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As a premium member can I host my joomla website on the wa hosting platform?

As a premium member can I host my joomla website on the wa hosting platform?

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Getting Started

I have a Joomla website that needs hosting.
As a premium member I was wondering if I could transfer the hosting to WA and host it on this platform as part of my m

Hi Akollor,
Thank you for getting back to me. I didn't hear back from anyone for a while so I resent this question to tech support. They came back and said no. WA is word press only.

I have a gut feeling that I actually might still be able to host it, but I will miss out on the added antispam protections etc.

Anyway, the answer I got back from site support as a straight forward NO. So I haven't bothered for the moment.

Thanks again and good luck.

Yes indeed...

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Is the wa keyword tool working properly?

Is the wa keyword tool working properly?

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Search Engine Optimization

Is anyone else having trouble with the WA keyword tool this morning?
I am getting this error message.

"No Data Received From Server"

Is the error at my end or

Same here. Chrome, Mozilla... they all do it. Cleared cookies... still does it.

It's broke.

Thank you for replying to my post. I posted it via the Site Support tool, so hopefully they will see our comments.

I just tried it again now and I could do a keyword search, but I couldn't get QSR. This is the most I have been able to get out of the keyword tool this session.
Thanks again for replying.

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