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Welcome to my profile page here at WA...! I am currently a small business owner with a background in web design, graphic design and





Any logo designers out there besides me?

Any logo designers out there besides me?

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Local Marketing

I am designing a logo for a client and could use some help with some ideas. My concept is with respect to the Fibonacci sequence or Golden Spiral. We can talk in grea

Hi, Amy, not sure if something like this is what your looking for ,so I've sent you a PM of a logo I've created.

Hello Amy you can use logomakr if that helps. That is logomakr.com.
There are high end software like adobe illustrator and good ol photoshop from adobe as well.
I have software I use Affinity Designer, high end but doesnt cost monthly.


Hey Amy,
I would be more than happy to help you but I agree with Apache that Loes has great resources!!!

Tried and True


Lots of members use Canva, they have lots of great Templates here -

Yeah I use Canva a lot but this has to be a bit more high-end... thank you...!

There are lots of sites where you can design your own logo.
Example - https://www.freelogoservices.com/

Contact Loes you will find she will be of great support. https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/loes

Thank you...!

Most welcome Amy if you go to her profile and look and the many training lessons she has you will certainly find more than one training that will help you out.

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Do I need a canonical link if I publish duplicate content?

Do I need a canonical link if I publish duplicate content?

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Authoring & Writing Content

I am planning on publishing a couple of articles that are duplicate content from the original website. In other words, the author of those articles gave me permission to publis

If you use All in one SEO plugin for SEO then it should make canonical link for you. They help a lot to avoid duplicate content penalty.


Yes I have that -- thank you!

The original post will probably get favored by Google and the second duplicate content may not rank. Better to avoid duplicate content, especially if you can re fashion the piece,


Just make them noindex if you're really worried about it, a canonical link will not help you in this case - those are for pages within your site that are so similar that they appear to be duplicate (say a template for daily progress, etc.).

Would it help the original author for her to make it a canonical link on her own site? Are you saying that it's not a big deal if I publish the article as duplicate content?

No, it wouldn't. Honestly, the only 'duplicate content penalty' is copyright infringement lawsuits, there is no such ranking penalty on Google because if there were, there would be far fewer sites out there.

So then google will rank the article on my site just like any other without any penalty to the original owner's site?

Yes, but it may not rank the same due to how Google interprets how it fits into the rest of the content of your site - it might even rank more highly for you than it did the original poster. Stranger things have happened, in my experience. If the post gets more engagement (comments), that will boost it over the original.

Interesting and thank you...!

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Does my site have to have affiliate links?

Does my site have to have affiliate links?

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Website Development & Programming

Hello all,

I am building another website here on WA for my website and marketing business, and have not yet set it up for any affiliate linking. In other words, I am jus

Go for it! There are 101 ways to make money online. Expmore them all i say

There is nothing to say you have to show affiliate links on your website, but if you want to earn money from your website you need to have something to sell or promote.


Very true -- thank you!

Absolutely Amy! There are many ways to make money from a website, and just because you are not going the affiliate route doesn't mean you can't ask questions in WA :) Keep asking!

Thanks, Nathaniell...! Very relieved...! Since the site will be hosted here I’m glad I can consider it part of the community. Thank you.

Amy, if you are hosting the website here on WA, you can absolutely ask any questions you want about it. It took ages for me to put affiliate links on my website anyways. We do not earn money only with affiliate links we can also do Adsense ads, building mailing lists and many more ways.

Have you seen Vicky's training: Wish you great success with your new project!

Thanks, Pernilla and thank you for the link -- I will check it out. It is easy to forget that there are other ways of monetizing a site!
My best --

Yes, of course ... :)

Good afternoon Amy.

I fully agree with what Ange has said. You are a member of WA and therefore have access to all the things offered here.
You are the boss of your website and decide what you use this site for.

Greetings from the south of Spain, Taetske

Hi Amy
There are many other questions in many different topics that get asked and answered here just as equally as those about the affiliate side of things. The community here contains a wealth of knowledge from all aspects of running an online business and beyond. Your questions will be answered regardless of whether you have affiliate links on your own site or not. As it has already been said by Angie below, you may want to look into affiliate links down the track as one of the ways to monetize your site. But until then, hang in there and get yourself organized with what you feel you need to and the rest will fall into place when you are ready.
Best wishes for your success

How thoughtful and thank you for your kind words. I appreciate that and it's good to know I am on the right track. Thank you.

You're very welcome
I know it can all be a little overwhelming. Kyle has said in one of the training materials not to worry too much about affiliate links when first starting out. It will just take longer to see any money coming in, but if you are already aware of this and prepared to bide your time, it won't be a problem. I've been here a while and am still only on level 4 in the certification course due to huge time constraints, and I put affiliate links in early in the piece, but I sometimes regret it. Without the traffic, unless you can get someone (maybe a friend) to buy something from your site from any given affiliate program every now and then, you can get deactivated as an affiliate anyway. So getting content up to draw more traffic will then help you make affiliate sales.

sure, Affiliate links can come at a later date.

If you want to make money from your site, definitely you have to think about adding affiliate links

I know -- but right now I just have to get the site out there....!

Definitely! You can add affiliate links at any time you feel it works for you, or not at all if it's a site you don't want to monetize. Regardless, the community is here to help!


YAY -- thank you!

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