Questions by TommyK 14

Does wordpress have individual theme tutorials?
I would like to better understand how to utilize my WordPress theme and…
2 years ago 9 Replies
Can I purchase a domain at wealthy affiliate?
The reason I ask this question is that the business I am trying to set…
3 years ago 17 Replies
Can someone help with a minor issue I have on my blog roll?
The issue is that at the start of each of the reviews on my blog roll,…
3 years ago 13 Replies
When writing a review for jaaxy, can you link to the training video?
I would like to link from my review to the Jaaxy training video, is this…
3 years ago 18 Replies
How can I translate the language on the upgrade section of jaaxy?
I'm currently in Spain and having a bit of difficulty trying to upgrade…
3 years ago 4 Replies
I'm having trouble getting comments on my site?
A few WA friends have tried leaving comments on my posts and all of them…
3 years ago 26 Replies
How do i find what size my header is in omega theme?
I've followed some of the training but the themes have clear header sizes…
3 years ago 22 Replies
Why can't I upload an image into a post here at wa?
I've tried several times to upload an image into a post at WA but without…
3 years ago 33 Replies
Is there a problem with the site manager?
I'm trying to edit all my pages and posts, but when I click into the site…
3 years ago 30 Replies
Does anybody advertise grammarly on their site?
If yes, can you join as their referral so that they get the commission?
3 years ago 17 Replies
I've just had a rude comment left on my website, what is the procedure in dealing with these comment
The comment says that I am constantly text messaging the particular person…
3 years ago 39 Replies
What basic's do i need to know to learn affiliate marketing?
Is it essential to have good computer skills and a marketing background.
3 years ago 15 Replies
Can someone help with drop down menus?
Can someone please help with drop down menus. I'm trying to add drop down…
3 years ago 7 Replies
How do i add content to the themed pages on my site?
I'm really struggling to get past course 1 and lesson 6 due to my extremely…
3 years ago 3 Replies