I''ve seen cases where WA Support was not able to help. So I suggest that you do a backup everyday. It really doesn't take that long to do it. Maybe two or three minutes. Not much when you campare with the hours it will take to replace the content you have developed.

Hi Larry,
I agree, Kyle even covers this is one of the courses.
I'm just looking for the official answer on how far back WA backups can go if one needs a site restored.

How about if Kyle or Carson come up with an answer to that question?

Hi Craig - good question - I'd be interested to know if it can be restored at all?

Or is it just a server that's backed up, and can be restored if there is an issue with the server as a whole - ie. everyone's website gets restored to a point in time.

If it's individual website restoration, then would it include the database, as well as the PHP files?

Probably a good idea not to assume that it can be done, until WA confirms either way. I'll keep my own backups running as per your updated guide here: Cheers, Mark

Hi Mark, I agree, good idea to create your own either way.
Just going over my email, thanks for the other comment with the QSR script.

This is a good question. Hopefully we get an answer from WA tech support on this.

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Video training max file size?

Video training max file size?

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Does WA have a max video file size is in place or perhaps something not working?

Every time I try upload a training video I get an email saying "Oops, your training video fa

I had the same problem, its about 10 mins the max length, I think this is to short but that seems to be the way it is


Thanks Barry. Didn't think about time length, guess I'll split it into two.

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