Outgoing email on opera mail and thunderbird dont work?

Outgoing email on opera mail and thunderbird dont work?

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Website Development & Programming

I've set both up and receiving is fine, but I can't send. Help?

Not sure, but this might help:


Thanks Jude. Nope, no change.

I don't use either of those emails, so I'm not much help. Could it be any of the 5 issues identified here:



Problem solved Jude. Many thanks. I changed the outgoing server to my isp's and all appears good... for now!

Yay!! :-)

Is this email through your internet provider? I have read that it can confuse things if you have more than one ip to send through your outbox. I send through my hosting company (not here) That meant that the last time I changed my ip I didn't have to change much of anything.

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Sean Connery has found his niche...

Sean Connery has found his niche...

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Keyword, Niche and Market Research

She was in the garden talking with his nephew.

This highlights the correct pronunciation of the word "niche". It's "neesh", not "nitch".

This helpful piece of inform

Paul, thanks for sharing. The Brits and Americans can say the same word differently. When I began the training I had no idea what Kyle was talking about until I read the text. Merry Christmas. Debbie

You know what they say, "Two nations separated by a common language..."

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Speed of Ranking

Speed of Ranking

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Keyword, Niche and Market Research

Just a heads up. Yesterday I decided to select a new keyword for a page of mine. I selected a nice low-hanging fruit word with 100 monthly searches and competition of just 10. I

Still didnt use the low hanging fruit word.....

I might be stupid, but where do you check how you are ranked ??
I cant imagine that you have sat there google'ing every word in your post :)

It's typing in the particular keyword you have used for a particular page into Google search, and seeing where you lie in the results.

Yes, I did it with a manual search. This software page gives me a No 1 ranking, and it idenified my correct keyword positions: https://www.cronoseo.com/en/index.html

Craig has made a YouTube video showing how you can get the real QSR in Google. https:// www.youtube.com/ watch?v=keouAgkabx8

Brilliant video. Many thanks. That produces the competition of 10 figure I quoted in my piece. It's worth noting that even if you pick something with no competition it may be beaten in the search by older, better establish and content rich sites based around the same subject. The trick is to create greater authority than they have.


Oh wait, I realised you searched without quotes right? I wonder if there's a way to find the real results for without quotes? Hmm.

I have been adding contents consistently and one site is showing on page 3 and other on page 8.

Yup, I've never done anything except put a single keyword in the title and first para and have found in the last few months, that after a year or so of adding to my site 2-3 times a week, my posts usually rank within the hour, sometimes disappear for a while but then come back stronger, even for highly competitive keywords and often for keywords I'd never have even considered or thought of using. :) Rich.

I think one of the changes I've made is to keep the site "moving" with new content, and it certainly makes a difference.

Set a course for the stars at warp speed, Captain Dean! (Yes, I did spot the deliberate mistake - you'll be clearing cash in no time!) :) george

I've heard people whisper the word "banker" when I walk past. At least, I think that's what I've heard.

I've corrected my deliberate mistake. You win the prize for spotting it: my undying respect.

Paul - I don't just give your writings a cursory glance, but try to learn from them. You are indeed a WA Anchor!
:) george


Awesome :)

Great job

nice! Though it's not really 21 million results, google lies about that number, I've never actually seen it break a two thousand.

that's brilliant mate

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LinkedIn works. Where are you?

LinkedIn works. Where are you?

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Social Engagement & Marketing

Like all of us I'm constantly trying to think of ways to maximise on the marketing collateral I already have, driven in part by this article by Beverley (BIS) a few weeks ago: <

My goal in the WA has become to reach what I have accomplished in LinkedIn, reaching over 450,000 professionals and meeting more than 3400 people since November 5. Creating a team of colleagues with similar focus is priceless.

A place where you can post your links, your portfolios, expand your profile and endorse your connections to expand their profile. Free-lance contracts and my online teaching keep an income coming in while I learn here at the WA and help others toward success.

The circles we can enter socially to contribute useful content is all about marketing daily on the internet. The connections between Google+ and LinkedIn has grown my business locally, nationally and globally. Success is accomplished together and by helping others.

The WA is the place to be to further expand your skills to enable additional associations and affiliations.

A welcome post, Paul. Am sure I will find you, since a few here from the WA have found me. ^_~

Hi Paul, I just signed up today. I've been getting an invite for sometime from someone, but I shyed away, because well, I'm shy. I decided to bite the bullet with it. After all how intimidating can it be?

I will do as adviced soon.

Totally agree with ya' Paul. I've had it for quite a while and am always surprised at who endorses me for what. Quite an interesting critter... LinkedIn!!!

I had a linkedin account up until a few months ago, then closed it due to too much personal info showing. I have changed my mind about that since joining WA community. My prilfe not complete yet, but will look you up.

I have started using LinkedeIn, but most everything I get is more offers for stuff I cannot purchase. I have had more luck with Pintrest and Twitter. Facebook is taking its time to build. Google+ has grown hugely.

I like LinkedIn because I provide a service to businesses. It may be of limited use for straightforward affiliate marketing, but contacts are contacts.

This is what I get when I click on your link: "You and this LinkedIn user don’t know anyone in common
You can only view the profiles of users within your network. However, as you add connections, you may discover people you know in common."

What's your Linked in profile name? Would love to connect :)

LinkedIn is a nightmare. Try searching linkedIn with "crimsonleaf copywriting" and I should be the first Paul Dean that comes up. I'm the one who looks like me.

haha...ended up linkedin-"stalking" all Paul Dean's (!!!there are many of you!!)
Think I found you ;-)

Yes, you did.

It's impossible for me to offer any guidance. If I'm logged in as me then I get a skewed view of everything. I'f I'm logged out I can't see anything. Listen carefully...

That's me banging my head on the table.

Thanks for sharing.
At the moment, I have 2 LinkedIn profiles - one that I have used forever, it's the one with my current full time job etc...It is such a great forum for networking/job hunting etc!
I also have set up a profile that I use for our online business (not quite ready to share our online business with acquaintances/friends/colleagues etc)...definitely still in the working progress in terms of getting new contacts in the latter capacity.

Thanks again, you've prompted me to get some work done there asap


Thanks for sharing this :)

Good for you. Thanks for sharing,

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Wordpress upgrade - 3.7

Wordpress upgrade - 3.7

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Everything Wordpress

It's arrived people. The new WordPress upgrade 3.7. Get to it.

Always upgrade, as each upgrade gives new fixes for known problems, including security issues.

That is

I just did with the new website I'm creating. Still have to upgrade for my other two existing websites.

I've never had any problems with any WP updates so far. I may not have the plugins that some folks have that could get messed up. I always thought upgrades were important as a security issue. Then again, after reading the comments below....
sigh :)

I already upgraded my websites when I logged in today. I would rather stay current with the upgrades.

LOL - I'm probably one of the people who disagrees a bit. I often wait just a short while to see what all the forums are saying and then I upgrade!


Is it true that with WP upgrades you can lose data?
I am a firm believer in upgrades but am scared to do this one, until I am sure.

@garthjen, it can happen but not always. However you should always backup your information. Kyle explains how here in his video. https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/training/how-to-back-up-your-wordpress-site-using-tools-export

Paul, it seems this release has an automatic update feature? I came across this link on how to override/disable the said system feature:


Would you advise disabling it, Paul? If so, could you kindly show us where on earth this config.php file is? Somewhere I read it's buried in the servers, etc.

Betcha and Darlene: thanks for reminding us to backup; i have yet to learn how to do that ;-)

I'd strongly advise you to stay away from config php, or any other php file for now. I'm in the camp which always updates immediately, and I've done so without incident for eight years. I also have client websites numbering in the hundreds and no comebacks yet.

As with everything, there will be differences of opinions, but arguably the safer option is to delay upgrades as Rich, Bev and the others say.

Thanks for the guidance.

Hmm.. I can't seem to search plugins now!

Jeremy, I hope you did back up your files. Anyway, there is always a solution to that. All the best!

I didn't! But everything seems fine I think, except not being able to install new plugins. I'll be careful with future updates anyway. Though I'm really facing technical issues with doing a backup..

Backups can be set up automatically and it can be sent to your email address. I did mine everyday because I work on my website everyday. Hope you'd be able to work on this soon just in case. And as Rich advices, it's best to test run on a siterubix.com before doing it on your real one. All the best on what you are working on.

Thanks for this reminder, Paul!

Don't forget to backup first just in case :)

Definitely, this is a must! How are you my Darlene? It's a new day, there is something great in store for you!

Thanks, Darlene, Betcha. May I ask how you backup your blog? I'm looking at Craig's training using dropbox, but have yet to try. Thanks so much!

Maria, I plugged in WordPress Database Backup then set up what I wanted. After you install the plug in, go to your tools plugin. It will open up to your Backup. Scroll down and set up
Click download to computer
Put your email address where you want your backup to be sent.
Scroll down to the schedule, click whichever you want.
Then click schedule back up.

This is what I did with my website. Hope this helps. I'm not sure if Craig's training does it automatically. But one thing I don't like with dropbox is that the bytes are limited unless you go premium. Well, I don't like to pay. If you are following Craig, please give me some feedback. I appreciate that.

Thanks for the setup guide, Betcha. I'll try that one for size, see how it works. The easier and simpler, the better for me. Free is good ;-).

Thanks again, so much.

You're always welcome, Maria. Oh yeah, if I could get something for free I'd go for it! Feel free to get in touch.

I followed your method and finally this works for me. Thanks Betcha!

You're always welcome, Jeremy. Keep learning and applying everything you learn to your website. Feel free to ask whenever you need help. There is always support for you here @ WA. More blessings to you.

LOL, I disagree. I always wait to ensure that all the developers have played "catch up". I've been caught out before where a WordPress update has created an incompatibility with a theme or plugin or WordPress discovers it's own bugs and releases 0.0.1 updates a few days later. :) Rich.

So (seriously), release 3.6 is okay now because I have been waiting to hear if anyone has experienced problems with it before upgrading?
Thanks, Hudson.

Certainly, I have to agree with Rich here. This is technology and we have to give it time for some test run before we dive into it. Who knows what damage it can do to our website. A little wait will be worth it!

Wait a little bit, Hudson. That's what I am doing to make sure it is good to go.

I've been lucky in having an entirely different experience over the last 8 years, having never had a problem. I take your point though.

I've learned my lesson well with "upgrades", Apple recently launched iOS7 and within days had to release a couple of updates and there are still dozens of apps that aren't compatible as the developers play "catch up". I prefer not to be an early adopter but to wait a few weeks and check the "changelogs" of each theme and plugin I use to ensure the developer of each hasn't encountered any problems and is "compatible" with the latest release. If I have any doubts, I check on a siterubix test site. Also as Darlene points out above, always, always make an immediate backup prior to any upgrade, whether it's WordPress itself, a theme or a plugin. :) Rich.

I would also recommend holding off a few days.
I haven't read into all the details but this auto update feature could be a real pain. I maintain local clients site and sometime only check-in once a month.
An auto update causing a conflict could cause a few headaches for me.

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